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As easy as 1, 2, 3

Fill up the tanks

with flour, water & oil

Press the button

to knead dough & make
hot rotis automatically

Start enjoying

hygienic, fresh rotis
within 2 minutes

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Make upto 15 Rotis at one go within 13 minutes. Keep enjoying them with your family as Roti-Magic churns out hot rotis one after the other. For more rotis, just press once more.

It's magic

Loaded with Benefits!

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MRP: ₹ 1,02,000/-



SAVE ₹ 32,001/-

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₹ 705.00 per month (inclusive of all taxes)
Refundable Deposit: ₹ 1705.00

Subtotal: ₹5000.00


Bring a little magic in your daily life!

We know how tedious it is to make rotis. Making rotis automatically is the holy grail of the Indian kitchen. Roti-Magic makes it possible. You would love the convenience of freshly made rotis at the press of a button, completely hygienic, untouched by hands. It even makes the dough and rolls the rotis by itself. It's magic!

We will ensure a delightful experience for you with Roti-Magic. Post delivery, our product experts will conduct a personalised demonstration - via a video call or at your home - as per your convenience and answer all your queries. And even after that, our customer support team will be just a call or WhatsApp message away.

So go ahead and bring a little magic in your daily life!

Customers Love The Magic

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Easy Operation

Easy Operation

Start by filling the container with dry flour. Add the required water and oil (if you choose to) in their respective jars and switch on the machine. Select the number of rotis required. Get a roti a minute. The Roti-Magic can make upto 15 rotis, all of the same size and shape in 1 cycle (1 cycle =13 minutes). For more rotis, just press the button again.

Choose Your Roti Type

Choose Your Roti Type

Some of us like our rotis to be soft while others prefer the roti to be crispy. Roti-Magic takes care of everyone’s choice. You can select soft, medium or hard texture. The top and bottom heating plates ensure an evenly cooked roti from both sides.

Kneads Dough Automatically

Kneads dough automatically

Isn’t kneading such a cumbersome task? Roti-Magic kneads dough one ball at a time. While a roti is being cooked, the next ball is being rolled to save time.

The Cooking

The Cooking

The dough ball is transferred to the heating plate, where it’s pressed into a round roti. Then the heating plates cook the roti within a minute. The fluffy roti is pushed out automatically. Apply ghee to taste and enjoy with your favourite curry!



Cleaning must be done once the machine has cooled down. Use the silicone brush that comes with the machine to clean the corners and other areas of the machine. Use a damp cloth to clean the heating plates. The containers of flour, water, oil and kneading cup can be manually removed and cleaned with soapy water.

Reliable Wonderchef Service

Reliable Wonderchef Service

Say WhatsApp ‘Hi’ on +91 7070595959 for after sales service. We are confident of our quality. In case of any manufacturing defect found within the service period, we shall get it resolved immediately.

See how it works

Introducing Wonderchef’s Fully Automatic Roti Maker

With the push of a button, the automated kitchen device produces chapati. We are all aware of how tedious making chapatis from scratch is. Your task is made simple with the Wonderchef magic roti maker. You can knead, roll and cook the perfect roti with just a click of a button. Using an automatic roti maker machine, you can enjoy hot, fluffy Rotis that are entirely hygienic.

Features Of Rotimagic Rotimaker

Rotimatic is the world's first fully integrated solution that measures, mixes, kneads, puffs and cooks the perfect roti.
- Now you may have a fresh roti whenever you want at the touch of a button; it operates in your kitchen like magic.
- Rotis that are completely hygienic and untouched
- automatically knead the dough and roll out flawless rotis.
- You can make up to 15 rotis in just 13 minutes at one go.
- Rotimatic is connected to the cloud, software updates and remote troubleshooting.
- The automatic roti maker machine keeps your tabletop clean and mess-free

Roti Maker Machine That Is Easy To Operate

The automatic roti maker machine is very convenient to use. Below is the way to use the machine.
- Fill a container with dry flour first, then add the necessary amounts of water and oil to the respective jars before turning on the machine.
- Decide the number of rotis needed.
- Choose the roti's texture. There are three textures available: soft, medium, and hard.
- The dough ball is moved to the heating plate and formed into a circular roti there.
- It takes a minute to cook on the heating plate. Rotis are cooked equally on both sides thanks to the top and bottom heating plates.

Easy To Clean

Wonderchef roti maker is easy to use and is hassle-free. Use the silicone brush that comes with the machine to clean the corners and other parts of the machine when it has cooled down. The heating plates can be cleaned with a wet cloth. Containers of flour, water, oil and a kneading cup can be manually removed and cleaned with soapy water.

Perfect For Dinner Parties

Wondechef’s roti maker is perfect for get-togethers. Making rotis for guests can be tiresome as it is a long process. Now you don't have to sweat yourself in the kitchen for long hours. Make perfect rotis at a click of a button within a few minutes and enjoy your party. Just switch on the machine a few minutes before the party and delight your guests with hot and fluffy rotis.

Wonderchef’s Reliable Service

We ensure you a delightful experience every time you make chapatis with Wonderchef automatic roti maker. Our product experts will conduct a personal demo and answer all your queries after delivery. Our customer support team is just a call away.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Effortless Roti Making

The Wonderchef Roti Magic makes roti-making a breeze. With its non-stick surface and adjustable temperature control, I can now easily make perfectly round and soft rotis in no time.

Perfectly Cooked Rotis Every Time

Thanks to the precise temperature control feature of the Wonderchef Roti Magic, I can enjoy evenly cooked rotis with a golden-brown crust. It ensures consistent results, leaving me satisfied with every meal.

Quick and Convenient Roti Solution

This roti maker is a game-changer in my kitchen. It saves me time and effort by swiftly rolling and cooking rotis with just a press. It's a must-have for busy individuals like me.

Jayasree R Jayasree.R

Thank you for your speedy delivery. When we tried to make chapatis for the first time, the chapatis were not coming out. Then your helpline was contacted and a service person attended. It is seen that water specified in the machine is more than what is required. Then when the water level wad reduced, chapatis came out,but the chapatis are supposed to be eaten immediately. It becomes somewhat hard after wards. I would like to know if this is ok


Good Product & Good Service Deepak Chauhan

Wnice product and great ser.Dipak

Nice product and great servi. By Dipak

Healthy Cooking Made Simple

This product is a game-changer for me. With its non-stick surface, I can cook rotis with minimal oil, ensuring healthier meals for my family.

Space-Saving Kitchen Essential

The compact design of the Wonderchef Roti Magic makes it a space-saving addition to my kitchen. Its easy storage and efficient performance make it a valuable tool for anyone who loves homemade rotis.

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