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Forza Pre-Seasoned Cast-iron Kadhai Lid, 24cm

Forza Pre-Seasoned Cast-iron Kadhai Lid, 24cm
Forza Pre-Seasoned Cast-iron Kadhai Lid, 24cm
Forza Pre-Seasoned Cast-iron Kadhai Lid, 24cm
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Forza Pre-Seasoned Cast-iron Kadhai Lid, 24cm

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Forza pre-seasoned cast-iron kadhai lids help to seal the moisture in the food. Cover the kadhai with the lid while cooking and enjoy juicy, tender, and aromatic meals.
Warning: Beware that items sold as sheet iron are not authentic cast iron.
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Forza Pre-Seasoned Cast-iron Kadhai Lid, 24cm

Brand: Wonderchef

Warranty: Lifetime Exchange

Package Content:

Kadhai-Lid: 1 Unit

Material: Cast-Iron

Dimensions :  24cm

    GST Product State : Maharashtra
    Old_Discount Percentage Max Val : No
    Discount Percentage Max Val No

    Manufacturer Name: Imported by Wonderchef Home Appliances Pvt Limited

    Wonderchef Forza cast-Iron cookware is made from natural iron-ore and does not contain any coating. While cooking in cast iron cookware, it will add traces of iron to the food which makes it good for health.

    Yes, Wonderchef Forza Cast-iron can be used for cooking every day.

    Wonderchef Forza cast iron is pre-seasoned. Please rinse it in water and start using it immediately.

    To get the best results out of your Forza cast-iron cookware, it is recommended that you season it after every use.

    Yes, Forza cast-iron can be seasoned using any vegetable oil you are using in your kitchen.

    If your cast-iron is burnt and food sticking to it, once it cools down, scrub it thoroughly with warm soapy water. Dry it with a cloth or you can heat dry it. Thereafter apply a thin layer of vegetable oil and spread it evenly on the pan with a cloth.

    Yes, you can use Wonderchef Forza cast-iron cookware on gas, induction or ceramic cooktop. While using on a glass surface be careful and do not drag the cookware to avoid scratching the glass surface.

    Forza Cast-iron is an alloy of pure iron, it is heavy and once heated it retains heat. Dosa making requires high even heat. Forza cast-iron dosa tawa is best for making dosas.

    Forza Cast iron will have oxidation of iron and rusting if not seasoned and stored. It is recommended to season Wonderchef cast iron pan with a thin layer of oil after every use.

    Whenever you cook in cast-iron pan, a little iron will be absorbed from the pan surface and adds to your food. Hence there will be a slight taste variation.

    Yes, Forza cast iron is heavier than a similar pan in another material.

    Forza cast-iron pan is thick and once heated will retain heat, it can become quite hot. It should be handled with care when hot.

    Forza cast-iron provides 2 lids of sizes 24cm and 30 cm which can be purchased individually.

    You can use and spatula/spoon to use in Wonderchef cast-iron cookware. It may be wooden, metal, silicone or any other material.

    As a material cast-iron is heavy and durable but this makes it brittle and fragile. Though Forza cast-iron can last you for a long time once purchased.

    Yes, you can cook tomato based gravies in cast iron. However once cooked the dish should be transferred to serving pan and not stay in the cast- iron cookware.

    Wonderchef Forza cast-iron cookware should be washed by hand, as it is not dishwasher safe.

    Yes, Wonderchef Forza cast iron pan can be used in the Oven (OTG)

    Even though technically food can be stored in cast-iron, you should remove and store leftovers/servings separately.

    a. Cooking will add iron traces to the cooked food. The longer the food stays in the pan, iron will add. Some people may not like the taste.

    b. Cast-iron should be stored washed and dried to preserve seasoning and prevent rusting. Storing food will break down the seasoning.

    Cast iron can be cleaned by rinsing or scrubbing in mild soapy warm water. If food is sticking to the pan, we can use hot water and a scrubbing pad.

    Forza cast-iron pans are easy to use and maintain. They need to be seasoned with vegetable oil, regularly to maintain the dark black color.

    Forza cast-iron are pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. When purchased a Forza pan will have a distinctive smooth, black colour. Regular seasoning of the pan will ensure that the products remain in good condition for years to come.

    Wonderchef Forza cast-iron kadhai or fry pan, does not come with a lid. The lid needs to be purchased separately. However Wonderchef cast-iron casserole comes with a lid.

    The forza cookware handles are also made up of same material, they will heat up during cooking. Be careful during cooking.

    Forza cast-iron cookware comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

    The kadhai base will be round bottom.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Suganthy d
    Versatile Cooking Companion

    Perfect for frying, sauting, and even baking delicious dishes.

    Rama Sharma
    Convenient Lid Included

    Helps to lock in moisture and flavors while cooking.

    Vanshikka Sajnani

    Designed to resist rusting, maintaining its quality and appearance over time.

    MoNu BrO
    Excellent Heat Retention

    Keeps food warm for longer, allowing flavors to develop beautifully.

    Mitaliagarwal Agarwal
    Ergonomic Design

    Comfortable handle provides a secure grip and easy handling during cooking.

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