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Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)
Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)
Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)
Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)
Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)
Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)
Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)
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Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

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The Modena Glassware range is fusion of striking, contemporary design and durability. This finely made glass radiates beauty and is the perfect to serve fresh juice to your guests. The clear minimalism offers an understated elegance and an easy-to-hold texture. Functional yet decorative, this is a must-have set of 6 glasses.
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Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)
  • Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

    Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

    Serve your guests the best whisky possible with the premium Bormioli glassware. These stylish and eye-catching glasses are made in Italy, adding style to any occasion! With internationally inspired designs that will add spice for any dinner party or drinks hour you organize on a regular basis - it's sure not going unnoticed how much effort went into making each moment special when everyone can see these gorgeous pieces of service at work first hand.

    • Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

      The Art of Glassblowing

      The art of Glassblowing is truly a beautiful thing. The skilled artisan manipulates gas, flame and air to create forms that are both fascinating in their simplicity as well complex with intricate detail. It's not hard to think about how this might be the perfect formative medium if one were ever invented!

    • Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

      Benefits of Glass

      Bormioli glassware is reusable, recyclable and helps reduce pollution by up to 20%. Glass is a totally hygienic inert material and can safely be used for any kind of beverage.

    • Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

      Choose The Right Glass

      Begin your happy hours with Bormioli Whisky glasses. Best used for your favourite Old Fashioned, they are great even if you love your drink on the rocks or pour neat.

    • Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

      Drink with your eyes

      Pour equivalent of two fingers in your glass & look at the whisky. The color swishing around in the glass tells a lot about it. Older whiskys are generally darker in colour because they soak up the colour of the oak barrel, while younger whiskys are bright in colour.

    • Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

      Soak the aroma

      Gently lift your glass to your nose and let the aroma of the whiskey fill your senses. Try to feel everything you smell, because those are indicators of what you might taste.

    • Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

      The first sip

      For an immersive experience, sip just enough to cover your tongue and allow the whisky to linger on for some time. Then gently swallow and stay with the feeling! Enjoy the lingering notes and the taste before you go for another sip.

    • Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

      Ideal Pair

      Enjoy your drink without stressing about those annoying glass rings on your beautiful table - Casablanca Coasters are here to your rescue. High on functionality and great looks to be the perfect host!

    • Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

      Food that goes with Whisky

      Whisky was traditionally enjoyed best on its own. But now connoisseurs do pair it with dark chocolate, steak and other meats, smoky cheese or delectable pies and brownies. Go for the heavenly experience with these recommendations.

    • Modena Juice Glass 205 ml (Set of 6)

      Reliable Wonderchef Service

      We are confident of our quality. Reach out to us for order related queries.

No. of Piece: 6

Material: Sodalime

Color: Clear

Capacity: 205 ml

Package Contents:

  • Multipurpose Glass: 6 Unit

Manufacturer Name: Smartserve

Manufacturer Address: Unit No. 23 & 24, 1st Floor, Sumtinath Industrial Estate Off, Chincholi Bunder Road, Malad West, Mindspace, Mumbai- 400064

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anu Shewani
Stylish and Durable Glass Set

These Modena Juice Glasses are not only stylish but also built to last. The 205 ml capacity is perfect for enjoying refreshing beverages, and the set of six ensures there's always enough to go around. Cheers!

Chirag Choithwani
High-Quality Glasses, Great Value

I'm impressed with the quality of these Modena Juice Glasses. Made from premium glass, they are sturdy and feel substantial in hand. With a set of six at such an affordable price, it's definitely a great value for money. Couldn't be happier!

Manisha Satija
Easy to Hold, Enjoy Every Sip

The ergonomically designed shape of these Modena Juice Glasses makes them easy to hold and enjoy every sip. The 205 ml capacity is just right, and the set of six is perfect for entertaining guests or simply treating yourself to a refreshing drink.

Perfect Size for My Morning Juice

I love starting my day with a glass of freshly squeezed juice, and these Modena Juice Glasses are just the right size for it. The 205 ml capacity is convenient, and the set of six means I have enough for the entire week. Highly recommended!

Elegant Glasses for Any Occasion

Whether it's a casual get-together or a formal dinner, these Modena Juice Glasses add an elegant touch to any occasion. The sleek design and 205 ml capacity make them versatile and practical for serving juices, cocktails, or even desserts. Love them!

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