We've been alerted to a phishing scam via WhatsApp and Phone Calls, falsely using Wonderchef's name. Scammers are promoting fake offers and asking for money transfers to specific bank accounts as part of their scheme.

Please be aware that this is a phishing attempt. Wonderchef has not authorized or promoted any such offers.

We urge you not to transfer money via payment apps or net banking to anyone claiming to represent Wonderchef in such matters. These unauthorized and fraudulent activities are designed to deceive and exploit our loyal customers.

Your safety is our priority. If you come across any suspicious activities claiming to be from Wonderchef, please contact us immediately at or 1860 2660 788.

Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) 

  1. Wonderchef Home Appliances Private Limited (“Company”) estimates that Chef Magic (“Product”) stocks will be received after May 15, 2024. As of February 23, 2024, the maximum retail price (“MRP”) of one unit of the Product is INR 100,800/- (Indian Rupees One Lakh Eight Hundred only), and the special launch price of the Product is INR 59,999/- (Indian Rupees Fifty-Nine Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine only). The Company is offering a limited period additional discount of INR 10,000/- (Indian Rupees Ten Thousand Only) on the special launch price on pre-booking of the Product till <date>. A person/ you may pre-book the Product by paying to the Company a sum of INR 5,000/- (Indian Rupees Five Thousand only) as an advance until the date of launch of the Product or such other period as may be intimated by the Company (“Offer”). The special launch price and additional discount offer may be extended at the discretion of the Company. 
  2. The Company shall notify the person who has pre-booked per the Offer terms, via inter alia email or SMS or WhatsApp or phone call, as and when the Product stock is available in order for such persons to remit the remaining payment to the Company in the manner as provided by the Company. Such person may, at his/her discretion, avail the no-cost EMI facility offered by the relevant Bank(s) while remitting the remaining payment to the Company toward the purchase of the Product. The terms & conditions for availing the no-cost EMI facility shall be as prescribed by the relevant Bank(s). 
  3. Once the Company has received the entire amount of the Product from the person, the Product shall be dispatched to such person as per the service level agreement (“SLA”). 

      In the event any person chooses to withdraw from the Offer, such person may do so at any time prior to remitting the final payment for the Product, subject to a written confirmation of the Company's acceptance of the withdrawal. Subsequently, the amount paid during pre-booking shall be refunded to the person’s account in the form of store credits —gift voucher of equivalent amount; redeemable on within 12 months from the date of issuance.— unless otherwise provided herein.  


      1. You acknowledge that you are voluntarily participating in the pre-booking of the Product. You understand that payment of the Pre-booking amount does not assure that you would receive the Product at the time of launch or within any stipulated timeframe, regardless of whether a timeline has been expressly or impliedly said to be present and also does not entitle you to confirmed delivery of the Product; unless the remaining amount of the Product has been paid by you and duly received by the Company. 
      2. You can pre-book a maximum of 5 units of the Product from a single account.  
      3. In order to cancel the pre-booking of the Product, you must write to the Company at or 
      4. Any issue, dispute and/or differences arising out of and/ or in relation to these Terms raised by any of the parties hereto shall be resolved amicably at the first instance. In the event such issue, dispute and/or difference is not resolved amicably within 30 (Thirty) days from the date of written notice of dispute by a party, then it shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with (Indian) Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, and rules made thereunder as amended from time to time, through a single arbitrator appointed by the Company. Such arbitration shall be conducted in English and with the seat and venue of arbitration in Mumbai, India. The award rendered by the arbitrator shall be final, conclusive and binding, and shall be subject to forced execution in any court of competent jurisdiction. The award rendered by the arbitrator shall, in addition to dealing with the merits of the case, fix the costs of the arbitration and the party who shall bear the same. Subject to the aforementioned, the courts in Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all matters arising pursuant to this Agreement. 
      5. These Terms shall be governed by the laws of India. 
      6. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the decision of the Company shall be final and conclusively binding. 
      7. The Company reserves the right to alter the provisions of these Terms for any reason and at any point in time. Any such alterations shall be read as a part and parcel of these Terms, and shall form an integral part of it. It shall be the responsibility of such person to update itself of all the changes. 
      8. This Offer cannot be combined with any other special offers launched by the Company. 
      9. The Company reserves at its absolute discretion, the right, to modify, or withdraw, this Offer and Terms at any time without prior notice, or to provide any other benefit of similar value. The Company’s decision regarding the same shall be final and binding on all parties. Such person shall continue to be bound by such changes to the terms and conditions. 
      10. All incidental and applicable costs, taxes, levies, etc. related to the Offer (if any) shall be borne by such person only. 
      11. All benefits under the Offer are non-encashable, non-negotiable and non-transferable.  
      12. The Company may require a person to provide adequate proof regarding the person’s age and other representations and any other details, in order to initiate the process of the Offer. 
      13. You hereby give your consent to the Company to use and/or process, transfer or retain any of Your personal information that You have provided or which the Company has obtained in connection with this exchange offer. 
      14. By availing the Offer, such person shall have deemed to agree and accept all terms and conditions provided herein.  
      15. All rights reserved with the Company. 
      16. In the event any circumstance outside the reasonable control of the Company prevents it from performing its obligations under these Terms, the Company shall not be liable for any such failure to perform its obligations for the period in which such force majeure circumstances may continue. 
      17. You are competent to contract. Entering and participating in the Offer, is not prohibited by Indian or international law. 
      18. You are a person above 18 (eighteen) years of age, competent to enter into this contract with the Company and further agree to transact in legally acceptable currency as per the laws in India.  
      19. You have read and understood the terms herein and accept to be bound by the same unconditionally. 

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