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Electric Multi-Cook Tawa, 30cm

MRP: ₹ 3,400/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 2,299/-
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Make a variety of dishes Dosas, stuffed parathas, chillas, pancakes, crepes, uttapams, omelettes, wraps, Frankies and sandwiches with this multi-utility Dosa Maker Portable device...

Buy Wonderchef Electric Dosa Tawas to Cook Delicious Dosas Efficiently

Wonderchef offers convenient and portable electric dosa tawas for preparing crispy dosas, uttapams, parathas, and more. Our electric dosa tawa is a modern kitchen appliance that creates a luxurious cooking environment at home. It is lightweight and portable, providing a convenient cooking experience anywhere.

The Wonderchef electric dosa tawa provides long-lasting, reliable performance with high-quality materials and robust construction. It is a multi-utility cookware essential for every kitchen to make a wide range of Indian and international recipes. Bring home an electric dosa tawa from Wonderchef and impress your guests and family by serving delicious dishes directly from the dining table.

Check out the Electric Dosa Tawas Collections from Wonderchef

Explore Wonderchef's electric dosa tawa online collection to find the perfect fit for your kitchen and enjoy the convenience of tableside cooking. An electric dosa tawa price is reasonable and excellent for its versatility and convenience in your culinary endeavours.

Electric Multi-Cook Tawa, 30cm

Serve fresh and hot dosas to your loved ones every time and actively participate in the family meal by cooking over the dining table using this electric multi-cook tawa from Wonderchef. With a simple design and premium performance, this tawa is perfect for preparing various dishes. Like the cooktops, this appliance comes with a regulator to adjust the temperature of the heating element according to your cooking needs.

With a 30 cm large cooking plate, you can make large-sized dosas or crepes effortlessly. The metatuff non-stick coating, free from PFOA and other harmful chemicals, provides a less oil cooking platform and is a healthier addition to your lifestyle. In addition, the coating has undergone 7000 cycles of abrasion resistance to ensure the integrity and performance of the coating even after prolonged use.

The T-shaped wooden batter spreader and spatula let you make perfectly round dosas and flip them easily without any mess. With a compact and lightweight design, this tawa is comfortable for cooking over the dining table and enjoying family dinner time. Moreover, the tawa's classy and stylish appearance transforms your kitchen into a royal cooking space. Cleaning and maintaining this electric dosa tawa is simple: wiping it with a soft, damp cloth.

Different Varieties of Electric Dosa Tawas Available at Wonderchef

An electric tawa from Wonderchef enhances your kitchen convenience and takes your cooking experience to the next level. Discover the multiple variants of dosa tawas available at Wonderchef and select the one that suits your cooking style.

  • Non-Stick Electric Dosa Tawa - This tawa is a handy cooking appliance for making hot, crispy dosa roasts and various dishes from the comfort of your dining table. Its PFOA-free coating makes it a healthier option for delicious dishes with minimal oil. The tawa has a reliable coating that lasts a lifetime, even after repeated use. You can wipe over the non-stick surface to clean and maintain the product for decades. The bold black shade of the appliance complements the modern kitchen decor of your home.
  • Cast Iron Tawa - This premium-quality cookware has a pre-seasoned surface to enhance the non-stick performance. It ensures the authentic flavour and taste of your culinary creations. The cast iron material guarantees longevity and is valuable to any kitchen arsenal. The tawa is a practical addition to your cooking journey.
  • Die-cast Aluminium Tawa - This tawa is made of high-quality die-cast aluminium and offers supreme performance and durability. It provides even heat distribution for consistent results, and the non-stick surface guarantees hassle-free food preparation and easy cleaning. Elevate your culinary experience with this reliable companion and enjoy your cooking moments.
  • Stainless Steel Tawa - With its sturdy construction and food-grade material, this tawa offers reliable performance for years and is suitable for everyday use. The non-reactive steel surface helps you cook countless dishes without altering their taste. The sleek design and convenient handles make it easy to use, store, and clean.

Key Features of Wonderchef Electric Dosa Tawas

Check out the salient features of the electric dosa tawa from Wonderchef and buy one to promote the comfort level of your cooking journey.

  • Multi-use Tawa - With a multi-functional design, this versatile tawa helps create flawless pancakes, crepes, and sunny-side-up eggs and elevates your breakfast routine. It ensures a seamless cooking experience for beginners and seasoned chefs. Embrace the joy of cooking diverse delicacies with unparalleled convenience using this must-have tawa.
  • Compact and Portable - Experience the convenience of the lightweight and portable electric dosa tawa from Wonderchef and cook delightful dishes wherever you desire. Whether in the kitchen or at the dining table, it allows you to engage fully in family meals easily.
  • 5 Layer Meta Tuff Coating - This tawa has a professional-grade meta tuff non-stick coating that undergoes rigorous testing for 7,000 cycles of abrasion resistance. Its exceptional food-release properties allow cooking with minimal oil and deliver healthier meals. Its superior thermal stability and durability ensure years of reliable use. Free from PFOA and other harmful chemicals, this coating provides long-lasting performance and safety without peeling off.
  • Large Cooking Plate - With a 30 cm cooking plate, the electric tawa facilitates the swift and effortless preparation of large-sized dosas or crepes.
  • Precise Temperature Setting - This tawa features a thermostat and temperature control regulator, offering versatility in cooking. Its adjustable temperature control feature allows users to select varying heat levels like traditional cooktops and ensures precise temperature maintenance.
  • Wooden Accessories - The eco-friendly T-shaped wooden batter spreader included with this tawa facilitates the creation of flawless round dosas. Its ergonomic design ensures effortless batter distribution for uniform thickness and shape. Additionally, the wooden spatula aids in seamlessly flipping dosas to cook evenly on both sides. Together, these utensils enhance the dosa-making experience with convenience and precision for consistent results every time.

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Electric Multi-Cook Tawa, 30cm

Rs. 2,299/-

Why Choose Wonderchef Electric Dosa Tawas?

Listed below are the factors why the Wonderchef electric dosa tawas are preferred over other brands.

  • Quality Material - Wonderchef electric dosa tawas are made from premium materials for exceptional durability and reliability under prolonged usage. Each component undergoes stringent testing procedures to uphold the highest quality standards. With a focus on longevity, the coatings are tested for 7000 cycles of abrasion resistance.
  • Innovative and Compact Design - This lightweight and portable tawa offers convenience and flexibility to cook your favourite dishes anywhere. Enjoy the comfort of using this handy cooking device and easily prepare delicious meals.
  • Easy Maintenance and Care - Our Wonderchef non-stick wipes or a clean, soft, damp cloth are best. Remember to pre-heat and cool the tawa gradually for longer use. Using silicone or wooden spatulas is safer to prevent damage to the non-stick coating. Also, keep the tawa away from children to avoid accidents. It is important to follow these safety instructions to ensure the durability and effectiveness of your tawa while keeping you and your loved ones safe during cooking and cleaning.
  • Value for Money - Wonderchef electric dosa tawas offer exceptional value, superior craftsmanship, and affordability. They offer cost-effective cookware solutions without compromising performance. Investing in Wonderchef is wise and economical, providing a reliable culinary companion that meets your budgetary constraints.
  • Customer-Friendly - Wonderchef's commitment to attentive customer service and comprehensive post-purchase assistance is excellent, as is their product quality. This dedication ensures that customers enjoy premium cookware and receive the support they need for a seamless cooking experience.

FAQs on Wonderchef Electric Dosa Tawas

Does the electric tawa require pre-heating?

Pre-heating the tawa for three minutes is crucial to ensure optimal cooking results. This process spreads heat evenly over the tawa's surface. It also minimises the risk of food sticking to the surface, making it easier to flip and remove items without residue.

Is the electric dosa tawa easy to store?

The tawa's compact design occupies less space on the kitchen countertop or the dining table. Its sleek dimensions ensure it fits neatly into any storage area. The electric tawa is convenient for travel or outdoor cooking adventures. You can tuck it away in a cupboard and keep your kitchen organised and clutter-free.

What kind of batter spreader does it come with?

The electric dosa tawa set includes an eco-conscious T-shaped wooden batter spreader for round dosas. This batter spreader, made with sustainable materials, ensures culinary precision and environmental responsibility. Its ergonomic handle and smooth finish make it easy to use.

What are the advantages of the Wonderchef electric dosa tawa?

  • Convenient cooking of dishes like dosas, parathas, pancakes, and more.
  • Adjustable temperature control settings for precise cooking.
  • Large-sized cooking plate for making bigger dosas.
  • Low-oil cooking for healthier meals.
  • Portable design for cooking anywhere.
  • Durable construction for longevity.
  • Non-stick coating for effortless food release.

Is it suitable for serving directly on the dining table?

With this tawa, you can cook and serve directly on the dining table. Its portable design facilitates convenient meal preparation wherever you desire and offers an interactive dining experience. Whether a cosy family breakfast or a gathering with friends, this feature enhances the culinary experience and lets you showcase your cooking skills.

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