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Valentina Reversible Diamond & Textured Placemat Set of 6 Valentina Reversible Diamond & Textured Placemat Set of 6 Quick View

Valentina Reversible Diamond & Textured Placemat Set of 6

MRP: ₹ 1,830/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 458/-
You Save 75% (₹ 1,373)
All Collections Como DTH EOL product sale Gift Up to 2000 Home & Living home & living best seller Home & Living new arrivals No Homeware No Spare Parts Offers Offers old Other freebie Placemats Raksha Bandhan Special ROTI-MAGIC Table and Kitchen Linen The Big Mega Sale Treated Paper Valentina
The Table mats from our Valentina Collection are beautiful and elegant. The unique and bright designs of the mat add beauty to the dining...
Valentina Reversible Damask & Geometric Placemat Set of 6 Valentina Reversible Damask & Geometric Placemat Set of 6 Quick View

Valentina Reversible Damask & Geometric Placemat Set of 6

MRP: ₹ 1,830/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 458/-
You Save 75% (₹ 1,373)
Accessories All Collection Red Collections Como DTH Gift Up to 2000 Home & Living home & living best seller Home & Living new arrivals No Homeware No Spare Parts Offers Offers old Other freebie Placemats Raksha Bandhan Special ROTI-MAGIC Table and Kitchen Linen The Big Mega Sale Treated Paper Valentina
The Table mats from our Valentina Collection are beautiful and elegant. The unique and bright designs of the mat add beauty to the dining...

Buy Wonderchef Valentina Placemats For Durable and Stylish Table Protection

Placemats are the fastest way to grant your dining room an instant makeover. Forged with geometric designs, our Valentina placemats online exude a fine-dining-like feeling onto your dining space. This collection, with its upscale geometric designs, eases the aura of your food-sharing table in one too many ways.

Introduce the superlative range of Valentina placemats to your functions and ignite an opulent revolution in your food times. Buy placemats online from Wonderchef and receive yours before they are gone.

Check Out the Valentina Placemats Collection from Wonderchef

With Wonderchef by your side, you can make your dining table the centre of attraction for guests as well as family. Our damask-based Valentina placemats aren't just a practical addition to your dining table setting but also an aesthetic enhancement. Buy placemats from Wonderchef online and elevate the look of your dining space.

Valentina Reversible Damask & Geometric Placemat Set of 6

Tasteful placemats add the correct amount of character to any given dining table setting. The art of personalisation makes any given meal a treasure trove of memories. Crafted with an eye for aesthetics, the Valentina placemats from Wonderchef seamlessly blend elegance with functionality. These reversible mats are made from treated paper, which is imported from the "Land of Ideas", also known as Germany. It's a proprietary formula that permits you to simply wipe clean the mat with a damp cloth and make it reusable.

Furthermore, the placemat set is reversible, so you receive the perk of two different designs in a single placemat. Beyond their visual appeal, these mats are a canvas for culinary presentations, framing each dish with a touch of elegance and sophistication. The correct placemat ties together the elements of a dining table. They offer an inviting backdrop for shared meals. These placemats safeguard dining table surfaces from spills and heat, as well as elevate the meal-sharing experience by adding a layer of refinement. Wonderchef's placemats enable you to personalise your dining space, turning it into a reflection of your appreciation and unique taste for the finer details of hospitality.

Different Varieties of Valentina Placements Available in Wonderchef

Presently, Wonderchef puts forward one variety of Valentina placemats in its lineup. Let us learn more about the placemat type in detail:

Dining Table Placemats

Placemats from Wonderchef's Valentina range are just as perfect for everyday meals and more joyful events on which you wish to do something special with the table setting. The high quality of the placemats contributes to their special aesthetic and makes them stand out. Our reversible placemats are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after, top-selling products in our placemat range due to their eco-friendly nature.

This stunning placemat is easy to care for and maintains its texture and colour even if you spill your food or drink a thousand times. You can easily place hot pots and plates on the placemat without any worry. These placemats are ideal for creating harmony among the glasses, plates, and cutlery, where they permit the individual place setting to take on a character in the most gorgeous way.

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Valentina Reversible Damask & Geometric Placemat Set of 6

Rs. 699/-

Key Features of Wonderchef Valentina Placemats

Wonderchef Valentina placemats put forward a range of key features that make them a stylish and practical choice for your dining table.

  • Reversible Designs - Our reversible placemats elevate the dining table beyond mere furniture. It provides a comfortable space to sip on coffee or tea and bond with family and friends. Our reversible or double-sided placemat has different prints on either side. Both sides of the mat can be used by flipping the placemat. The rectangle table mat can be used as a decorative mat or bedside table mat on any table. You can also use the reversible placemat as a computer or laptop pad.
  • Eco-friendly - Placemats put on sale by other brands are often poorly made in an unsustainable and unethical way. They fade quickly, wear out easily, and don't look good after a short time, which means that you have to replace them often. The Valentina placemats from Wonderchef, however, are eco-friendly, which means we don't use plastic, unlike other brands when manufacturing placemats. Our placemats are food-safe, easy to maintain, and a sustainable option for healthy living.
  • Stain Resistant - Our placemats are resistant to commonly used foodstuffs, like tea, coffee, oil, fruit juices, red wine, ketchup, etc. Our placemats enable you to remove stains left by the above-mentioned liquid substances by just wiping them with a damp sponge, and they maintain the colours of your placemats. Thanks to the stain-proofing treatment, the placemats repel any kind of liquid substance and are more resistant to rubbing.

Why Choose Wonderchef for Valentina Placemats?

Explore our Valentina placemats collection on the Wonderchef official website. With our customer-centric approach and detailed product presentations, finding the perfect placemat for your home is just a few clicks away. Here are the reasons to choose Wonderchef for placemats or any other dining needs:

  • User-Friendly Shopping for Your Convenience: Wonderchef's website is designed with your convenience in mind. Detailed pricing, clear images, and real-time availability make your shopping experience seamless. With intuitive filters and sorting options, finding your ideal placemat is easier.
  • Promotions to Delight Every Customer: Keep an eye out for our "New Arrivals" section, highlighting our collection's latest deals and additions. Our promotional offers ensure you get the best value for your purchase - be it placemats or other dining products, setting us apart from the rest.
  • Detailed Descriptions for Informed Decisions: We believe in transparency and informed choices. Each placemat is accompanied by a comprehensive description covering aesthetics and practical benefits like colour fastness and resistance to shrinkage.
  • Sustainable Choices for the Eco-Conscious: Our commitment to quality material also extends to our planet. By choosing imported treated paper from Germany to design our placemats, we offer an eco-friendly option for those mindful of their environmental impact.
  • Top-notch Customer Service at Your Fingertips: Our customer executives offer assistance for any enquiry about our products and customisation of products, so please don't hesitate to get in touch should you need help. We promise you will get the perfect reply for your items or anything.
  • Brand's Commitment to Continuous Innovation: Wonderchef is known for its total dedication to innovation and quality in the kitchen goods sector. Our placemats are renowned for their stylish yet functional features and sustainability. This sets us apart from other placemat brands in the market.
  • Quality Assurance: Is What We Always Think of: Before a Wonderchef product reaches the market, it undergoes a series of quality tests to guarantee its performance, durability, and safety. These tests are thoughtfully designed to identify potential issues and ensure that the placemats meet the brand's high-quality standards.

FAQs on Wonderchef Valentina Placemats

What is the purpose of placemats?

Sometimes, the appeal is more important than the experience. For instance, you may want your guests to find your dinner party appealing. Therefore, for that, you make your table attractive through placemats. Moreover, placemats are not just decorative accessories around the table but a status symbol, a conversation starter, and a scene setter on your dining table. Placemats are built with elegance and enhance the look of your dining table.

What is the cleaning methodology of Valentina placemats?

There's no proper form of dining, and stains always come hand in hand. Therefore, a placemat is an evergreen utility to prevent an enormous mess. However, you cannot just take a scrub and start scrubbing all over the mat. You'll need to follow a proper method for each type of placemat. For example, Valentina placemats can be cleaned using a soft sponge to wipe off the stains or dirt.

What is the best placemat material?

Placemats made of treated paper are considered the best. They are used for everyday meals and make a stunning decor for formal or informal dinner parties. And they are so easy to maintain. Simply wipe them down with a damp sponge or cloth after meals, and all stains disappear.

Should I go for placemats or tablecloths?

Placemats are perfect for when only one or two people are dining. No need to pull out the big tablecloth. Put the placemats on the table, and you're all set. It's ideal if you just want a quick cuppa and a biscuit. When you own a beautiful antique or designer table, you don't necessarily want to hide it under a tablecloth. If you want everyone, including yourself, to be able to admire it. This is where placemats shine. You can keep your table on show and still protect the surface.

What are placemats?

Placemats are pieces of cloth used on dining tables around the world. Renters and homeowners use it before serving dishes or plates on the dining table. Presently, it has turned out to be a symbol of royalty, or it shows the people's etiquette and standards of life. Mostly, they're used in corporate meal hosts in business scenarios. Interior designers, Vent caterers, home decor content publishers, and real estate agents commonly use them.

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