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Prato Manual Air Fryer for Home and Kitchen with 5 Pre-set Menu|3.8 Litres Non-stick Basket| Fry, Grill, Bake & Roast| Rapid Air Technology| Auto Shut-Off| Healthy Cooking with 99% less Fat| Sleek & Compact| 1450 Wattage| Black| 1 Year Warranty

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Prato Manual Air Fryer for Home and Kitchen with 5 Pre-set Menu|3.8 Litres Non-stick Basket| Fry, Grill, Bake & Roast| Rapid Air Technology| Auto Shut-Off| Healthy Cooking with 99% less Fat| Sleek & Compact| 1450 Wattage| Black| 1 Year Warranty

MRP: ₹ 8,000/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 4,499/-
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Focused on healthy living, Prato Air Fryer is a must have in every kitchen. This air fryer serves the whole family, makes your cooking effortless and is suitable for every occasion. The compact air fryer has an auto shut-off feature that lets you know when your food is ready. It comes with a 3.8 Litres non-stick food basket which is easy to clean and maintain. Fry with almost zero oil - French Fries, Potato chips, Spring Rolls, Fried Veggies, Sausage Rolls, Nuggets, and more.
  • EFFORTLESS COOKING: Prato Digital Air Fryer with 5 Pre-set Menu options takes the hassle out of meal preparation, allowing you to easily cook a variety of dishes with just a touch of a button.
  • RAPID AIR TECHNOLOGY: Prato Air Fryer utilizes innovative rapid air technology to circulate hot air rapidly and evenly around the food, resulting in crispy and evenly cooked meals. Whether you want to fry, roast, bake, or grill, the rapid air technology provides you with versatile cooking capabilities for a wide range of dishes.
  • HEALTHY COOKING: Enjoy the crispy texture and delicious flavor of your favorite foods with up to 99% less oil, promoting a healthier lifestyle without compromising on taste.
  • PRECISE MANUAL CONTROLS: Take full control of your cooking with manual temperature and time settings, allowing you to adjust and customize the cooking process according to your preferences.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF: The built-in automatic shut-off function alerts you when your food is ready, providing added convenience and peace of mind.
  • CAPACITY: With a spacious 3.8 L cooking basket, our air fryer is perfect for small to medium-sized families, accommodating a variety of dishes for everyone to enjoy.

  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: The sleek and compact design of the air fryer saves valuable countertop space in your kitchen, making it a practical addition to any kitchen size.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: The non-stick coating and removable dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning a breeze, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your meal and less time on cleanup.

  • RELIABLE WARRANTY: The Prato Air Fryer comes with a reliable 1 year on-site warranty.
  • ITALIAN DESIGN, GERMAN QUALITY: Wonderchef products are inspired by Italian Design and adhere to German Quality Standards, delivering a blend of style and performance for your kitchen.

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Prato Manual Air Fryer for Home and Kitchen with 5 Pre-set Menu
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Prato Air Fryer – Manual

A must in every kitchen focused on healthy living, Prato Air Fryer serves the whole family. It makes your cooking effortless and is suitable for every occasion. Essential for that first apartment, compact kitchen, college dorm life, or weight-conscious holiday

Fry, Grill, Bake and Roast

Enjoy guilt-free indulgences with Prato Air Fryer. Munch on those french fries or desi pakodas and samosas, even bake small goodies like cupcakes or grill tikkas.


Sleek and Compact

Inspired by Italian designs, as the name says it, it is a perfect fit for your kitchen with its unique and sleek design that saves space in your kitchen.

Essential and a Must for Healthy Living

Fry with almost zero oil - french fries, potato chips, spring rolls, fried veggies, sausage rolls, nuggets, and more. Innovative rapid air heat circulation technology fries a wide variety of food with almost no oil.

Use of Technology

The compact air fryer has manual time and temperature control functions and also an auto shut off feature that lets you know when your food is ready.

Easy Cooking

It has a 3.8 litres non-stick food basket which allows hot air to pass through evenly so that the food is cooked evenly.

Odour-Less and Hassle-Free

The air fryer releases less odour of oil than traditional frying techniques. It is also hassle free as one device does all the work unlike other appliances.

Easy Maintenance & Safety

The appliance is designed for easy handling and cleaning. The large basket fits well into a modern kitchen and is removable.

Reliable Wonderchef Service

We are confident of our quality. In case of any manufacturing defect found within the service period, we shall get it resolved immediately.

Brand: Wonderchef

Tech Specs :

  • Warranty: 1 Year

Package Contents:

  • Air Fryer: 1 Pc

Power Consumption:

  • Voltage: 230V~50Hz
  • Wattage: 1450W

GST Product State : Maharashtra
Old_Discount Percentage Max Val : No
Discount Percentage Max Val No

Manufacturer Name: Imported by Wonderchef Home Appliances Pvt Limited

Air Fryer works by circulating hot air around the food to produce a crunchy, crispy exterior.

Air Fryer is always a healthier option compared to Microwave Ovens. Microwave Oven requires adding oil for cooking, but in Air Fryer doesn’t require oil for cooking, if needed only a few drops of oil can be brushed on the food.

Air fryers enables healthy cooking with minimal amount of oil. Air fryers also reduce the risk of toxic acrylamide formation in food. Air fryers are safer than frying in kadhai or other cookware because Air fryers avoids the risk of oil spattering while cooking as well.

You can cook almost everything in Wonderchef Air Fryers, such as Chicken Tenders, potato chips, Fish Sticks, Donuts, Extra-crisp cookies, samosas, patties and more.

Yes, it is healthier since Air Fryer uses almost no oil or very little oil as compared to normal frying. And the food cooked in Air Fryer doesn’t have oil greases as well.

Yes, you can make samosas in Wonderchef Air Fryers.

Yes, the air-fried French Fries are tasty and healthy.

No oil needed to cook chicken nuggets in Wonderchef Air Fryers.

Wonderchef Air Fryers don’t need almost any oil, except brushing the uncooked food with only a few drops of oil.

Air Fryers are a convenient and healthier option to indulge in your favourite snacks which otherwise would be deep-fried.

Yes, you can re-heat food in an Air Fryer.

The auto shut-off feature in Wonderchef Air Fryers lets you know when your food is ready.

You can set the time and temperature of the food by following the recipe guides to ensure that food is neither under or over-cooked.

Yes, Wonderchef Air Fryers are completely safe. However children should always be supervised near kitchen appliances.

It would take an average of 12 to 15 minutes to make French Fries in a Wonderchef Air Fryer.

The amount of electricity that an Air Fryer consumes is relatively low.

One can put variety of frozen food in Air fryers i.e. Fish Sticks, Chicken Wings, Potato Skins, Pizza Bagels, French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, hot Pockets and more

Aluminium foil can be used in an Air Fryer, but it should go only in the basket.

Approximately 800grams to 1200grams of food can be cooked in Wonderchef Air Fryers, depending on their capacity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tanvi Bafna
Crispy Delights with Less Oil

I love how this air fryer creates perfectly crispy and delicious dishes with just a fraction of the oil used in regular frying.

Aijaz Ahmad
Deliciously Healthier Snacks

I enjoy preparing guilt-free snacks like crispy fries, crunchy vegetables, and flavorful chicken wings using this amazing air fryer.

Parmjit Sharma
Family-Friendly Cooking

This air fryer is perfect for families as it allows me to prepare larger quantities of food at once, saving time and energy.

Satish Gaur
Healthy Cooking Made Simple

I appreciate how the Prato Air Fryer lets me enjoy guilt-free meals by reducing oil usage without compromising on taste.

Preeti Mishra
Effortless Meal Preparations

Thanks to its intuitive interface and pre-set cooking options, I can effortlessly prepare a variety of meals with consistent results.

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