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Regalia Fully Automatic Atta Kneader, Bread Maker, Dough Maker & Machine| With 19 Pre-set Menu| 550 Wattage| Chapati, Roti, Atta, Fresh Dough, Homemade Bread | Adjustable Crust Control| 3 Loaf Sizes| Dough Upto 1KG| Removable Bake Pan| 1 Year Warranty Regalia Fully Automatic Atta Kneader, Bread Maker, Dough Maker & Machine| With 19 Pre-set Menu| 550 Wattage| Chapati, Roti, Atta, Fresh Dough, Homemade Bread | Adjustable Crust Control| 3 Loaf Sizes| Dough Upto 1KG| Removable Bake Pan| 1 Year Warranty Quick View

Regalia Fully Automatic Atta Kneader, Bread Maker, Dough Maker & Machine| With 19 Pre-set Menu| 550 Wattage| Chapati, Roti, Atta, Fresh Dough, Homemade Bread | Adjustable Crust Control| 3 Loaf Sizes| Dough Upto 1KG| Removable Bake Pan| 1 Year Warranty

MRP: ₹ 9,000/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 5,499/-
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Knead atta for your fluffy chapatis everyday and prepare freshly baked bread withRegalia Atta Kneader & Bread Maker. Simply add the ingredients and choose...

Buy the Wonderchef Bread Makers for Freshly Baked Delights Every Day

Wonderchef offers efficient bread makers that effortlessly make fresh, delicious, healthy, homemade bread. These appliances are versatile machines with built-in functions that support making various dishes just by selecting the option. They have multiple convenient features like a timer, crush control, and more to streamline kitchen chores.

With a compact design and elegant white shade, the Wonderchef bread maker complements the decor of today';s modern kitchen. They are made of quality material to offer lifetime performance and freshen up your mornings with crispy and tasty bread. Buy a bread maker online from the Wonderchef website for a seamless shopping experience and comfortable post-purchase support.

Check out the Bread Makers Collections from Wonderchef

A bread maker machine is a modern, sophisticated kitchen appliance for baking nutritious food. Explore the multiple variants of Wonderchef's bread machine collection and upgrade your culinary journey with luxury.

Regalia Fully Automatic Atta Kneader, Bread Maker, Dough Maker & Machine

Experience the convenience and joy of baking your own bread and kneading atta with this Regalia bread maker. This multifunctional appliance offers many features to make your baking experience hygienic, hassle-free, and delicious. With its 19 preset functions, you can explore recipes like chapatis and breads. Forget the tedious process of hand-kneading, as this appliance takes care of everything automatically, including kneading, fermenting, and baking. You can customise the crust of your bread with the adjustable crust control settings. The 15-hour delay timer adds flexibility to your baking schedule and allows you to enjoy freshly baked bread whenever it suits you best. The bread maker fits seamlessly into any kitchen space with a compact, countertop-friendly design. Be a busy cook or a bread enthusiast, this appliance offers the perfect solution for delicious, freshly baked bread every time.

Regalia Plus Atta Kneader & Bread Maker and Stanton Non-stick Dosa Tawa 30cm - 3 Ply

Upgrade your kitchen with the Regalia Plus bread maker and atta kneader paired with the Stanton dosa tawa from Wonderchef. This unique combination offers convenience for all your cooking needs. The machine simplifies bread-making with digital controls and 18 preprogrammed menu options. Baking healthy bread and cakes or preparing jams, this appliance supports you in all your cooking chores. It features a timer for overnight baking and a keep-warm function to seal the freshness of the bread. The Stanton dosa tawa features a 30cm diameter and durable 3-ply construction for quick and even heating. The premium steel body of the tawa ensures food safety and longevity. With a nonstick coating on the inner surface, the tawa is resistant to scratches and helps in easy food release and simple maintenance. The sturdy and ergonomic handle provides a convenient grip to hold the tawa.

Different varieties of Bread Makers Available in Wonderchef

Check out the diverse range of products in Wonderchef's bread maker collection and give your cooking space a royal professional touch. Buy a bread maker with multiple features to enhance the convenience of your culinary adventures and create healthy delicacies.

  • Atta Kneader and Bread Maker - This versatile machine streamlines the process of making bread at home. With its innovative features, this device allows you to prepare fresh and healthy bread with minimal effort. The digital controls and multiple preset menu options, including gluten-free and multi-grain settings, cater to various dietary preferences. With a delay timer, you can bake at your convenience or overnight.
  • Automatic Atta Kneader and Bread Maker - This machine is a game changer in home baking. It allows you to effortlessly prepare a variety of breads, doughs, and more. This bread maker caters to all your baking needs with an array of programmed menu options and settings for different types of cakes and jams. Whether you prefer traditional white bread or experimental gluten-free recipes, the Automatic bread-making machine provides versatile functionality to support your culinary journey. The warm function keeps your bread at a specific temperature until you are ready to enjoy it. With its convenient digital controls, this bread maker is a valuable addition to any kitchen. With its large capacity, you can bake enough delicacies to feed your family and guests.

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Regalia Fully Automatic Atta Kneader, Bread Maker, Dough Maker & Machine

Rs. 5,499/-

Key Features of Wonderchef Bread Makers

Listed below are the unique characteristics of the bread maker machines from Wonderchef.

  • Timer - Experience flexibility with the fifteen-hour delay timer, which lets you postpone the baking process to suit your schedule. Embrace the convenience of overnight baking and wake up to freshly baked bread waiting for you.
  • Crust Control - The Wonderchef bread makers allow you to select the crust level of your bread. You can change the level with a single setting: light, medium, or dark.
  • Compact and Lightweight - The machine's overall weight of 0.9 kg makes it easily portable and occupies less space on your kitchen counter.
  • Preset Menus - This bread maker offers an impressive array of 19 preprogrammed functions to meet the diverse preferences of your family members. From crafting sourdough and homemade jam to preparing whole wheat bread and various bread variations, this appliance easily and conveniently caters to a wide range of culinary needs.
  • Fully Automatic - Operating the Wonderchef bread maker is effortless, thanks to its timer-based function and one-touch automatic operation. Simply choose the desired function according to your needs and let the appliance take care of the rest, streamlining your baking experience easily.
  • Hygienic and Convenient - The Wonderchef bread machine will prepare your recipe when you add water, flour, and other necessary ingredients to the container.
  • Memory Function - In the event of a power outage lasting less than 10 minutes, these bread makers automatically resume operation without requiring any manual intervention. This feature ensures that your baking process remains uninterrupted, allowing you to achieve consistent results even during power disruptions.

Why Choose Wonderchef Bread Makers?

Listed below are the reasons why the Wonderchef bakers are best for your breakfast routine.

  • Quality Assurance - With innovative designs and multiple convenient features, bread makers are top-notch products for your culinary endeavours. From the selection of materials to the manufacturing process, stringent quality checks at every step guarantee the durability and performance of each appliance.
  • Worth the Price- Wonderchef's range of affordable kitchen appliances for culinary enthusiasts enhances the functionality of modern cooking spaces. These bundles at reasonable prices deliver professional results and improve the quality of everyday cooking experiences. With these valuable bread makers, you can enjoy creating delicious dishes without exceeding your budget.
  • Customer Service - Our support system is always available to address any queries or issues regarding the bread maker. The knowledgeable support team can assist with operations or troubleshooting the product. We prioritise delivering prompt and effective solutions to ensure a seamless and satisfying customer experience.
  • Convenient Usage - Wonderchef bread makers are a one-stop solution for kneading dough for various dishes, baking cakes, bread, pizza and more. With a single touch on the button and selecting the preferred settings, you can prepare an array of culinary delights effortlessly. Impress your family and friends by making delicious meals with a professional touch.

FAQs on Wonderchef Bread Makers

How long does it take to bake bread in these appliances?

The baking time in a Wonderchef bread maker is not fixed but varies based on the prepared bread type and setting. Generally, it ranges from 2 to 4 hours to ensure the bread is baked perfectly. For lighter bread like white or French bread, the baking time tends to be shorter, while denser bread like whole wheat or multigrain may require a longer baking duration to ensure thorough cooking and proper texture development.

List the advantages of Wonderchef Bread Makers.

  • Convenient one-touch operation.
  • Versatile functions for various types of bread and dough.
  • Customisable crust settings.
  • Pre-programmed options for different recipes.
  • Timer feature for delayed baking.
  • Keep warm function for maintaining freshness.
  • Quality assurance and reliability.
  • Dedicated customer support for assistance.
  • Option to make gluten-free and speciality bread.
  • Ability to prepare jams and other treats.

Is it easy to clean a Wonderchef bread maker?

Yes, They come with non-stick pans and removable parts, making them easy to clean.

Are Wonderchef bread makers suitable for making large loaves of bread?

Wonderchef offers a range of bread makers that cater to diverse household needs, including various loaf sizes to suit different family sizes. These bread makers are available in various capacities, ensuring you can select the ideal size based on your requirements. This versatility allows users to enjoy freshly baked bread tailored to their specific preferences and household size, enhancing the baking experience for every home chef.

Can I add ingredients like nuts or dried fruits during the bread-making process?

Many Wonderchef bread makers have a feature that alerts you when adding extra ingredients like nuts or dried fruits is time.

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