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Wonderchef Premium Cookware

Great cookware is one of the best investments that you can make. Good quality cookware can help you make your meals simple and enjoyable. Wonderchef has a wide range of cookware like hot sets, tawa, frying pans, etc. They are available in a wide range of materials like non-stick, hard anodized, tri-ply steel, cast iron, etc. Each material has its benefits. The nonstick cookware set is perfect for health-conscious people who like their food with less oil. The hard anodized cookware doesn’t react with acidic food and is very durable. Tri-ply cookware sets are easy to clean and give easy heat distribution. Cast-iron cookware has a natural non-stick coating and is very durable. 

Wide Range Of Cookware 

The kitchen is the backbone of your home. Whether you are a seasoned chef or naive, the kitchen holds a special place. An assortment of good cookware will help you improve your culinary skills. Wonderchef has a wide range of premium cookware with sleek designs.  

  • Hot Sets - cook your food with Wonderchef's hot set available in various colours and materials. The set includes a wok with a lid, dosa tawa, fry pan, and a mini frying pan. 
  • Tawa - Wonderchef offers roti and dosa Tawa.  Non-stick die-cast tawa is perfect for making delicious dosas, omelettes, etc. Hard anodized Tawa is perfect for making the perfect chapatis. 
  • Wok/Kadai - Wonderchef offers various woks like stainless steel wok, hard anodized aluminium wok, and non-stick Kadai. All the woks are made from high-grade quality, made perfectly for faster cooking and even heat distribution.
  • Frying Pans - Take cooking to the next level with Wonderchef's durable and elegant frying pan. The non-stick pan set is rust-free, chip-resistant and crack resistant. With these sturdy pans, you can prepare delicate, delicious meals.
  • Grill Pans - Make the perfect grills like burgers, patties, tikkas, sandwiches, bacon, chicken, meat, and a lot more easily with Wonderchef's grill pan. Cooking without oil is possible due to its premium, healthy nonstick coating, without sacrificing taste.
  • Casseroles - Keep your delicious food hot and fresh with Wonderchef's wide range of casseroles. You can cook and serve your food with non-stick casseroles. The steel casserole prevents the Rotis from sticking to the casserole and turning soggy. Casseroles are available in different sizes. 
  • Appakara and Appachetty - You can make a variety of appams with perfectly moulded structures with Wonderchef's appakara and appachetty. Experience taste, and high performance with appakara and appachetty. 
  • Sauce Pans - Make food preparation and consumption more enjoyable with Wonderchef’s range of saucepans. The Wonderchef cookware has a chic and contemporary appearance. It is a total cooking solution for preparing low-fat, healthful meals at home. The best non-stick coating for daily cooking that is oil-free and nutritious.
  • Milk Boilers - Boil Milk without the fear of spilling. The Wonderchef Milk Boiler is built for efficiency, safety, and to stop boiling milk from overflowing.
  • Gas Oven Tandoor - Prepare traditional foods that would usually call for a clay Tandoor. Create Paneer Tikka, Naan, Missi Roti, Tandoori Roti, Stuffed Kulcha, Tandoori Chicken, Kebabs, Cakes, Muffins, Cookies, and many other dishes. It is a unique combination of a gas oven and tandoor with a 3D Heating system.
  • Paniyarakkal - Get ready to make a variety of appam with the perfectly moulded structure of Wonderchef's die-cast paniyarakkal. You can make 15 appams in one go, and serve your guests and family with ease. 
  • Tadka Pan - Tadka pan from wonderchef is a perfect blend of style and functionality. Temper your dals, kadhis, dhoklas and sabzis with Wonderchef Tadka Pan


Accentuate your kitchen with a dash of vibrant colours and modular design with Wondechef’s wide collection of Cookware. 

Royal-Velvet Non-Stick

Wonderchef’s Royal Velvet Non-stick collection includes a Fry pan, Dosa Tawa, wok, Saucepan, and Grill pan. Beautifully crafted non-stick pans with a marble coating and a vibrant colour exterior enhance the appearance of any kitchen. With no sacrifice to flavour, its high-quality non-stick coating allows oil-free cooking! Its pure-grade virgin aluminium composition facilitates quicker cooking and uniform heat distribution. These pans do provide exceptional performance, beauty, and durability. Additionally, this set is an ideal gift choice for special occasions.  

Forza Cast-Iron

Forza's pre-seasoned cast-iron collection offers an exceptional cooking experience and beneficial properties if you've always had a taste for cooking with cast iron. Additionally, the Forza cast-iron cookware set has a lifetime warranty, making it even more unique. This collection includes premium quality Fry pans, Grill pans, Kadhai, Dosa Tawa, and Casserole to help you with a seamless cooking experience. 

Ferro Cast-Iron

Ferro Cast-iron grill and flying pans cookware set are crafted for conventional slow cooking. The external enamel coating is resistant to rust, chipping, and cracking. Your kitchen will look more stylish with vibrant hues. The interior of the cookware is matte-black enamel, and the textured surface has high durability and offers a beautiful cooking experience.

Caesar Frypan

The Wonderchef Caesar fry and grill pan provides exceptional functionality, aesthetics, and durability. With its Greblon nonstick coating, which is heavy metal free, you may cook with little to no oil and prepare tasty, nutritious meals.

Ebony Hard Adonized 

The Wonderchef Ebony collection is a lovely fusion of elegance and utility. Beautiful real wood handles in a stunning grey tone accentuate your kitchen. Cook healthy and keep fit with Wonderchef high-quality pans.

Granite Non-stick

Granite Casserole is a classic essential brought to you by Wonderchef! Its high-quality, healthy non-stick coating enables oil-free cooking with no sacrifice to flavour. Granite casserole pans have a gorgeous marble interior coating and an ergonomic design that provide exceptional performance, aesthetics, and durability.

Tri-ply stainless steel

Explore a collection of tri-ply fry pans of the finest quality. An aluminium core enclosed in two layers of stainless steel provides an even heat transfer from the bottom to the top rim. Experience a fine cooking experience with Wonderchef's tri-ply stainless steel collection. 


The Ceramic casseroles are the ideal size and have a pretty wave design. Additionally, the die-casting technique improves the casseroles' ability to preserve heat, and the ceramic coating is retained securely, allowing you to use a pan that will endure for a long time and keep you healthy.  They are durable for daily use and elegant for special occasions.



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