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Piccolo Glass Tea Infuser with Plunger, 750ml, Black, Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Piccolo Glass Tea Infuser with Plunger, 750ml, Black, Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Quick View

Piccolo Glass Tea Infuser with Plunger, 750ml, Black, Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

MRP: ₹ 750/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 449/-
You Save 40% (₹ 301)
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Prepare a perfect cup of black or green tea every time with the stylish Piccolo Tea Infuser HIGH-QUALITY BOROSILICATE GLASS: The Wonderchef Piccolo tea...
Misaki Tea Infuser, Borosilicate glass, Stainless Steel infuser, Perfect Green Tea Misaki Tea Infuser, Borosilicate glass, Stainless Steel infuser, Perfect Green Tea Quick View

Misaki Tea Infuser, Borosilicate glass, Stainless Steel infuser, Perfect Green Tea

MRP: ₹ 1,000/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 399/-
You Save 60% (₹ 601)
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Misaki Tea Infuser is for the true lovers of green tea. It enables you to have green tea from full leaves, just the way...

Buy Wonderchef Tea Infuser and Experience Custom Brewing with Enhanced Flavor and Aroma

Wonderchef offers a classy and elegant tea infuser collection with highly efficient steel mesh filters for optimal tea steeping. Our infusers elevate your tea experience with fresh and flavourful brews without any tea leaves in the liquid. Their body is made of stain-resistant fine-grade glass to ensure long-lasting, reliable performance.

With an ultra-stylish design and convenient handle, Wonderchef tea infusers are comfortable holding and serving your favourite hot drink. Tea infusers online are available in various shapes, models, and different built materials to enhance your tea time with their versatility and functionality. Uncover the ultimate tea delight with our premium infuser collection and enjoy pure satisfaction with every sip.

Check Out the Tea Infuser Collections from Wonderchef

Explore Wonderchef's wide range of infusers and impress your guests with the exquisite flavours of your brewed teas. Buy a tea infuser from our website and enjoy hassle-free shopping with friendly post-purchase support.

Piccolo Glass Tea Infuser with Plunger

A perfect companion for tea lovers, this Wonderchef Piccolo Glass tea infuser offers the ultimate brewing experience with a plunger. Made of fine-grade borosilicate glass, it is highly durable and heat resistant to withstand hot water without cracking or shattering. With a fine stainless steel mesh filter, the tea infuser provides optimal steeping of loose tea leaves while preventing debris from escaping into your cup. You can prepare four cups of tea with this 750 ml infuser container, and it is ideal for preparing tea for your family members in a single go.

The leak-proof lid and trendy handle ensure a mess-free brewing and serving experience. You can make black and green tea, herbal infusions, or fruit blends with this versatile tea infuser and serve in style to your guests. With a bold black shade in the handle, lid and base, the product complements the aesthetics of any living space. The simple and lightweight design makes the infuser easy to carry and suitable for your home and office. You can easily clean the infuser parts and use it for years.

Misaki Tea Infuser

With an innovative design, this Misaki tea infuser from Wonderchef allows the tea to steep for a minute or more according to your preference with a simple push button to stop steeping and collect the tea at the bottom of the container. The premium stainless steel mesh ensures perfect steeping for years with its anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties. The borosilicate glass container is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and is free from tea stains.

With an ergonomic handle, the infuser offers a strong grip while serving your guests. The container's wide, open mouth helps you easily clean and maintain the infuser for decades. The 750 ml capacity of the infuser allows you to prepare four to five cups of tea in one go. With an efficient steeping process of green tea leaves, this tea infuser is a healthier addition to your lifestyle and is an ideal gifting option for your loved ones.

Different varieties of Tea Infuser Available in Wonderchef

Whether you are looking for a tea infuser mug or an infuser teapot, Wonderchef offers ultra-stylish, quality products with durable materials for long-lasting performance.

  • Tea Infuser Baskets - They are convenient brewing tools for easily steeping loose tea leaves. Their spacious design and fine mesh construction ensure optimal water circulation for a flavorful tea experience. Place the tea leaves in the basket, immerse it in hot water, and enjoy a freshly brewed cup with minimal effort.
  • Tea Ball Infusers - These products offer a charming and traditional way to infuse loose-leaf tea. They are easy to fill and clean with a small spherical cage-shaped mesh and a clasp mechanism. Tea ball infusers are ideal for single servings and are a classic choice for tea enthusiasts.
  • Silicone Tea Infusers - Made of food-grade silicone in various fun shapes and designs, these durable infusers are convenient and easy to use. Their perforated surface ensures proper steeping of tea leaves.
  • Tea Infuser Mug - This infuser is a perfect blend of a brewing vessel with the convenience of a travel mug. It features an integrated infuser basket or built-in infuser. You can brew and enjoy your favourite loose-leaf teas on the go. With insulated designs to keep beverages hot, they are perfect companions for busy lifestyles.
  • Infuser Teapots - They offer a stylish and practical way to infuse large batches of tea. These teapots have built-in or removable infuser baskets for easy brewing and serving. Their elegant designs and heat-retaining properties are perfect for hosting tea parties and serving your guests in style.
  • French Press Tea Infuser - Like coffee preparation, these infusers feature a plunger mechanism that presses down on the tea leaves to extract flavours. With their robust construction and ability to infuse large quantities, they are favoured for a bold and full-bodied tea experience.

Best Selling Products


Piccolo Glass Tea Infuser with Plunger

Rs. 399/-

Misaki Tea Infuser, Borosilicate glass

Rs. 399/-

Key Features of Wonderchef Tea Infuser

Wonderchef tea infusers have unique features that offer a convenient and easy tea brewing experience. A few are listed below:

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Filter - The anti-rust and corrosive-resistant steel filter of the infuser offers a perfect steeping process for decades without any change in taste. In addition, it is easy to remove it from the container and wash it before your next use.
  • Glass Container - The Wonderchef tea infusers have a glass container made of borosilicate material, which increases their longevity. With a clear glass body, you can watch the brewing process unfold, witnessing the infusion of colours and flavours as your tea steeps. Additionally, the transparency allows you to predict the strength of your tea to suit your taste preferences.
  • Plunger/Single Push Button - You can effortlessly stop the steeping process by pushing the plunger or the button as and when required. Thus, the infusers allow you to customise the brewing level to fit your taste.
  • Secure Lid and Comfy Handle - Serve your guests a perfect hot drink with the stylish tea infuser teapots from Wonderchef. They have a safe lid and a strong handle to ensure a spill-free serving experience. Hold it in style and pour perfectly infused tea with confidence.

Why Choose Wonderchef Tea Infuser?

Below are the checkpoints of the Wonderchef tea infusers, which make them stand out from the crowd and are preferred by millions of tea lovers.

  • Creative Design - The tea infusers turn a simple task into a delightful experience with innovative features. From sleek stainless steel mesh filters to elegant glass containers, each component adds an elegant touch to your tea brewing task and makes it a feast for your senses.
  • Quality Material - The Wonderchef infuser products are made of top-tier materials such as borosilicate glass and steel to offer unparalleled durability and longevity. This glass provides exceptional thermal resistance and prevents breakage due to sudden temperature changes. The steel mesh is corrosion-resistant and remains new even after repeated use.
  • Worth the Price - Despite their superior quality and performance, these infusers are affordable and make a compelling choice for tea enthusiasts. With a perfect balance between quality and affordability, Wonderchef infusers ensure that every penny spent is justified by the longevity, functionality, and satisfaction they bring to tea lovers.
  • Happy Customers - Wonderchef prioritises customer satisfaction and offers comprehensive post-purchase assistance. If you encounter any questions or issues with your tea infuser, our dedicated service team is ready to assist you. Swift resolution of product-related concerns is our commitment to your utmost satisfaction. Contact us via phone or message for prompt support and resolution.

FAQs on Wonderchef Tea Infusers

Are there different sizes of Wonderchef tea infusers available?

Tea infusers are available in various sizes to meet the diverse brewing needs. Smaller infusers are ideal for single servings or personal use and allow precise control over tea strength. Larger infusers accommodate larger quantities of tea leaves, perfect for brewing multiple cups or sharing with friends and family.

Do these tea infusers come with heat-resistant handles?

Certain products have heat-resistant handles for safe and comfortable holding. These handles are made from silicone or insulated materials. This feature provides added convenience and peace of mind to handle the infuser without the risk of burns or discomfort.

Can I use these tea infusers to brew coffee?

Although they are primarily for brewing tea, many models are versatile enough to accommodate coffee grounds. With their fine mesh filters or perforated designs, these infusers effectively extract the flavours and aromas of both tea leaves and coffee grounds. This versatility makes them suitable for individuals who enjoy both beverages.

Can I use a Wonderchef tea infuser with coarse-ground tea leaves?

Tea infusers can accommodate various sizes of tea leaves, including coarse-ground varieties. With their adjustable filters or spacious mesh compartments, these infusers can effectively steep different tea leaves for a flavourful and aromatic brew.

List the advantages of Wonderchef tea infusers.

  • Durability with borosilicate glass and stainless steel.
  • Innovative design for efficient steeping.
  • Easy to use with a push-button mechanism.
  • A clear glass body allows for monitoring the brewing process.
  • Versatile for use with various types of tea leaves.
  • Heat-resistant handle for safe handling.
  • Affordable pricing for exceptional value.
  • Trusted by millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

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