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Wonderful product

Used the product,no stain exist

Good service

Very good service done by wonderchef technician mr. Sachin, thank you somuch for the quick response and service👌👌

Best Mixie in 30 years

This is the most versatile mixie I have used in 30 years of my cooking experience. It can effectively handle most grinding /blending/crushing jobs required in Indian cooking. I need a K series 4 blade base urgently. Pls email me availability. Thank you

Excellent product

This machine is truly the best way to make cappuccino. I have been using this product from last 1 year and have liked the coffee it makes. Texture of coffee is perfect for coffee lovers. It is a must have product for anyone who is lazy and yet wants to enjoy good cup of coffee.

Must Must Buy.

It's simply too good.

This is different !

Being a coffee connoisseur I know it’s not only the beans but also the machine that makes a difference. This machine is absolutely up there. The construction of the entire system - the heating elements, the drip, the coffee basket - everything comes together to lend a great taste to my brew. I look forward to that one cup of coffee in the day.

Fantastic Product

Really fantastic product. Easy to use and final output is satisfying.

Beautiful & Compact Coffee Maker

A must have product in every home kitchen.

Every morning is awesome with Brew Coffee Maker

I purchased from Wonderchef website and it's really awesome. I love it!

Lovely product

Gifted it to my friend who is a coffee connoisseur. She is head over heels for this!

It requires less oil for cooking , good quality of non stick layer. Very happy with purchasing.


Very useful..must buy

Nutari blend pro

Nutari blend pro