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₹ 247
All DTH Employee Home & Living No Homeware OTG 28L Spare Parts Spares & Accessories old
Use the rod set to roast food from all sides completely Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: OTG 28L - Rotisserie Rod set: 1 Pc GST Product...
Baking Tray - OTG 28L Baking Tray - OTG 28L Quick View

Baking Tray - OTG 28L

₹ 352
All Collection Black DTH Employee Home & Living No Homeware OTG 28L Spare Parts Spares & Accessories old
Use the tray to bake cakes, muffins, cupcakes and a lot more Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: OTG 28L - Baking Tray: 1 Pc Manufacturer Name:...
Wire Rack - OTG 28L Wire Rack - OTG 28L Quick View

Wire Rack - OTG 28L

₹ 203
All Collection White DTH Employee Home & Living No Homeware OTG 28L Spare Parts Spares & Accessories old
Use the wire rack to place ingredients and bake them Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: OTG 28L - Wire Rack: 1 Pc   Manufacturer Name: Arwa...
Crumb Tray - OTG 28L Crumb Tray - OTG 28L Quick View

Crumb Tray - OTG 28L

₹ 301
All DTH Employee Home & Living No Homeware OTG 28L Spare Parts Spares & Accessories old
Use the tray to collect crumbs and discard them while cleaning Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: OTG 28L - Crumb Tray: 1 Pc Manufacturer Name: Arwa...
Rotisserie Handle - OTG 28L Rotisserie Handle - OTG 28L Quick View

Rotisserie Handle - OTG 28L

₹ 98
All DTH Employee Home & Living No Homeware OTG 28L Spare Parts Spares & Accessories old
Use the handle to secure a firm grip on the rotisserie rod Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: OTG 28L -  Rotisserie Handle 1 Pc GST Product...
Tray Handle - OTG 28L Tray Handle - OTG 28L Quick View

Tray Handle - OTG 28L

₹ 199
All DTH Employee Home & Living No Homeware OTG 28L Spare Parts Spares & Accessories old
Use the handle to pull out tray from the oven Brand: Wonderchef Package Contents: OTG 28L -Tray Handle: 1 Pc GST Product State : Maharashtra...

Buy Wonderchef 28L OTG Spare Parts For Extended Lifespan and Improved Performance

Wonderchef provides a seamless solution to acquire the spare parts you require for your 28-litre OTG oven directly from our online store. Simply replace worn-out OTG spare parts or purchase additional ones with our genuine spare parts like crumb trays, wire racks, and tray handles, all available in our online store. It guarantees a trouble-free method to maintain your oven's smooth operation for years to come.

Our convenient online store lets you browse, order, and receive the OTG 28L spare parts you need quickly. Our spare parts help you get your oven back in action in no time and keep your culinary adventures going strong. Visit Wonderchef's website today to explore our selection of 28L OTG spare parts.

Check out the 28L OTG Spare Parts Collections from Wonderchef

Your Wonderchef 28L OTG is your cooking ally, assisting you in creating delightful meals and baked goodies. To ensure its continued smooth operation, this collection provides all the necessary 28L OTG spare parts online you may require.

Explore replacements for OTG spare parts like crumb trays, baking trays, rotisserie handles, and other essential components to ensure your oven operates seamlessly and your cooking endeavours stay on course.

Rotisserie Rod Set - OTG 40L

For people seeking picture-perfect roasted dishes, the Wonderchef 28L OTG Rotisserie Rod Set provides an outstanding solution. This rotisserie rod set facilitates constant rotation of your food during cooking, guaranteeing even distribution of heat from every angle. This approach yields two sought-after outcomes: a crunchy exterior and succulent, tender meat inside.

Crafted from durable materials for extended durability, the Rotisserie Rod Set ensures dependable performance, making your cooking endeavours more efficient and reliable.

OTG 28L – Wire Rack

This stainless steel Wire Rack elevates your ingredients for perfect heat flow and ensures delicious results every time. It handles all your baking needs without breaking a sweat. Moreover, its stainless steel construction simplifies maintenance significantly. The smooth and non-porous surface of the wire rack simplifies the cleaning of food residue buildup and improves hygiene in your kitchen. Furthermore, its stainless steel build simplifies maintenance considerably.

Baking Tray - OTG 28L

The Baking Tray designed for the Wonderchef 28L OTG assists in baking muffins, cakes, cupcakes, and other treats perfectly and offers consistent baking results. This uniform heat distribution encourages cakes and muffins to rise evenly, and gives out a smooth finish. Also, the generous size of the tray accommodates batter expansion while preserving a delicate and thin crust.

With the 28L OTG baking tray, you can enhance your baking endeavours and achieve outstanding success. Opt for Wonderchef for a baking tray that embodies excellence and ensures exceptional results with every bake.

Crumb Tray - OTG 28L

The Crumb Tray for your Wonderchef OTG 28L oven helps catch crumbs and spills before they mess up your OTG oven. This handy accessory slides perfectly for easy cleaning, which keeps your oven sparkling for your next culinary adventure. It removes the frustration and offers a clean oven to boot.

Rotisserie Handle - OTG 28L

The Rotisserie Handle spare part for the Wonderchef 28L OTG oven is built to last. It tackles tough tasks with ease. Made from stainless steel, it offers a secure grip on the hot rotisserie rod for even cooking, all while keeping your hand comfortable. With its sturdy construction and lasting quality, this rotisserie handle is an indispensable kitchen tool, faithfully meeting your culinary needs for years.

OTG 28L - Tray Handle

The Tray Handle for the Wonderchef OTG 28L is essential for safely removing hot trays. Crafted from durable food-grade material, it withstands frequent use. Its rust-resistant properties guarantee long-lasting utility, providing peace of mind for extended use. By prioritising durability and safety, this tray handle improves the entire experience of using your 28L OTG, offering mental satisfaction and convenience for your kitchen tasks.

Key Features of Wonderchef 28L OTG Spare Parts

Below are the salient features of the Wonderchef 28L OTG spare parts mixers, which give bakes and roasts a professional touch.

  • Premium Materials - The sturdy construction of 28L OTG spare parts ensures stability when baking or roasting foods. You can depend on them to work well with time without facing any problems.
  • Precision Engineering - Each spare part is thoughtfully designed to fit into your Wonderchef 28L OTG oven perfectly. This precision design guarantees a secure and snug fit for reliable operation and optimal functionality.
  • Superior Performance - Wonderchef 28L OTG spare parts are engineered to distribute heat uniformly, so your food items cook evenly, too. This results in your food coming out perfectly each time, with a golden finish and thorough cooking every single time.

Best Selling Products



Rs. 247/-

Baking Tray - OTG 28L

Rs. 352/-

Wire Rack - OTG 28L

Rs. 203/-

Crumb Tray - OTG 28L

Rs. 301/-

Rotisserie Handle - OTG 28L

Rs. 98/-

Tray Handle - OTG 28L

Rs. 199/-

Why Choose Wonderchef 28L OTG Spare Parts?

Wonderchef's diverse collection of 28L OTG spare parts offers a compelling blend of functionality and style, catering to your unique needs and preferences. Let's explore why Wonderchef OTG spare parts stand out:

  • Worth the Price - Wonderchef makes serveware sets that are pocket-friendly while being top-notch. They're designed to meet your oven needs efficiently and in style without drying your bank account. These OTG spare parts are reliable and serve you for years, giving you a bang for your buck.
  • Customer Care - Wonderchef offers reliable customer care support after you buy any product. Our customer service executives are always ready to answer the questions that you need to ask about a particular product or purchase. You can think of getting instant assistance with problems over your serving ware by contacting over calls or online messages.
  • Unwavering Quality - Wonderchef prioritises safety and well-being by using high-quality materials that are free from harmful metals and chemicals. This very commitment extends beyond the OTG spare parts and comprises every other kitchen and dining product we offer.

FAQs on Wonderchef 28L OTG Spare Parts

What is the use of an OTG wire rack?

You can use the wire rack to grill kebabs or other veggies. It allows the extra oil to drain from the food.

Is preheating the OTG oven necessary?

Absolutely! You must preheat the OTG since it prepares the OTG for all your baking or roasting-related endeavours.

Is an OTG just used for baking?

No. An Oven, Toaster, and Griller (OTG) help you grill meat and veggies, bake pastries and cakes, and toast bread.

What is a crumb tray used for in an OTG oven?

A crumb tray helps keep your OTG clean and free from food residue buildup.

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