Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed
Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed
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Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

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Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

Mix, knead, whip, mash, and blend various ingredients using a 5-speed Onyx hand-mixer

  • Make cakes, pancakes, mashed potatoes, fluffy dough, blend soups your imagination is the limit!
  • Stainless Steel Beater hooks are ideal for mixing heavy ingredients
  • Stainless Steel Kneading hooks are ideal for kneading cookie or cake batter
  • Ergonomically designed handle for better grip
  • Easily removable attachments with a single press of the release button
  • Copper motor for longer life
  • Reliable Wonderchef Warranty. T&C apply
  • Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

    Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

    Wonderchef Onyx Hand Mixer

    Make the dough for pizzas, rotis and bread with perfect texture and consistency comfortably. Onyx hand mixer is a great choice for your daily essential work. Now, Beating or mixing is a few seconds job for you. Bring home the ltest product of very reliable brand, Wonderchef. With its motto of ‘Cook with Pride’, Wonderchef offers a range of healthy and innovative kitchenware across the country.

    • Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

      Mix, knead, whip, mash and blend

      With two different attachments, now, you can mix, knead, whip or blend in a jiffy. Attachments are easy to fix & remove.

    • Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

      Stainless Steel Beater hooks

      Both the attachments are made with high quality steel. Which makes it long lasting. Steel has no pours, hence there is a very low risk of bacteria formation in it.

    • Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

      Speed adjustment

      We understand your need for different recipes. You easily blend various ingredients using 5-speed. Even the change of speed is very quick & smooth.

    • Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

      Ergonomic design

      Onyx is designed to fit in to your hand firmly. It’s ergonomic design helps you to keep mixer steady and well balanced.

    • Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

      Easy to use

      Both the attachments in mixer are easy to remove & fix again. Everything happens at a touch of button.

    • Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

      Copper motor

      Onyx has a copper motor that enables it low maintenance and super powerful. Copper motor has low risk of rusting which gives it higher possibility of lifetime.

    • Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

      Easy Care instruction

      To clean, take out the attachments and clean it with regular water and soap. Don’t wash the mixer with running water.

      Safety Instructions

      1. Don’t switch on the appliance if it is wet

      2. Keep it away from children when in use.

      3. Don’t use the appliance with wet hands

    • Onyx Hand Mixer, 5 Speed

      Reliable Wonderchef Service

      We are confident and committed to our service. If anything happens to your product within warranty period then we will either replace it or repair it for free

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be used for mixing, blending, stirring, beating & whipping?
Yes. Wonderchef hand mixer is all in one device and can perform all the functions of mixing, blending soups, lassies chaas and more. It’s a great tool for whipping cream or eggs, mixing cake batter, dough making, making icing for cakes, salad dressings as well.
What are the benefits of using hand mixers compared to the traditional mixers?
Hand mixers are perfect for aeration. They save energy, electricity and space in your kitchen
How many beaters we will get with the mixer?
Wonderchef hand mixer comes with 2 different stainless steel beaters. For SKU specific details, kindly visit the product description section.
How to choose hand mixer?
200-300 watt is the ideal power for hand mixer. For occasional baking a hand mixer with the said ideal power is sufficient.
Why are mixer jars made of steel, making it impossible to see the ingredients inside?
Mixers run at a high speed putting a lot of pressure on the jars. Hence, most mixers have steel jars. Our consumer research shows that people would like to see the status of the ingredients inside while in operation. This is why Nutri-blend was specially designed with transparent but unbreakable polycarbonate jars that last you for years while enabling you to see inside.
Are jars of Nutri-blend strong enough?
Nutri-blend jars are made of unbreakable polycarbonate which is food safe. They last for years without cracking or breaking. Moreover, the special lid that comes with the product converts them into a storage jar.
How does the mixer grinder work?
When you start the mixer grinder, the motor begins to turn the blades. This spinning of the blades sets the ingredients in a circular motion which creates a vacuum at the center. This displaces the contents towards the axis (and rotating blades) while the whirling motion forces them up on the sides. This turns the ingredients into a smooth, consistent paste.
Is there an option for speed control?
Yes. The change of speed in Wonderchef hand mixer is very quick and smooth. Speed varies from 1 to 7.
What is the material of beater and kneading hooks?
All attachments are made with high quality steel. Which makes it long lasting. Steel has no pours, hence there is a very low risk of bacteria formation.
Does the hand mixer has overheat protection?
No, it doesn’t.
Does the hand mixer come with safety/child lock?
No, it doesn’t.
Are the hooks rust free?
All attachments are made with high quality steel. Which makes it long lasting. Steel has no pours, hence there is a very low risk of bacteria or rust formation.
Are the hooks detachable?
Yes. Attachments are easy to fix and remove.
Can I use it to whisk the cake cream?
Yes. You can whisk cream to make fluffy cakes.
Can I use the hand mixer to knead a dough?
Yes. You can use kneading hooks for kneading dough.
Can I use this to make chutney?
No. Wonderchef hand mixer is a device made to do mixing, blending and whipping. You can buy Wonderchef Nutri-Blend for making Chutneys.
Will the hooks be intact in the long run?
Yes, the hooks are made with high quality steel, which makes it long lasting. Steel has no pours, hence there is a very low risk of bacteria formation.
How to clean the hand mixer?
Fill a bowl with half warm water. Add a drop of dishwashing liquid. Keep the beaters attached to the mixer and place them into the bowl as if you were about to mix some batter. Turn the mixer on low, then switch it to medium. Let the beaters "whip" then wash with water for 60 seconds. Turn off the hand mixer, your hand mixer is now clean.
How can I claim the warranty?
You can call our helpline number +91 1860 266 0788 to raise the request and our service engineer will come to get the product repaired or inspected.
What accessories will I get with the hand mixer?
You will get 2 beater hooks and 2 kneading hooks with the hand mixer.

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