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Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2

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Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2
Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2
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Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2

MRP: ₹ 1,450/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 499/-
You Save 65% (₹ 951)  (inclusive of all taxes)
The Bormioli premium glassware collection represents the ultimate fusion of striking, contemporary design and durability. Be the envy of your guests with these classy and elegant set of 2 white wine glasses.

The design of these glasses is a perfect balance between elegance and practicality. It is ideal for serving structured white wine. These glasses are perfectly shaped to give your wine a larger surface area, enhancing its scent and taste even as you enjoy each sip. Perfect for balancing the high acidity and residual sugar of fruit-forward white wines.

These also serve as a perfect gifting for your loved ones. Host a sit down dinner with this set and create memories with your loved ones.

No. of Piece: 2

Material: Glassware

Color: Clear

Capacity: 280 ml

Package Contents:

  • Wine Glass: 2 Unit
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Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2
  • Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2

    Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2

    Serve your guests the best wine possible with the premium Bormioli glassware. These stylish and eye-catching glasses are made in Italy, adding style to any occasion! With internationally inspired designs that will add spice for any dinner party or drinks hour you organize on a regular basis - it's sure not going unnoticed how much effort went into making each moment special when everyone can see these gorgeous pieces of service at work first hand.

    • Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2

      The Art of Glassblowing

      The art of Glassblowing is truly a beautiful thing. The skilled artisan manipulates gas, flame and air to create forms that are both fascinating in their simplicity as well complex with intricate detail. It's not hard to think about how this might be the perfect formative medium if one were ever invented!

    • Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2

      Benefits of Glass

      Bormioli glassware is reusable, recyclable and helps reduce pollution by up to 20%. Glass is a totally hygienic inert material and can safely be used for any kind of beverage.

    • Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2

      How to Hold Your Wine Glass

      Hold the glass stem firmly with four or just the two fingers and support with your thumb. Avoid touching the glass bowl to retain the wine at a consistent cold temperature.
      Here’s a pro tip! Try to use one specific spot on the rim every time you sip. This will keep the rest of the rim clean and the aromas in the glass a lot fresher.

    • Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2

      Know Your Wine Glass

      Rim - The uppermost part of the bowl where lips touch
      Bowl - The size of the bowl varies depending on the wine, larger bowls help to swirl the wine so to experience the aromas released
      Stem - Gives a good grip to hold the glass and let the temperature of the wine remain constant
      Base - Gives stability to the glass

    • Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2

      Ideal Pairing

      Sip your wine with some delicious snacks served in Teramo Stoneware plates to celebrate your special days or at leisure time.

    • Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2

      Reliable Wonderchef Service

      We are confident of our quality. Reach out to us for order related queries.

    Bormioli White Wine Glass - 280 ML - Set of 2

Manufacturer Name: Visuell Creation

Manufacturer Address: Bakewell House, 77, Datta Mandir Road, Off, Bhandup Village Rd, Subhash Nagar, Bhandup West, Mumbai

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jasmeet Sahani

Thoughtful packaging for safe delivery. I appreciate the sturdy packaging that ensures these glasses arrive in perfect condition, without any damage during transit.

Shanmugam B
Perfect for white wine lovers!

These glasses enhance the aroma and taste of my favorite white wine, making every sip delightful.

Sonali Sharma

Great size for wine tasting. The 280 ml capacity is ideal for wine tasting sessions, allowing me to fully experience the flavors and aromas of different wines.

Shehanaz Parveen
Sturdy and durable glasses.

These glasses are made of high-quality glass, ensuring their durability and making them suitable for everyday use.

Niranjan Rohilla

Beautiful addition to my glassware collection. The elegant design of these glasses has become a beautiful addition to my glassware collection, impressing my guests whenever they visit.

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