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Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L

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Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L
Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L
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Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L

MRP: ₹ 1,060/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 499/-
You Save 52% (₹ 561)  (inclusive of all taxes)
The Bormioli premium glassware collection of bottles and glasses represents the ultimate fusion of striking, contemporary design and durability. This stunning red colored bottle is perfect for storing water and other beverages, fits well in the refrigerator.

It features an airtight, hermetic clamp closure with a rubber gasket that keeps the contents fresh.

Flaunting a unique design, this bottle is a perfect blend of style and utility and adds a class to your kitchen storage section. Glorify your hydration and flaunt your style with this water bottle.

No. of Piece: 1

Material: Glassware

Color: Red

Capacity: 1 L

Package Contents:

  • Water Bottle: 1 Unit
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Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L
  • Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L

    Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L

    Bormioli Premium Glassware 1000 ml
    The Bormioli Premium Glassware is made in Italy and comes with a variety of attractive designs. The lively colors will bring happiness to your table, while also being able to take it out for fun! You can store water or other drinks alongside these bottles at home as they're durable enough that you won't need an expensive fridge just yet - perfect if space isn’t too much concern but taste matters most. Available in poppy colours like blue, red, yellow, green, magenta and also clear, pick your favourite or make a colourful set of all!

    • Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L

      Superior Quality Cap

      The easy to open sturdy cap made of superior grade steel ensures strength and durability.

    • Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L

      Safe & Leak - Proof

      Cap is sealed securely to avoid water leaking. Bormioli bottles are also spill proof and completely safe to use.

    • Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L

      Environment and Health Friendly

      Plastic bottles to store drinking water is not a healthy practice. Also it strains Nature since plastic is non – recyclable. Switch today to glass bottles to store water for better health and better environment.

    • Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L

      Fill what you like

      The attractive colours of the bottle will inspire the creative artist in you. Use the bottles not just to store drinking water but flaunt these bottles as unique décor pieces too. Fill it up with beautiful flowers, small plant stems and put on your dinner table, work desk or on your center table.

    • Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L

      Easy Fit

      These glass bottles will fit easily in the refrigerator door. It easily fits in a gym bag too.

    • Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L

      Reliable Wonderchef Service

      We are confident of our quality. Reach out to us for order related queries.

    Bormioli Water Bottle - Red -1 L

Manufacturer Name: Visuell Creation

Manufacturer Address: Bakewell House, 77, Datta Mandir Road, Off, Bhandup Village Rd, Subhash Nagar, Bhandup West, Mumbai

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Asmad Ansari
Eco-Friendly Choice!

Choosing this Bormioli water bottle is a small step towards reducing plastic waste. I feel good knowing that I'm making an eco-friendly choice while staying hydrated on the go.

DivyaSree Ch
Wide Mouth for Easy Drinking!

The wide mouth of this Bormioli water bottle allows for easy drinking and even adding ice cubes or fruits for flavor. Hydration has never been this convenient!

Gelyn Roland
Easy to Carry and Lightweight!

This water bottle from Bormioli is incredibly easy to carry around, thanks to its lightweight design. It's the perfect companion for hikes, workouts, or even daily commutes!

Nishita Majmudar
BPA-Free and Safe!

With this Bormioli water bottle, I don't have to worry about harmful chemicals. It is made from BPA-free materials, ensuring that my drinking water stays safe and clean.

Varsha Solanki
Temperature Retention at its Best!

This water bottle does a fantastic job of keeping my beverages at the desired temperature. Whether it's a cold refreshing drink or a hot beverage, it stays just right for hours!

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