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Appliances Wonderchef 8904214707200 V6 Cold Press Slow Juicer,  Full Fruit, High Juice Yield, Powerful AC motor, Slow Squeezing Technology, 200W Quick View

V6 Cold Press Slow Juicer, Full Fruit, High Juice Yield, Powerful AC motor, Slow Squeezing Technology, 200W

MRP: ₹ 29,800/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 18,999/-
You Save 36% (₹ 10,801)
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50% MORE JUICE: Unlike the regular high-speed juicers that extract a thin watery liquid as juice while throwing away all essential nutrients, Regalia Full...
Regalia Full Fruit Cold Press Slow Juicer | 55 RPM Slow Juicer Retains Higher Nutrients | 240W powerful DC motor | Easy to Clean | 5-Year Motor Warranty Regalia Full Fruit Cold Press Slow Juicer | 55 RPM Slow Juicer Retains Higher Nutrients | 240W powerful DC motor | Easy to Clean | 5-Year Motor Warranty Quick View

Regalia Full Fruit Cold Press Slow Juicer | 55 RPM Slow Juicer Retains Higher Nutrients | 240W powerful DC motor | Easy to Clean | 5-Year Motor Warranty

MRP: ₹ 25,000/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 14,999/-
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Owing to the fast-paced lifestyle today, getting recommended daily nutrition from food may get difficult. Fresh fruit juice can come to the rescue and...
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Buy Wonderchef Cold Press Juicers for Noise-Free and Effortless Juicing Sessions

Wonderchef offers a classy cold press juicer collection to provide more nutritious, dense juices for a healthy lifestyle. Our juicers use slow-squeezing technology with a powerful AC motor to enhance the richness of your fresh fruit juices and seal all the essential fibres and vitamins to keep you fit.

With a durable construction and striking exterior, a juice press machine from Wonderchef adds a luxurious and sophisticated touch to your cooking space. These products can extract fresh, cool drinks from everything, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and more. Enjoy the convenience of juicing with ease, and make every juicing session a stylish and enjoyable experience.

Check out the Cold Press Juicers Collections from Wonderchef

A cold press machine is a complete solution for extracting all nutrients from fruits and vegetables and receiving the full spectrum of health benefits in every glass. Explore the variety of products in Wonderchef's cold press juicer collection and upgrade your fitness journey with this healthier addition.

V6 Cold Press Slow Juicer

Revolutionise your juicing experience with this V6 cold press slow juicer to yield 50% more juice than normal juicers. This machine is your gateway to a healthier lifestyle and helps you prepare delicious homemade drinks to detox your body. With a powerful AC motor and slow-squeezing technology, it operates at a gentle 43 RPM with minimal heat buildup to retain your juice's rich vitamins. Unlike traditional high-speed juicers that extract thin, watery liquid, this cold press juicer retains fibre in the juice. A large inlet feed with an 80 mm diameter allows you to juice whole fruits without cutting and saves your time and effort in cutting the fruits.

The robust construction with a powerful 100% pure copper motor ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. The cold press machine operates at low decibel levels and is a silent operator in your kitchen. This product's over-heat protection system ensures its longevity and safety. The fine strainer has different external and internal sizes to enhance straining as liquids pass through the fine mesh. With no sharp blades, cleaning this juicer is safe and effortless. You can clean it in less time, giving you more time to enjoy your fresh juices.

Regalia Full Fruit Cold Press Slow Juicer

An ultimate companion for unlocking the nutritional goodness of fruits and vegetables is the Regalia full fruit cold press slow juicer from Wonderchef. This innovative juicer operates at a gentle 55 RPM with a slow juicing technology similar to the hand-squeezing motion and ensures the retention of essential nutrients in your juices. With a high-torque, low-speed 240W motor, this juicer produces less heat and oxidation to get immunity-boosting nutrients from your ingredients.

The juicer engine has a Reverse function mode to prevent overload by fibres or hard pulp accumulation. The motor operates quietly and spreads pleasant vibes to your cooking space. With a smooth and shining stainless steel exterior, this juicer adds elegance to your kitchen countertop. The fine and coarse strainers with a 0.3-millimetre mesh grid efficiently sieve out almost all solid particles to deliver smooth and velvety texture juices.

Different Varieties of Cold Press Juicers Available at Wonderchef

A pure cold press juicer from Wonderchef squeezes full fruits to extract micronutrients, fibres and enzymes for a healthy and fit you.

  • Vertical Cold Press Juicer - These machines are an excellent choice for those seeking nutrient-rich beverages with minimal effort. Their vertical orientation supports a smooth flow of ingredients through the juicing mechanism. They avoid heat buildup or oxidation to preserve the juices' nutrients and promote optimal health benefits for the consumer.
  • Horizontal Cold Press Juicer - These products process leafy greens and fibrous vegetables. They have a specialised design. The horizontal orientation gently crushes the ingredients for maximum juice extraction. This method provides wholesome drinks that promote overall well-being.
  • Twin Gear Cold Press Juicer - These appliances employ a unique mechanism where the gears rotate inward to crush and press ingredients for juice extraction. This method ensures thorough processing for breaking down fruits, vegetables, and even wheatgrass to squeeze every drop of juice. It preserves your food's delicate nutrients and enzymes to produce delicious juice with enhanced nutritional value.
  • Commercial Cold Press Juicer - These products are ideal for commercial settings like juice bars and cafes with powerful motors. Their sturdy build and heavy-duty components can withstand continuous juicing operations without compromising performance. They efficiently extract maximum juice from various ingredients with optimum productivity and minimising waste. These juicers' intuitive features and user-friendly interfaces streamline the juicing process, allowing businesses to meet customer demands swiftly and consistently.

Best Selling Products


V6 Cold Press Slow Juicer

Rs. 18,999/-

Regalia Full Fruit Cold Press Slow Juicer

Rs. 14,999/-

Key Features of Wonderchef Cold Press Juicers

Check out the valuable features of the Wonderchef cold press juicers and upgrade your kitchen countertop with style and functionality.

  • Cold Press Technology - This innovative technology slowly extracts healthy and tasty drinks from various fruits with grinding action. It does not generate heat and avoids oxidation to preserve the nutritional value of the juices for everyday fitness. Impress your guests and family by serving fresh drinks enriched with all essential micronutrients using the Wonderchef cold press juicers.
  • Fine and Coarse Strainer - With a 0.3 mm mesh grid, this filter of Wonderchef juicers separates almost all solid particles for smooth textured juices. The fine strainer has a unique design with varying external and internal dimensions to streamline the straining process as liquid traverses through the finer mesh.
  • Wide Feeding Tube with Safety Lock - You can save valuable preparation time by skipping the chopping of fruits and veggies, as the 80 mm feeding tube of Wonderchef juicers accommodates whole ingredients. Moreover, this tube has a safety lock feature, so small children cannot access the juicer's interior. A convenient plug on the container also prevents juice from dripping, facilitating precise pouring whenever required. This thoughtful design is ideal for busy households to provide a hassle-free juicing experience.
  • 100% Copper Motor - The Wonderchef cold press juicers have a premium DC motor with pure copper for durable and efficient operation with minimal noise. Its low-speed function of 43 RPM minimises heat generation to preserve the integrity of nutrients in the juice. The high-torque motor for vertical cold press juicing guarantees optimal performance.

Why Choose Wonderchef Cold Press Juicers?

Below are the worthwhile points why the Wonderchef cold press juicers are preferred as a healthier addition to your home.

  • 50% More Juice - Contrary to conventional high-speed juicers, the Wonderchef cold press juicers preserve fibre in the juice and do not miss out on essential nutrients. They efficiently separate only dry, indigestible fibre as residue to give you more nutrient-dense juice. This innovative process yields 50% more juice compared to traditional methods. By retaining fibre and nutrients, these juicers promote wellness and maximise fresh drink's nutritional benefits.
  • Powerful Body - With its low decibel operation, the juicer functions quietly for a peaceful kitchen environment. The motor has a reverse function mode to prevent overload caused by fibres or tough pulp buildup. This innovative feature enhances the juicer's durability and performance by minimising the risk of jamming or clogging.
  • Easy Cleaning - The juicer's no-sharp blade design ensures safety during cleaning. It comes with a cleaning brush with a specialised end to efficiently remove pulp residue from the outlet and streamline the cleaning process for optimal hygiene with minimal effort.
  • Stunning Appearance - The Wonderchef cold press juicer has a dazzling stainless steel exterior and enhances the visual appeal of your kitchen. Their style and functionality add a professional touch to your cooking space and the drinks you prepare. Beauty with brilliance, these juicers are the perfect gifting option to reflect your love.
  • Cost-effective - Wonderchef offers a range of budget-friendly juicers for healthy well-being. These competitively priced juicers are made to deliver professional-grade results to enhance the quality of fresh homemade drinks.
  • Customer Care - Contact Wonderchef with questions after your purchase and get immediate assistance. Whether troubleshooting help or clarification on technical matters, our team ensures your comfort and satisfaction with the product. We are ready to address your concerns promptly and efficiently.

FAQs on Wonderchef Cold Press Juicers

What is the difference between cold press juicers and traditional juicers?

With a slow-speed extraction method, the cold press method safeguards more nutrients and enzymes in the juice. Conventional juicers frequently generate heat that may compromise these essential components.

Can I juice leafy greens with this type of juicer?

They are ideal for pressing leafy greens with their slow extraction and grinding method that retains the juice's nutritional benefits.

Are the Wonderchef cold press juicers suitable for making baby food?

You can use them to create fresh, nutrient-rich baby food by juicing and blending fruits and vegetables.

List out the benefits of the Wonderchef cold press juicer.

  • Retains maximum nutrients and enzymes.
  • Produces juice with a soft, velvety texture.
  • A wide feeding tube reduces preparation time.
  • Safety lock feature prevents accidents.
  • Easy-to-clean components.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Reverse function mode prevents overload.
  • Durable 100% copper motor.
  • High torque for efficient juicing.

Is the juicer suitable for continuous usage?

Many cold press juicers support continuous operation but follow the manufacturer's guidelines for optimal use.

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