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Nutri Cook Rice Cooker with Single Bowl, 1.8 Litres, 2 Years Warranty

Nutri Cook Rice Cooker with Single Bowl, 1.8 Litres, 2 Years Warranty
Nutri Cook Rice Cooker with Single Bowl, 1.8 Litres, 2 Years Warranty
Nutri Cook Rice Cooker with Single Bowl, 1.8 Litres, 2 Years Warranty
Nutri Cook Rice Cooker with Single Bowl, 1.8 Litres, 2 Years Warranty
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Nutri Cook Rice Cooker with Single Bowl, 1.8 Litres, 2 Years Warranty

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Enjoy easy cooking with the Nutri-cook Rice Cooker. Save on your kitchen time, pick up the novel you love or get on to some binge-watching as healthy steamed meals and delicious one-pot dishes are now possible with a press of a button. Treat your family with hearty meals with Wonderchef Nutri-cook Rice Cooker.
  • Nutri-cook Rice Cooker is the best way to cook all types of rice like white, brown, yellow, short, or long-grain rice
  • Ideal for making oatmeal, soups, stews, quinoa, and pasta
  • Easy to use, anodised aluminium-coated pan can withstand years of continued heat, prevent food from sticking. The inner pot is easy to remove and clean
  • The cook button works only when the inner cooking pot is placed inside the cooker with sufficient content
  • Built-in thermostat to prevent overheating
  • Stainless steel lid with steam vent prevents overflowing of contents
  • Nutri-cook Rice Cooker Single Bowl comes with a spoon, measuring cup, 1 cooking bowl and a cooking plate
  • Detachable power cord for easy carrying and storage
  • Wonderchef products are inspired by Italian Design, adhere to German Quality Standards, and are covered by reliable Wonderchef Warranty. T&C apply
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Nutri Cook Rice Cooker with Single Bowl, 1.8 Litres, 2 Years Warranty

Nutri-cook Rice Cooker with single bowl

Rice is one of the staple items of every meal. Well-cooked rice dish adds satisfaction to the entire food experience. Cooking rice can get tricky at times, the quality of water, rice-to-water ratio and overheating can make it either undercooked or overcooked. With Wonderchef Nutri-cook Rice Cooker, make fluffy steam rice and a variety of other rice dishes without any hassle.

Cook Variety of Dishes

Wonderchef Nutri-cook Rice Cooker makes all types of rice like white, brown, yellow, short and long grain. Cook delicious pulao, biryani or even make quinoa, stews and curries. The single button cook makes it very convenient to use the cooker.


Nutri-cook Rice Cooker has cook and keep warm functions for easy operations. You can sauté the masalas in the pot, add rice and cook. The cook button only works when the inner cooking pot is placed inside the cooker and is filled adequately with ingredients.


Perfect Cooking

It has a built-in thermostat for temperature control and prevents food from over-cooking, sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Stainless Steel Lid

The stainless steel lid ensures better heat retention and a beautiful texture of the rice. It also has a steam vent to protect the contents from overflowing from the pot.

Cooking Pot

The anodized aluminium coated cooking pot can withstand years of continual heat. And it also prevents the food from sticking to the bottom. Once the food is cooked, the pot is easy to remove and clean.


The rice cooker comes with a set of accessories like the measuring cup to help you accurately fill water to rice ratio. It also has a cooking bowl and plate with a spoon to help stir.


The detachable power cord for easy carrying and storage after use.


The cooker has the capacity to cook rice for 4 to 5 persons at a time. So you can cook large meals for the entire family at one  go!

Reliable Wonderchef Service

We are confident in our quality. Reach out to us for order-related queries.

Brand: Wonderchef

Power Details: 230V~50Hz~700W

Package Contents:

  • Rice Bowl: 1 N
  • SS Lid: 1 N
  • Trivet: 1 N
  • Spatula: 1 N
  • Measuring Cup: 1 N
  • Electric Cord: 1 N

Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer Name: Aequs Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer Address: HUBBALLI DURABLE GOODS CLUSTER(HDC),Survey No 11 , Hissa No 12 , Ittigatti Village, Dharwad -580114, KARNATAKA,INDIA

Warranty: 2 Years

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Effortless Cooking, Delicious Results

This Nutri Cook Rice Cooker has made cooking rice a breeze. With its 1.8-litre capacity and single bowl design, it's perfect for small to medium-sized families. The non-stick inner bowl ensures easy cleaning, and the 2-year warranty gives me peace of mind.

Time-Saver for Busy Lifestyles

As a busy professional, the Nutri Cook Rice Cooker has become my go-to appliance. It cooks rice quickly and evenly, allowing me to multitask without worrying about burning or sticking. The keep-warm function is a game-changer, ensuring hot and ready meals whenever I need them.

Healthy and Nutritious Meals Made Simple

I love how the Nutri Cook Rice Cooker helps me cook nutritious meals effortlessly. The steaming function allows me to prepare a variety of vegetables, making it a versatile addition to my kitchen. The compact size and stylish design are an added bonus!

Ap Sasa

Nutri Cook Rice Cooker with Single Bowl, 1.8 Litres, 2 Years Warranty

No More Guesswork in Cooking Rice

With the Nutri Cook Rice Cooker, I can say goodbye to undercooked or overcooked rice. The precise cooking settings and automatic shut-off feature ensure perfectly cooked rice every time. The clear glass lid lets me monitor the cooking progress effortlessly.

Reliable and Durable Kitchen Companion

The Nutri Cook Rice Cooker has proven to be a reliable and durable addition to my kitchen. Its sturdy construction and 2-year warranty give me confidence in its longevity. From fluffy white rice to flavorful biryanis, this cooker delivers consistent results with ease.

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