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Appliances Wonderchef 8904214709815 Easy Cook Hot Plate Infrared Cooktop with Feather Touch Control & 6 Power Settings|2200 Watt Induction Cooktop|Pre-set Menus for Soups, Curries, Dals, Saute Masala|Crystal Glass Top Surface| LED Digital Panel | Smart Touch Buttons| 1 Year Warranty Quick View

Easy Cook Hot Plate Infrared Cooktop with Feather Touch Control & 6 Power Settings|2200 Watt Induction Cooktop|Pre-set Menus for Soups, Curries, Dals, Saute Masala|Crystal Glass Top Surface| LED Digital Panel | Smart Touch Buttons| 1 Year Warranty

MRP: ₹ 5,200/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 3,499/-
You Save 32% (₹ 1,701)
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INFRARED TECHNOLOGY: Experience efficient and even heating with the advanced infrared technology, perfect for preparing a wide range of dishes like soups, curries, dals,...
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Easy Cook Infrared Cooktop | 2200 Watt Induction Cooktop | LED Digital Panel | Smart Touch Buttons | 2 Year Warranty Quick View

Easy Cook Infrared Cooktop | 2200 Watt Induction Cooktop | LED Digital Panel | Smart Touch Buttons | 2 Year Warranty

MRP: ₹ 5,000/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 2,899/-
You Save 42% (₹ 2,101)
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Make everyday cooking convenient and hassle-free with Wonderchef Easy Cook Infrared Cooktop. This cooktop helps you perform multiple cooking techniques with it’s intuitive temperature...

Buy Wonderchef Infrared Cooktops for Energy-Efficient Kitchen Solutions

Wonderchef presents a versatile infrared cooktop collection to enhance your kitchen's cooking convenience. Our cooktops use advanced infrared technology to offer efficient and uniform heating of food. Their sleek and stylish exterior adds a luxurious touch to your culinary space.

With a high-quality fibre body and a glass top surface, the Wonderchef infrared cooktops provide reliable performance for a lifetime. Their lightweight design makes them portable and perfect for outdoor cooking. The infrared cooktop price is competitive, making it an affordable yet premium addition to any modern kitchen. Enjoy the benefits of technological advancements in your cooking journey with our innovative infrared cooktop.

Checkout the Infrared Cooktops Collections from Wonderchef

Wonderchef offers the best infrared cooktop with IGBT technology to provide an efficient power control mechanism that, in turn, allows you to set the preferred temperature for your food. Explore the infrared stove top collections from Wonderchef and upgrade your cooking space today.

Easy Cook Hot Plate Infrared Cooktop with Feather Touch Control

Perfect for various dishes, the Wonderchef Easy Cook Hot Plate infrared cooktop is a versatile addition to your kitchen arsenal. The cooktop supports all flat-bottomed cookware and offers a fixed timing and temperature for various recipes. The pre-set functions of this cooktop provide a hassle-free experience in your kitchen. The appliance also features six different power levels to adjust the heat intensity. You can use all the cooking modes with a single touch on the cooktop's sensor button. The LED display offers more convenience in selecting the preset functions and temperatures. With a keep-warm feature, the Wonderchef infrared cooktop maintains the freshness of your food for longer durations.

The multiple safety features, such as overheating, high-voltage, low-voltage protection, and the auto-off function, make the cooktop a safe and secure appliance by preventing accidents due to overheating. With rubber bush feet, the cooktop stands firmly on tables or countertops without sliding. The A-class micro-crystal plate in the cooktop makes the top surface look stylish. With a compact design and fibre body, the cooktop is simple to clean and maintain with a simple wipe using a damp cloth.

The intelligent power consumption feature of the cooktop with IGBT technology optimises efficient energy usage and delivers quality performance. Complement your kitchen decor with the modern appeal of this infrared cooktop and bask in all the benefits of modern kitchen technology.

Different Varieties of Infrared Cooktops Available at Wonderchef

Check out the wide variety of infrared cooktops from Wonderchef and buy a cooktop online from our website to enhance the sophistication of your kitchen space. Buy a cooktop that perfectly matches your cooking needs and have an effortless cooking journey.

  • Single Burner Infrared Cooktop - This device has one heating element and is ideal for small kitchens and individuals. The compact and simple design makes it easy to handle and perfectly suits families with minimal culinary needs.
  • Double Burner Infrared Cooktop - This type of stove has dual heating elements and supports the simultaneous cooking of two dishes. It has more cooking space and offers flexibility to your kitchen.
  • Built-in Infrared Cooktop - Seamlessly integrating into your kitchen countertop, these appliances add aesthetics to your culinary space. They are a space-saving solution that prevents bulky appliances from occupying the countertop space. With multiple heating zones and bridging elements, these cooktops provide an efficient platform for preparing large meals for your house parties and gatherings. Thus, they elevate both the look and performance of your kitchen space.
  • Portable Infrared Cooktop - With a single heating element and compact design, these appliances can be easily moved and support cooking anytime, anywhere, with an electrical input. They are a one-stop solution for bachelors and students with simple culinary needs and frequently shift their accommodation. Perfect for dorm rooms and small kitchens, these cooktops offer flexibility and convenience for cooking on the go.
  • Induction-infrared cooktop - These stoves combine the advancements of induction and infrared technology for enhanced performance. They offer rapid food heating by ensuring uniform heat distribution over the cooktop's surface. With precise temperature control mechanisms, these stoves provide a safe and convenient ambience for your culinary endeavours. The multiple cooking modes support an effortless cooking experience ideal for busy households.
  • Commercial Infrared Cooktop - These cooktops are designed for professional kitchens or high-volume cooking environments. They can withstand heavy use and offer powerful heating capabilities that are ideal for restaurants, catering businesses, and other food service establishments.
  • Smart Infrared Cooktop - With advanced features like touchscreen controls and programmable settings, these stoves offer a more convenient and customised cooking experience.

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Easy Cook Hot Plate Infrared Cooktop with Feather Touch Control

Rs. 3,499/-

Key Features of Wonderchef Infrared Cooktops

The outstanding features of infrared cooktops are listed below, which offer premium heating performance for all your culinary creations.

  • Advanced Infrared Technology - The Wonderchef infrared cooktops generate heat from infrared waves by the heating elements and provide rapid heating to the cookware. As the heat is directly delivered to the utensils, the cooktops ensure uniform heat distribution for even cooking of food.
  • IGBT for Power Control - Wonderchef infrared cooktops use an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) to control power. This technology helps cook food faster and uses less energy. It also allows the cooktop to regulate temperature more accurately, making cooking easier and better.
  • Preset Menus - This feature provides multiple selection functions based on your recipe. You can select the menu required for your dish and cook effortlessly without continuous monitoring.
  • Sensor Buttons and LED Display - Wonderchef offers the smooth and convenient operation of the cooktops with multiple feather-touch sensor buttons that bring all cooking settings to your fingertips. In addition, the LED display of the cooking modes and the temperature brings a sophisticated experience to your everyday cooking.
  • Stunning Appearance - With fine-grade fibre in the body and a classic glass top surface on the top, the infrared cooktops are a stylish addition to your modern kitchen. The stunning exterior adds a royal finishing touch to any cooking space.

Why Choose Wonderchef Infrared Cooktops?

Check out the reasons why Wonderchef infrared cooking appliances are an ideal choice for your modern and sophisticated lifestyle.

  • Safety Functions - The hot plates of stoves come with overheating, high-voltage, and low-voltage protection to ensure the safety of the product and the user. The auto-off function of the cooktop helps to avoid accidental hazards in the kitchen. Moreover, the rubber bush feet keep the appliance steady without any wobbling or other risks while using it.
  • Advanced Technologies - IGBT provides smart and intelligent power consumption of the appliance to save you bucks in energy. Infrared technology provides fast and direct heating of cookware with electromagnetic radiation and helps in efficient cooking performance.
  • Six Power Levels - With these six different power level settings, you can change the heat intensity of the cooktop as required by your dishes. Thus, you can make countless dishes with varying heating requirements with this single appliance.
  • Affordable Price - Wonderchef's infrared cooktops offer great quality, safety features, and cool technology for a good price. They make cooking easy without costing too much, making it a smart home choice.
  • Customer-friendly - Wonderchef cares about happy customers and provides helpful post-purchase support. If you have questions or problems with your infrared cooktop, our service team is here to help. The team will quickly fix any issues with the product and ensure your satisfaction. You can reach out to us by a call or message.

FAQs on Wonderchef Infrared Cooktops

How does an infrared cooktop work?

It emits infrared radiation, which directly heats the cookware's surface. It eliminates the need for preheating and minimises energy loss. The result is efficient and precise cooking, making it a popular choice for convenience and consistency in your culinary endeavours.

Are infrared cooktops safe to use?

They offer a safe cooking space without open flames and reduce the risk of accidents. Additionally, many models have an automatic switch-off mechanism that shuts down the appliance in case of overheating. These safety features ensure peace of mind while using the appliance, especially in households with children or pets.

Can I use vessels with uneven bottoms on these appliances?

It is best to place flat-bottomed vessels and containers on the surface of these cooktops to ensure proper heat distribution and efficient appliance operation.

Do infrared cooktops support the simultaneous cooking of multiple dishes?

It depends on the size and configuration of the devices. Larger stoves with numerous heating zones allow users to cook different dishes concurrently. This versatility maximises efficiency in the kitchen, making it easier to prepare meals for gatherings or accommodate varying cooking times for various dishes.

List the advantages of Wonderchef infrared cooktops.

  • Rapid and uniform heating of cookware.
  • Energy-efficient cooking.
  • Safe to use with no open flames.
  • Automatic shut-off mechanisms for enhanced safety.
  • Versatile cooking capabilities with multiple preset functions.
  • Compatible with various types of cookware.
  • Sleek and modern design.
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance.
  • Ideal for small kitchens or outdoor spaces.
  • Reliable post-purchase customer support.

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