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Cookware Wonderchef 8904214704391 Cookware Wonderchef 8904214704391 Quick View

Paniyarakkal 23 cm Non-stick, | Ideal for flavourful and Healthy Appams | Gas Stovetop Compatible | Black

MRP: ₹ 2,500/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 1,799/-
You Save 28% (₹ 701)
All Appakara & Appachetty BOB Collection Black Cookware Cookware Collection DTH Employee Gift below 1500 Gift Up to 3000 Gifting google feed Home & Living Individual Pans No Homeware No Spare Parts Other freebie ROTI-MAGIC
Aluminium Non-stick Paniyarakkal: Get ready to make variety of appams with the perfectly moulded structure of this Wonderchef die-cast Paniyarakkal. With max capacity of...
Wonderchef Appachetty 22Cm With Lid(Deep) - Wonderchef Wonderchef Appachetty 22Cm With Lid(Deep) - Wonderchef Quick View

Appachetty Breakfast Pan with Lid | Nonstick Cookware | Appachatty | Chetty Pan | Appam Patra | Round Bottom Kadai | 3mm Thick | Black 22 cm | 1 Year Warranty

MRP: ₹ 1,400/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 1,149/-
You Save 17% (₹ 251)
All Appakara & Appachetty BOB Collection Black Cookware Cookware Collection DTH Employee Gift Up to 2000 Gifting google feed Home & Living Individual Pans No Homeware No Spare Parts Non-stick Other freebie ROTI-MAGIC The Big Mega Sale
Great Looks: Enjoy soft and hot appams at home with the Wonderchef Appachetty 220mm with Lid non-stick deep pan which helps in low oil...
Sold out
Non-Stick Appa Kara Cookware with 12 cavities | Appam PatraPaniyarakkal | Paniyaram | Appam Pan | Pan Cake Maker | Ponganal Maker | Kuzhi Paniyaram | Paddu Tawa | Cool Touch Bakelite Handle | Pure Grade Aluminium | PFOA Free | 1 Year Warranty | Black Non-Stick Appa Kara Cookware with 12 cavities | Appam PatraPaniyarakkal | Paniyaram | Appam Pan | Pan Cake Maker | Ponganal Maker | Kuzhi Paniyaram | Paddu Tawa | Cool Touch Bakelite Handle | Pure Grade Aluminium | PFOA Free | 1 Year Warranty | Black Quick View

Non-Stick Appa Kara Cookware with 12 cavities | Appam PatraPaniyarakkal | Paniyaram | Appam Pan | Pan Cake Maker | Ponganal Maker | Kuzhi Paniyaram | Paddu Tawa | Cool Touch Bakelite Handle | Pure Grade Aluminium | PFOA Free | 1 Year Warranty | Black

MRP: ₹ 1,100/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 649/-
You Save 41% (₹ 451)
All Appakara & Appachetty BOB Cookware Cross Sell Mixer-Grinder DTH Employee Gift below 1500 Gifting Individual Pans No Homeware No Spare Parts Other freebie ROTI-MAGIC
Prepare traditional Appas in Wonderchef Appa Kara and delight your guests! 5-Ply Non-Stick Pan: Imported non-stick material, unprecedented performance. Food Slides off! Healthy Cooking...

Buy Wonderchef Appakara & Appachetty And Prepare Delicacies With Authentic Flavour

Wonderchef's Appakara & Appachetty collection helps you prepare fluffy appams or delicious pancakes at home. These traditional pans are designed to make your favourite treats perfectly every time. Our appam pans are designed authentically with a non-stick coating, mimicking traditional cookware's heat distribution and cooking style. It ensures the results are as delicious as your grandma's cooking.

Both pans handle a variety of batters and fillings, making them your go-to choice for breakfast, lunch, or even a delicious snack. Also, Wonderchef's appakara and appachetty are built to last, featuring sturdy construction and easy-to-clean surfaces. With Wonderchef, you're just steps away from creating restaurant-quality treats in the comfort of your kitchen, bringing an "appa-licious" difference to your cooking experience.

Check Out the Appakara & Appachetty Collections from Wonderchef

The Wonderchef's Appachetty and Appakara range has everything you need to transform your kitchen into a world of delicious possibilities. Our unique range offers everything to whip up perfectly crisp, soft, and delicious appams every time.

  • Paniyarakkal 23 cm Non-stick

This non-stick appakara pan helps you make tasty and healthy appams. It is made of pure-grade aluminium and has a non-stick coating for effortless cooking and cleaning. The appakara pan has 15 wells, helping you make up to 15 appams at a time. It is also gas stovetop compatible. You will love this non-stick pan for its even heat distribution, which helps to cook appams evenly and prevents them from burning. The non-stick coating makes it super-easy to flip the appams without sticking to the pan.

  • Appachetty Breakfast Pan with Lid

This Wonderchef Appachetty pan is a versatile cookware option that you can use for making various dishes, including fluffy appams, creamy dals, spicy Chettinad dishes, etc. It is made of 3mm thick pure-grade aluminium with a PFOA-free non-stick coating, which makes it durable, easy to cook as well as clean. The appachetty pan also has a round bottom and a premium stainless steel lid, helping you elevate your South Indian cooking experience. It helps to close in moisture and heat, creating an even cooking environment. With this appachetty pan, you can craft crispy-on-the-outside, melt-in-your-mouth appams effortlessly, all thanks to its premium non-stick coating, which makes flipping easy. Plus, it's metal spoon-friendly, ensuring longevity without worrying about flaking or wear.

  • Aluminium Non-Stick Appa Kara (Black) and Stainless Steel Coconut Scraper

The non-stick coating on the Appa Kara pan ensures your appams slide out easily, making cooking and cleaning a walk in the park. The appakara's design helps you create perfectly shaped, fluffy appams every time. Made from high-quality aluminium, this appa kara is built to last. Also, the sturdy stainless steel coconut scraper lets you grate fresh coconut for the most authentic and delicious appam flavour. This duo is perfect for making delicious, authentic appams at home.

  • Non-Stick Appa Kara Cookware with 12 cavities

Crafted from durable aluminium and with a versatile PFOA-free 5-ply non-stick coating, this appa kara pan is your go-to for whipping up a range of delights - from appams and paniyarams to fluffy pancakes. With 12 convenient cavities, you can effortlessly prepare a dozen treats in one go. Its gas stovetop compatibility adds to the convenience, making cooking a cakewalk. The seamless inside wall, free of rivets, ensures a hygienic cooking environment by preventing food residue buildup even with continual use. The ergonomically designed cool-touch Bakelite handles and knob offer a secure grip, prioritising your comfort and safety. Not just versatile but also stain and corrosion-resistant, the Appa Kara is remarkably easy to clean and maintain.

Different Varieties of Appakara & Appachetty Available in Wonderchef

Wonderchef offers a delightful variety of Appakara and Appachetty pans to cater to your South Indian cooking explorations. Whether you're a seasoned appam maker or just starting, here are a variety of appachetty and appakara pans for you from the house of Wonderchef:

  • Non-Stick Appakara and Appachetty Pans - The MetaTuff 5-layer non-stick coated Appakara and appachetty pans from Wonderchef allow you to use less oil while cooking, helping you flip appams with ease. They're free from harmful substances like PFOA, lead, and nickel. The non-stick coating of these cast aluminium-made pans does not flake off easily.
  • Pure Grade Aluminium Appakara Pans - Crafted from pure grade aluminium, these Wonderchef appakara pans provide even heat distribution, ensuring consistent cooking and perfectly browned appams. The robust construction makes them highly resistant to warping, chipping, and scratches, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. Their superior durability makes them ideal for frequent appam makers and those who value premium cookware.

Best Selling Products


Non-Stick Appa Kara Cookware with 12 cavities

Rs. 649/-

Appachetty Breakfast Pan with Lid

Rs. 1,149/-

Paniyarakkal 23 cm Non-stick

Rs. 2,099/-

Aluminium Nonstick Appa Kara and Stainless Steel Coconut Scraper

Rs. 899/-

Key Features of Wonderchef Appakara & Appachetty

Wonderchef's Appakara & Appachetty pans elevate your kitchen experience with sleek style, innovative technology, and healthy convenience. Here's what sets them apart:

  • Eye-catching Design - Wonderchef appakara and appachetty pans are as stylish as they are functional. With their sleek design and contemporary appeal, Wonderchef pans add a touch of sophistication while delivering exceptional cooking performance at home.
  • Die-Cast Perfection - Crafted using advanced die-cast technology, these pans boast superior strength and even heat distribution, ensuring consistent cooking every time. From robust build quality to reliable performance, these appakara pans from Wonderchef redefine your cooking standards.
  • Guilt-free Indulgence - You can enjoy delicious appams and other dishes with peace of mind with our range of appakara and appachetty pans. Crafted for your well-being, these pans feature a healthy PFOA-free non-stick coating, minimising the need for excess oil and ensuring your favourite dishes slide off the surface.
  • Innovative - Wonderchef's patented MetaTuff non-stick coating helps you flip your delicate appams effortlessly. 5 times more durable than standard non-stick, it lets you cook confidently, knowing your appams will slide right off, leaving no trace behind. No more scraping or scrubbing-just perfectly cooked appams every single time.
  • Easy Cleaning - Thanks to the patented MetaTuff 5-layer non-stick coating, you can experience no-fuss maintenance with Wonderchef's appakara and appachetty pans. Just wash the cookware in soapy, warm water, rinse it thoroughly, and then hand dry. It's done!
  • Makes Delicious Appams - With Wonderchef's range of appakara pans, you can create lip-smacking appams effortlessly. The thoughtfully placed wells in the pan allow the batter to settle evenly, ensuring each appam is perfectly shaped and easily released. The design provides consistent results, helping you enjoy delectable appams every time you use the pan.

With Wonderchef Appakara & Appachetty, you get more than just cookware - you get a stylish and healthy way to create delicious and clean meals.

Why Choose Wonderchef Appakara and Appachetty?

Wonderchef's appa kara and appachetty pans are well-made and easy to use. They're designed to make cooking appams easier and more enjoyable. The pans are made with high-quality materials and have been carefully designed to be comfortable and efficient. Let's take a look into the reasons why you should choose this Wonderchef set over others:

  • Commitment to Quality: Wonderchef prioritises quality, ensuring the cookware you purchase lasts for years. We craft our products with extreme care, using only the finest materials. Every product goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure its toughness. You can whip up countless appams without worrying about chipping, warping, or uneven heat distribution. Invest once, and cook happily ever after.
  • Top-notch Customer Assistance: Wonderchef's customer service team is well-known for being friendly, helpful, and always ready to address your concerns. If you face any problem regarding your order or product, feel free to contact us. You will always have a reliable team backing you up.
  • Affordability That Doesn't Skimp on Quality: Wonderchef's Appakara and Appachetty are affordable yet high-quality cookware options that bring the joy of restaurant-quality appams to your home kitchen. These products are designed to provide excellent value for money, allowing you to enjoy the authentic taste of the appams without breaking the bank.

FAQs on Appakara & Appachetty

What are the different types of Appakara & Appachetty?

Cast iron, non-stick, stainless steel, and aluminium are different types of appakara and appachetty.

Is dosa tawa different from roti Appakara & Appachetty?

There isn't anything called "roti appakara or appachetty". Aappakara and appachetty refer to specific cookware used for making appams (a pancake with a soft, spongy centre and a crispy edge). It is distinct from the tawa, a flat disc-shaped griddle commonly used for preparing rotis or chapatis.

What are Appakara and Appachetty?

Appakara or Paniyarakkal is a cast iron or non-stick pan with multiple hemispherical cavities that make South Indian savoury or sweet pancakes called appams.

Appachetty, also known as Appachatty or Chetty Pan, is a deeper, round-bottomed pan with a non-stick coating, traditionally used to make appams but also versatile for pancakes, omelettes, or shallow frying.

What type of batter is used for preparing appams?

You need fermented rice-coconut batter to prepare authentic appams. To make it sweet, you can add powdered/liquid jaggery or palm sugar to the batter. If you want your appams to be spicy, include chopped veggies such as chillies or onions.

Can I use Appakara or Appachetty for other dishes?

Both Appakara and Appachetty offer great versatility beyond just appams. You can make pancakes, crepes, uttapams, and fritters on an appakara. You may use the appachetty for preparing omelettes, dosas, parathas, and it can be used for shallow frying.

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