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Rotisserie Rod Set - OTG 40L Rotisserie Rod Set - OTG 40L Quick View

Rotisserie Rod Set - OTG 40L

₹ 308
All DTH Employee Home & Living No Homeware OTG 40L Spare Parts Spares & Accessories old
Use the rod set to roast food from all sides completely Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: OTG 40L –Rotisserie Rod set: 1 Pc GST Product State...
Baking Tray - OTG 40L Baking Tray - OTG 40L Quick View

Baking Tray - OTG 40L

₹ 481
All Collection Black DTH Employee Home & Living No Homeware OTG 40L Spare Parts Spares & Accessories old
Use the tray to bake cakes, muffins, cupcakes and a lot more Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: OTG 40L – Baking Tray: 1 Pc GST Product...
OTG 40L – Wire Rack OTG 40L – Wire Rack Quick View

OTG 40L – Wire Rack

MRP: ₹ 180/-
You Save 73% (₹ 132)
All DTH Employee Home & Living No Homeware OTG 40L Spare Parts Spares & Accessories old
Use the wire rack to place ingredients and bake them Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: OTG 40L – Wire Rack: 1 Pc GST Product State :...
OTG 40L – Tray Handle OTG 40L – Tray Handle Quick View

OTG 40L – Tray Handle

MRP: ₹ 199/-
You Save 80% (₹ 160)
All DTH Employee Home & Living No Homeware OTG 40L Spare Parts Spares & Accessories old
Tray Handle provides safety when "hot tray" is pulled out of Oven Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: OTG 40L – Tray Handle 1 Pc GST Product...
Rotisserie Handle - OTG 40L Rotisserie Handle - OTG 40L Quick View

Rotisserie Handle - OTG 40L

₹ 61
All DTH Employee Home & Living No Homeware OTG 40L Spare Parts Spares & Accessories old
Use the handle to secure a firm grip on the rotisserie rod Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: OTG 40L –  Rotisserie Handle: 1 Pc GST Product...

Buy Wonderchef 40L OTG Spare Parts Online for Continued Kitchen Adventures

Keep your Wonderchef 40 L OTG oven in top shape with ease. Wonderchef understands the importance of a fully functional kitchen appliance. We offer a convenient solution for purchasing Wonderchef OTG spare parts online. Our genuine spare parts simplify swapping worn-out components, ensuring your Wonderchef OTG stays in top shape. Keep it running smoothly to prepare delicious meals for years.

Our OTG spare parts for your Wonderchef 40-litre OTG oven will help in enhancing your culinary adventures. We offer spare rotisserie elements, wire racks, baking trays, and tray handles online for all your baking and roasting needs. Our convenient online store makes shopping for OTG spare parts a breeze. With just a few simple taps, you can effortlessly browse, order the required parts, obtain the replacements promptly, and resume preparing meals in your 40-litre OTG oven. Explore our selection of OTG spare parts online today and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Check out the 40L OTG Spare Parts Collections from Wonderchef

Your cooking companion, the Wonderchef 40L OTG, helps you whip up delicious meals and baked treats. In order to keep it running smoothly, this collection offers all the OTG spare parts you might need. Find replacements like baking trays, rotisserie rods, and other essential components to ensure your oven continues to perform flawlessly and your cooking creations back on track.

Rotisserie Rod Set - OTG 40L

For those seeking perfectly roasted dishes, the Wonderchef 40L OTG Rotisserie Rod Set offers an exceptional solution. This set enables continuous rotation of your food while cooking, ensuring even heat distribution from all sides. This careful method ensures two desired results: a crispy outer layer and tender, juicy meat on the inside. Built with robust materials for long-lasting use, the Rotisserie Rod Set promises consistent performance, making your culinary endeavours more reliable and efficient.

Baking Tray - OTG 40L

The Baking Tray crafted for the Wonderchef 40L OTG aids in baking cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and various treats, ensuring uniform heat distribution throughout the batter. This consistent heat distribution promotes the rise of cakes and muffins, leading to a smooth and level finish. Moreover, the ample size of the tray allows the batter to expand while maintaining a delicate and thin crust. With the 40L OTG baking tray, you can elevate your baking endeavours and achieve remarkable success. Choose Wonderchef for a baking tray that embodies excellence and guarantees exceptional results in every bake.

Wire Rack - OTG 40L

The Wire Rack, built to complement your Wonderchef OTG 40L perfectly, is a foundational element for achieving cooking excellence in your baking endeavours. This versatile platform ensures ingredients are placed optimally, guaranteeing even heat distribution for thorough baking. Crafted from robust stainless steel, the Wire Rack is highly durable and can endure frequent use without any harm. Moreover, its stainless steel construction simplifies maintenance significantly. The smooth and non-porous surface of the wire rack simplifies the cleaning of food residue buildup and improves hygiene in your kitchen.

Tray Handle - OTG 40L

The Tray Handle for the OTG 40L is crucial for safely taking out hot trays. Made from strong food-grade material, it lasts long, even with frequent use. Its rust-resistant properties ensure longevity, offering peace of mind for extended utility. By prioritising safety and durability, this tray handle enhances the overall experience of using your OTG 40L, ensuring peace of mind and convenience in your kitchen endeavours.

Rotisserie Handle - OTG 40L

The Rotisserie Handle is built to last. It grips the rotisserie rod for even cooking. The handle ensures remarkable durability and won't hamper performance even with regular use, thanks to its stainless steel body. The ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip. This ensures ease of use and minimises strain during cooking tasks. With its robust build and enduring quality, this handle becomes an essential kitchen accessory, reliably serving your culinary needs for years to come.

Key Features of Wonderchef 40L OTG Spare Parts

Wonderchef OTG spare parts have unique features that offer a convenient and easy toasting and grilling experience. A few are listed below:

  • Quality Materials - Wonderchef 40L OTG spare parts are made from top-quality materials, so they last long and stay strong, even with regular use. You can rely on them to keep working well over time without any issues.
  • Precision Design - Each OTG spare part is designed to fit into your Wonderchef 40L OTG oven. This precision design ensures a snug and secure fit, contributing to reliable performance and optimal functionality.
  • Optimal Performance - Wonderchef spare parts are made to spread heat evenly, so your dishes cook evenly too. This means your food comes out just right every time, with a nice golden colour and cooked all the way through.
  • Easy Maintenance - Maintaining your Wonderchef OTG 40L oven spare parts is easy for continued longevity and efficiency. After every use, rinse the parts with soap and warm water to remove any buildup. With minimal care, your 40 L OTG spare parts will remain pristine, offering consistent outcomes with every use.

Best Selling Products


Rotisserie Rod Set - OTG 40L

Rs. 308/-

Baking Tray - OTG 40L

Rs. 481/-

OTG 40L – Wire Rack

Rs. 48/-

OTG 40L – Tray Handle

Rs. 39/-

Rotisserie Handle - OTG 40L

Rs. 61/-

Why Choose Wonderchef 40L OTG Spare Parts?

Below are reasons why selecting Wonderchef 40L OTG spare parts is a smart choice for a hassle-free and convenient culinary journey:

  • Budget-friendly - Wonderchef balances premium quality and affordability, offering cost-efficient OTG spare parts that are reliable OTG companions without drying your bank account. These parts deliver excellent value, putting forward outstanding performance and durability that justifies your investment.
  • Customer Support - From resolving concerns to handling inquiries, Wonderchef is committed to comprehensive customer service and guarantees the utmost satisfaction throughout your shopping journey. We distinguish ourselves by delivering top-notch 40L OTG spare parts accompanied by unparalleled customer care and post-purchase support.
  • Commitment to Innovation - Wonderchef prioritises quality, guaranteeing the product you purchase lasts for years. We craft our products with extreme care, using only the finest materials. Every product goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure its toughness. Invest once, and cook happily ever after.

FAQs on Wonderchef 40L OTG Spare Parts

Which utensil materials are safe to put in an OTG oven?

Stainless steel, metal, and cast iron are safe materials for OTG ovens.

Is aluminium foil safe for OTG ovens?

Absolutely! Aluminium foil is great for covering, wrapping, or lining the OTG baking tray.

Is butter paper okay to use for baking purposes in an OTG?

Butter paper, or sandwich paper, doesn't have a non-stick surface, so you shouldn't be using it for baking.

Can one use an OTG oven to warm food?

This option is good for casseroles but not so fantastic for anything sauteed, stir-fried, or steamed.

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