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Appliances Wonderchef 8904214709815 Easy Cook Hot Plate Infrared Cooktop with Feather Touch Control & 6 Power Settings|2200 Watt Induction Cooktop|Pre-set Menus for Soups, Curries, Dals, Saute Masala|Crystal Glass Top Surface| LED Digital Panel | Smart Touch Buttons| 1 Year Warranty Quick View

Easy Cook Hot Plate Infrared Cooktop with Feather Touch Control & 6 Power Settings|2200 Watt Induction Cooktop|Pre-set Menus for Soups, Curries, Dals, Saute Masala|Crystal Glass Top Surface| LED Digital Panel | Smart Touch Buttons| 1 Year Warranty

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Power 1400W Induction Cooktop with 11 Preset Functions, Push Touch Control Button Induction Cooktop, 2 Years Warranty Power 1400W Induction Cooktop with 11 Preset Functions, Push Touch Control Button Induction Cooktop, 2 Years Warranty Quick View

Power 1400W Induction Cooktop with 11 Preset Functions, Push Touch Control Button Induction Cooktop, 2 Years Warranty

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Introducing Power Induction Cooktop - an energy efficient design with multiple preset cooking functions which help you make soups, rice, tea, stir fry, boil...

Buy Wonderchef Induction Stoves For Energy Efficient Cooking

Wonderchef brings sleek induction stoves with innovative technology to redefine your cooking convenience. Our induction stove satisfies your diverse cooking needs in a single product with multiple cooking modes, from simmering to quick frying. Their compactness and lightweight design make them portable and convenient for every household.

With precise temperature control, Wonderchef induction plates offer rapid heating for faster and more efficient cooking. Buy induction stoves online from the Wonderchef website for a hassle-free shopping experience and friendly post-purchase customer service. These stylish and classy stoves create a sophisticated ambience in your kitchen and also for your culinary adventure.

Checkout the Induction Stove Collections from Wonderchef

The cost of an induction stove varies based on its build quality, performance, longevity and other crucial features. With energy-saving IGBT Technology and various pre-set functions, the induction stove price from Wonderchef is a prized product.

Torino 2000W Induction Stove

Revolutionise your cooking experience by upgrading your kitchen arsenal with this versatile Torino 2000 W induction stove. With 11 pre-set functions tailored for Indian cooking, including a Turbo function for faster cooking, this induction stove simplifies the preparation of a wide range of dishes. From hearty soups and flavourful curries to perfectly steamed vegetables and flavourful momos, this induction stove empowers you to play with your creativity in the kitchen. The advanced dual-layer coil technology ensures superior heat dissipation and precise temperature control, enhancing energy efficiency and consistent cooking results. Navigate various cooking functions and temperature settings with the push-touch button control interface.

Wonderchef uses an A-class micro-crystal plate renowned for its durability and longevity in making these stoves. Be a seasoned or amateur chef; these stoves serve all your culinary needs with intelligent power consumption and user-friendly design. With faultless performance, innovative features, and stylish design, the Torino induction stove is a must-have appliance for every modern kitchen. Discover the joy of effortless cooking with exquisite flavours with this exceptional kitchen companion.

Power 1400W Induction Stove

Transform your cooking chores into an enjoyable journey with this Power 1400 W induction stove from Wonderchef. With 11 pre-set cooking functions, including options to make soups and rice, boil water, brew tea, stir fry, and more, this stove is a versatile addition to every modern household. The IGBT technology and an advanced dual-layer coil in making this stove reduce cooking time and minimise energy consumption, making it an eco-friendly choice for your kitchen.

With a sleek and modern design, this induction stove adds elegance to any kitchen decor while occupying minimal storage space. Multiple safety protection functions, including low/high voltage protection, surge protection, and automatic shut-off, provide a safe cooking environment. Be it cooking in your kitchen or hosting a barbecue in your backyard, this induction stove offers unparalleled convenience. Cooking becomes a safe and pleasant experience with no open flames in this stove.

Different Varieties of Induction Stove are Available in Wonderchef

The induction stove from Wonderchef is lightweight and portable, suitable to exhibit your creative cooking skills effortlessly. Buy an induction stove with multiple pre-set functions and enjoy a delightful and smooth cooking routine.

  • Built-in Induction Stove: These sleek and modern cooking appliances integrate into your kitchen countertop or cabinet. They blend with your kitchen decor, providing powerful and efficient cooking performance. With a pot detection feature, the built-in induction stove automatically adjusts the temperature to match your cookware's size and shape. Further, they also come with bridging elements between the heat zones to provide a larger cooking area.
  • Portable Induction Stove: This compact and lightweight cooking appliance supports easy transportation and use in small kitchens, dorm rooms, or outdoor cooking areas. With adjustable power levels, timer settings, and safety features, it provides versatile, precise and efficient cooking of various dishes. The manual temperature setting of the stove enables you to fine-tune the heat according to your requirements. With a stunning glass top, this stove uplifts the look and feel of your kitchen countertop.
  • Freestanding Induction Stove: The seamless addition of an induction plate and an oven gives this type of stove added convenience in your kitchen. With four or more heating elements and multiple cooking modes in the oven, this stove is a versatile addition to your cooking journey. The stove comes in various sizes and designs to match your kitchen layout and decor. With features such as multiple cooking zones, digital displays, and safety locks, these stoves provide efficient and reliable performance for your culinary adventures.

Best Selling Products


Easy Cook Hot Plate Infrared Cooktop with Feather Touch Control

Rs. 3,499/-

Power 1400W Induction Cooktop

Rs. 1,699/-

Torino 2000W Induction Plate with 11 Preset Functions

Rs. 2,999/-

Key Features of Wonderchef Induction Stove

Check out the distinct characteristics of the induction stove from Wonderchef and upgrade your kitchen to cook like a pro.

  • IGBT Technology: The IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology is used in induction stoves for efficient power control, resulting in faster cooking times and reduced energy consumption. It ensures precise temperature regulation and enhances overall cooking performance.
  • Pre-set functions: These multiple functions allow you to cook various dishes with a single touch. They eliminate the need for temperature adjustments and continuous monitoring of the cooking food. Wonderchef induction stoves provide this facility for 11 Indian dishes and are perfect for your busy cooking routine.
  • Dual-layer coil: The Wonderchef induction stove provides uniform heat distribution for quicker and more efficient food cooking with the help of an advanced dual-layer coil. With conductivity materials like copper or aluminium, the coil creates an electromagnetic field that spreads heat over the cooking surface of the stove. This feature adds to the efficient performance of the stove for a more extended period.
  • Stylish glass top: Induction stoves with stunning glass surfaces add beauty to any kitchen decor. The scratch-resistant glass top keeps the stove looking new and fresh for decades. In addition, the modern and sleek structure of the stove gives a royal look to your cooking space and supports easy storage.
  • Easy maintenance: The toughened glass top of the induction stove is smooth and shiny with a scratch-resistant property. This feature helps to clean the surface easily by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Why Choose Wonderchef Induction Stove?

Listed below are the valuable reasons why Wonderchef induction stoves are highly in demand by cooking enthusiasts.

  • Quality product: Made with attention to detail, the Wonderchef induction stoves use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. The toughened glass top ensures the stove's durability and is a lifetime investment for your cooking endeavours.
  • Safety Features: Overheat protection, automatic shut-off, and child lock features in these induction products ensure a safe cooking environment, minimising the risk of accidents and hazards in the kitchen. In addition, the no-flame cooking with these stoves offers a safe and pleasant cooking experience with your fan or AC switched ON and comfortably sitting on your dining table.
  • Innovative Technology: Wonderchef induction stoves incorporate cutting-edge technology to enhance cooking efficiency and convenience. From IGBT technology for precise power control to pre-set cooking functions for effortless meal preparation, these stoves are designed to streamline the cooking process and deliver exceptional results with every use.
  • Value for Money: These stylish induction bases offer excellent value for money, combining top-notch quality, safety, and innovative features at competitive prices. You can switch to convenient cooking with the induction stoves from Wonderchef without exceeding your budget. The reliable, long-lasting performance of the stoves makes your purchase a worthwhile investment for a lifetime cooking experience.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Wonderchef offers friendly customer support after every purchase. Be it any queries or troubleshooting issues related to your induction stove, our customer care team members are happy to provide you with a helping hand in clearing all your post-purchase concerns.

FAQs on Wonderchef Induction Stove

Do Wonderchef induction stoves require ventilation?

It is advisable to use the induction products in an area with good air circulation to prevent the buildup of heat and steam. However, optimal ventilation is recommended, as needed, for gas stoves.

Are these stoves suitable for use in small kitchens?

The compact size and space-saving designs of these stoves make them suitable for small kitchens. Furthermore, their lightweight and portability make them perfect for outdoor cooking.

Are Wonderchef induction stoves suitable for professional kitchens?

Yes, Wonderchef induction stoves are suitable for professional kitchens due to their reliable performance, precise temperature control, and durable construction, making them a preferred choice for chefs and culinary professionals.

Do these stoves make noise during operation?

No, they operate in silence as they do not rely on combustion like gas stoves. The only sound you may hear is from the cookware or utensils placed on the stove.

Do these products come with pre-set cooking functions?

Yes, Wonderchef induction stoves come with 11 pre-set functions to support cooking several Indian dishes at a single touch.

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