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Egg Boiler – Measurement Cup Egg Boiler – Measurement Cup Quick View

Egg Boiler – Measurement Cup

₹ 189
All DTH Egg Boiler Spare Parts Employee Home & Living No Homeware Spares & Accessories old
Measure and add required amount of water for boiling eggs using this measuring cup Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: Egg Boiler – Measurement Cup: 1 Pc...
Egg Boiler – Egg Holder Attachment Egg Boiler – Egg Holder Attachment Quick View

Egg Boiler – Egg Holder Attachment

₹ 227
All DTH Egg Boiler Spare Parts Employee Home & Living No Homeware Spares & Accessories old
Place eggs securely on this attachment Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: Egg Boiler – Egg Holder Attachment: 1 Pc GST Product State : Maharashtra Old_Discount Percentage...
Egg Boiler - Lid to cover the eggs as they boil Egg Boiler - Lid to cover the eggs as they boil Quick View

Egg Boiler - Lid to cover the eggs as they boil

₹ 172
All DTH Egg Boiler Spare Parts Employee Home & Living No Homeware Spares & Accessories old
This lid helps you cover the eggs as they boil inside Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: Egg Boiler - Lid: 1 Pc GST Product State :...

Buy Wonderchef Egg Boiler Spare Parts to Get Perfectly Boiled Eggs Every Time

Wonderchef presents reliable egg boiler spare parts to simplify your cooking routine. Our egg boiler parts collection covers various products in simple and compact designs to enhance your culinary journey. With these spare parts, you can boil or poach eggs with minimal effort and enjoy a hassle-free experience in your cooking space.

The egg cooker parts from Wonderchef are suitable for every modern kitchen. Their quality construction with the finest materials offers a reliable, long-lasting performance. They are available in different sizes and models to meet your unique cooking needs. Bring home these premium egg boiler parts to add convenience and ease to your cooking processes.

Check out the Egg Boiler Spare Parts Collections from Wonderchef

Explore Wonderchef's egg boiler online collection and redefine your breakfast chores. Buy an egg boiler online from our website and experience effortless cooking.

Egg Boiler - Measurement Cup

Enjoy perfectly boiled eggs with this multi-functional Egg Boiler - Measurement Cup from the Wonderchef spare parts collection. It has water level markings to ensure the right level of water used for boiling the eggs. The three levels, soft, medium, and hard, enable you to get the perfect egg texture according to your taste and preferences.

With a convenient pin at the bottom, this cup lets you pierce the egg before boiling. Just tap with the pin on the egg to prevent messy cracks in the eggshell, and enjoy a uniformly cooked egg. It is a reliable addition to any kitchen with durable construction and compact design.

Egg Boiler - Egg Holder Attachment

Place your eggs securely with this Egg Holder Attachment from Wonderchef and enhance the convenience level of your cooking strategies. The seven spacious openings of this holder provide ample space for your eggs to keep them secure and easily accessible. With two bent rings on the sides of the attachment, you can easily lift the holder from the containers after the cooking routine. This egg holder is made of quality material that ensures longevity and serves you for years.

The minimalist design complements any kitchen decor and makes it a versatile addition to your culinary arsenal. With a convenient size and shape, it can fit perfectly into any container. Whether boiling or storing eggs for daily use, this boiler spare part offers unparalleled convenience and functionality. Upgrade your kitchen experience today with this essential accessory.

Egg Boiler - Lid to cover the eggs as they boil

Wonderchef presents elegant and stylish egg boiler lids to cover the eggs during cooking. It provides even cooking of eggs by retaining maximum flavour and moisture. With a comfortable holder at the top, the lid is convenient to place and lift without much effort. It is made of the finest material to deliver reliable performance for decades.

The lid is easy to wash and maintain, with a simple and compact design. Pair it with the egg boiler attachment from the Wonderchef egg boiler spare parts collection and enjoy the comforts of modern cooking style.

Different Varieties of Egg Boiler Spare Parts Available at Wonderchef

Wonderchef offers egg boiler machines online along with their spare parts collection to streamline your cooking endeavours.

  • Egg Holder - Wonderchef offers egg-holding trays in different models and sizes, with varying numbers of compartments to safely place the eggs. They are made of the finest food-safe materials to last longer after prolonged usage. With a simple design and convenient shape, these trays are easy to wash, store and maintain for a lifetime.

These holders fit perfectly into the egg boiler machine's containers and facilitate effortless cooking. You can also place them in the refrigerator or kitchen countertop to store your eggs efficiently.

  • Egg Boiler Lids - These spare parts are essential to ensure efficient and uniform egg cooking. They are built with quality materials to serve you longer. They help retain moisture in your egg boiler. Transparent lids allow easy monitoring of the cooking process. You can also use these lids to prevent splatter and create a clean and safe cooking environment while preserving the natural flavours of your eggs.
  • Measuring Cups - Boiling the eggs to perfection requires the right amount of water provided by the chic and convenient measuring cups from the spare parts collection of Wonderchef. They have different water levels marked on the exterior for easy usage. Choose the water level according to your cooking requirements. With a pin at the base, these cups are versatile devices that can pierce the eggs before boiling.

Key Features of Wonderchef Egg Boiler Spare Parts

The excellent features of the egg boiler spare parts from Wonderchef are listed below. They make these products stand out from other brands.

  • Compartments in Egg Holders - The separate compartments hold the eggs safely in place during the boiling process and offer a clutter-free cooking experience. With varying numbers of compartments, the egg holder comes in different sizes for your diverse culinary needs. Add a professional finish to your boiling and storage process with the help of these compartments.
  • Bottom Pin in the Measurement Cup - This pin prevents eggshell cracks during boiling. It is safe and convenient to handle as it is located at the base of the measuring cup. Enjoy uniformly boiled eggs with the help of this piercing pin.
  • Spacious Lid with a Simple Handle - This small, convenient handle at the top makes lifting the egg boiler lid easy. In addition, the lid is spacious enough to retain the moisture of the boiling eggs and enhance the flavour.
  • Easy Maintenance - Maintaining your egg boiler spare parts is effortless for continued efficiency and longevity. After each use, rinse the components with warm water and soap to remove any residue. Regular inspection for wear and tear allows for timely replacement, guaranteeing optimal performance. With minimal care, your egg boiler spare parts will remain pristine, providing consistent results with every use.

Best Selling Products


Egg Boiler – Measurement Cup

Rs. 189/-

Egg Boiler – Egg Holder Attachment

Rs. 229/-

Egg Boiler - Lid to cover the eggs as they boil

Rs. 172/-

Why Choose Wonderchef Egg Boiler Spare Parts?

The following characteristics make the egg boiler spare parts preferred by cooking experts:

  • Easy Handling - Wonderchef egg boiler spare parts have a sleek and ergonomic design, making them a seamless addition to any kitchen setup. Their compact size ensures they effortlessly integrate into your countertop or storage space for optimised kitchen organisation.
  • Quality Material - All the egg boiler spare parts from Wonderchef are made of premium quality materials to offer durability and reliability. The base materials are food-safe for healthier cooking. By withstanding the wear and tear of repeated use, they are perfect for daily use.
  • Affordable Price - Wonderchef delivers top-notch egg boiler spare parts at an affordable price and guarantees customers exceptional value for their investment. The products offer outstanding performance, reliability, and durability that justify their modest price tag. Elevate your morning routine with Wonderchef's egg boiler parts and streamline your breakfast preparation easily and efficiently. Their combination of affordability and quality makes them a savvy addition to any kitchen with long-term satisfaction without straining your budget.
  • Customer Service - Wonderchef emphasises customer satisfaction by offering comprehensive assistance and support following your purchase. Our team readily addresses your inquiries or concerns post-purchase for a seamless experience with the products. With Wonderchef, you can trust in both the excellence of the products and the support every step of the way.

FAQs on Wonderchef Egg Boiler Spare Parts

Are the Egg boiler lids made of heat-resistant material?

The lids use materials with thermal resistance to withstand high temperatures during the boiling process without warping or melting. This durability enhances safety and longevity for reliable performance. You can trust that the lids will effectively contain heat and steam for efficient and uniform egg cooking. They also retain moisture for perfect results every time.

How many eggs can the egg holder trays accommodate?

Depending on size and design, the egg holder trays can accommodate a specific number of eggs. They can hold a standard quantity of six to seven eggs per tray. However, some models may vary in capacity.

List the advantages of Wonderchef egg boiler spare parts.

  • Durable Construction: Made from quality materials for a longer lifespan.
  • Versatility: Compatible with various Wonderchef egg boiler models.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for effortless assembly and operation.
  • Efficient Cooking: Ensure even and consistent boiling of eggs.
  • Convenient Cleaning: Dishwasher-safe components for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Cost-Effective: Affordable spare parts provide value for money.
  • Reliable Performance: Ensure optimal functioning and reliability of your egg boiler.
  • Customer Support: Backed by Wonderchef's renowned after-sales service for assistance and guidance.

Are these spare parts dishwasher-safe?

Yes, They offer convenience in cleaning and maintenance with dishwasher compatibility. Their durable construction allows them to withstand dishwasher cycles without damage. Place the spare parts in the dishwasher with your other kitchen utensils and dishes for hassle-free cleaning.

Can I purchase spare parts individually or as a set?

You can buy spare parts individually or as a set, depending on your needs and preferences. Individual spare parts allow you to replace specific components. Alternatively, purchasing a spare part set ensures you have all the necessary components readily available for any maintenance or repair requirements.

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