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All in one

wonderchef nutriblend is best product. Easy to handle . Comfortable to use.
Service by wonderchef technician is very good to support.


Love it, it is easy to use and a must buy.

I have this kettle Regalia white. Now it's 4 years old. I would wish to buy it again . Please could you kindly to let me know. Thanks. Rajie Nathanz

Perfect Coffee Shots

Easy to use. Have been using daily this for few months now. Seamless experience.

Fabulous !!!

Coffee Lovers !!! your search end here.

Must try to everyone once at least.

A very decent product. 5 Stars

I am a all time coffee lover & used to spend a lot buying coffee from CCD / Starbucks. Thanks to Wonderchef for bring these coffee shops to my house. I have a perfect coffee machine with me now which can make any type of coffee at any time. Trust me its a very good machine for making any type of coffee.

Wonderchef Espresso

Firstly I was quite impressed by the design and no frill operation. Unlike my past coffee machine, this one is so much easy to operate and the coffee dispensed is better than any Barista.
Even the froth quality stands out and brings me a smile every time when I make my Latte or Cappuccino.
As long as one is sure, about the quality of beans going in, it is for sure the experience of a good coffee will also be sublime. Another high point about the product is the ease of cleaning.
It was also so cool to flaunt my newest procession at home to my friends and family. They were so impressed with the speed and quality, that we ended trying all the varieties of coffee. I am sure many of them will go and buy it for themselves.
Overall I would really recommend this to anyone who enjoys coffee and love making it oneself.

Gas Oven Tandoor Duo
Sandeep Reddy
Super product excellent

We did chicken tandoori in this GOT with in 25 minutes super.

Prato Rice cooker 1.8l

Amazing product quality is very good

If you love coffee - get one for yourself

This is my first coffee machine. Went with wonderchef as I trust their quality.
This machine is capable of giving you a cafe standard espresso - even for a newbie like me.
The 15 bar pressure ensures that you get a great shot of espresso every time. Makes a good cup of capuccino too.
Overall very satisfied so far!

A coffee lovers dream!

Coffee lovers!! Your search ends here!!!!
I felt like a barista when this product was in my hand. I think my money is completely recovered with a joy on others face. I suggest all coffee lovers to have this awesome and use friendly product. Sleek design, looks beautiful on the table! Total value for money.
If you love coffee, this is a must have!

Prod Review

Looks good to me. Would have been better if a video was also added.

Best thing to buy

Super helpul in kitchen but i think it needs little improvement as it moves a lot while kneading dough . It should have suction in base so that it doesn’t move. Otherwise a superb thing it is.

Best Blender cum Mixer

By far the best blender cum Mixer I have used. Wanna order for KJ series (premier) jar base. Will appreciate speedy revert.


Like the shape and capacity

Simply nice

I can now present the food at home like hotels do


Looooove the way now my table looks with this set

Nice to give as gift!

Recommending to all

Teramo Stoneware 10" Dinner Plate - Grey (Set of 2)

Loved the colourtone and finish.

Sophisticated look

This is such a pretty platter. the cheerful colour brings a smile to my face. The weight is just OK, Not too heavy or too light, they are easy to clean and serve so many purposes.

Functional and stylish

Very satisfied with the product. Convenient, good grip and we get an even pour from the holes in the shaker.

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