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Brew Buddy Portable Coffee Mug | 380 ml | 304 Stainless Steel | Rust Proof | Copper Coated | Double Walled Vacuum Insulation | Safe-Lock System| Anti-Skid Base | 1 Year Warranty Brew Buddy Portable Coffee Mug | 380 ml | 304 Stainless Steel | Rust Proof | Copper Coated | Double Walled Vacuum Insulation | Safe-Lock System| Anti-Skid Base | 1 Year Warranty Quick View

Brew Buddy Portable Coffee Mug | 380 ml | 304 Stainless Steel | Rust Proof | Copper Coated | Double Walled Vacuum Insulation | Safe-Lock System| Anti-Skid Base | 1 Year Warranty

MRP: ₹ 1,200/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 699/-
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Sail through the day like breeze, with your Brew Buddy by your side! Wonderchef brings to you a coffee mug which will be with...

Buy Wonderchef Flask Mugs and Keep Your Drink Hot or Cold On the Go

No matter how epic your adventures get, a quality flask mug keeps your drink at the perfect temperature for hours. It's your ultimate partner, ensuring your most-liked beverage stays scorching hot or refreshingly chilled all day long.

Wonderchef flask mugs are built to be your go-to mug for any trip. They are crafted with sleek styles, cutting-edge insulation, and built-to-last materials. Thus, keep your drinks at their ideal temperature for hours. They're functional yet fashion-forward. These mugs seamlessly integrate into your daily hustle. Don't settle for lukewarm lattes or warmish teas; upgrade your beverage experience with Wonderchef. Head over to our website and grab your Wonderchef flask mug today.

Check Out the Flask Mugs Collections from Wonderchef

Wonderchef's collection of flask coffee mugs is here to save the day, or rather, your beverage from becoming tasteless. Explore a range of stylish and functional portable mug options designed to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for a long time. Find your ideal match and upscale your coffee or tea experience on the move.

Brew Buddy Portable Coffee Mug | 380 ml |

The Brew Buddy is your ultimate partner for on-the-go beverage bliss. This portable mug offers a roomy 380ml capacity, perfectly sized for your preferred cold or hot drink. The Brew Buddy is built tough with premium 304 stainless steel, which means it'll be your trusty friend for the long haul, brushing off rust like a true champ. The real game-changer is its double-walled vacuum insulation. This ingenious tech keeps your drinks scorching hot for 8 hours or fantastically cold for a straight 14 hours. With it, you can wave goodbye to lukewarm letdowns and bland beverages. The Brew Buddy ensures your beverage stays at its peak temperature, adventure after adventure. The Brew Buddy also prioritises safety and convenience. The secure Safe-Lock System prevents accidental spills, while the anti-skid base keeps your mug stable on any surface. Plus, the sleek copper coating adds a touch of style, making the Brew Buddy a conversation starter wherever you go.

Different Varieties of Flask Mugs Available in Wonderchef

Not all coffee mugs are created equal, especially when conquering your day. Wonderchef puts forth a stunning array of flask mugs to suit every style and need. We have the perfect match waiting for you, no matter if you are a tea enthusiast seeking a sleek companion or a coffee connoisseur craving a mug that matches your hustle. Explore our collection and buy mugs online today to make your day more fashionable.

  • 380ml Portable Flask Mug - This portable flask mug boasts a sleek black design that complements any style. But its true beauty lies within. The decent 380ml size of our leak-proof mug holds your favourite hot or cold drink for hours, making it a great travel mug for work, the gym, or anywhere you go. This mug is small, stylish, and works well - a must-have for busy people.

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Brew Buddy Portable Coffee Mug | 380 ml | 304 Stainless Steel

₹ 699/-

Features of Wonderchef Flask Mugs

When enjoying your loved beverages on the go, Wonderchef flask mugs stand out for their exceptional quality and design. Our coffee mugs online are crafted to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature, combining functionality with style. Here, we’ll explore the key features that make Wonderchef flask mugs online a must-have for anyone seeking convenience in their drinkware.

  • Adventure-Ready Portability: Forget bulky bottles. Our 380ml mugs are perfect for adventures. They're not bulky but hold enough to keep you hydrated. The sleek, lightweight design fits easily into your backpack, car cup holder, or tote bag, making them ideal for commutes, errands, or outdoor trips.
  • Built to Last: Crafted with a battle-ready 304-grade stainless steel interior and boasting copper-coated double-wall insulation, these mugs are as tough as they are trendy. Say goodbye to flimsy travel mugs that buckle under pressure – Wonderchef Flasks are built to conquer the wear and tear of everyday adventures.
  • Safe and Secure Sipping: The secure Safe-Lock System with a one-touch push button and protective lock guarantees mess-free enjoyment on the go. No more white-knuckle commutes fearing spills or leaks – just a convenient push-button mechanism for easy access to your beverage.
  • Stability You Can Count On: The anti-skid base prevents your mug from becoming a casualty of bumpy roads or uneven surfaces. Experience delightful drinking every time without the stress of spills or accidents.

Why to Choose Wonderchef Flask Mugs?

Wonderchef flask mugs aren't your average beverage companion. They're designed to elevate your drinking experience, not just for today but for adventures to come. Here's why Wonderchef Flask Mugs stand out from the crowd:

  • Unwavering Quality - We take pride in using only top-notch materials and rigorous quality checks. Our mugs boast a battle-ready 304-grade stainless steel interior and cutting-edge double-wall insulation. No matter how many commutes or hikes it endures, the mug is built to last.
  • Your Happiness Is Our Priority - Wonderchef mugs boast secure lids and bottoms with serious grip to keep spills at bay. Our friendly customer service crew is always on deck to answer your questions or lend a hand with any issues. We want your Wonderchef mug to be your new favourite.
  • Innovation At Your Fingertips - Wonderchef always aims to create better products. We believe your mug should match your adventurous spirit. That’s why we focus on features like sleek, portable designs and temperature-control technology. With a Wonderchef flask mug, you're investing in a commitment to constant improvement.

FAQs on Wonderchef Flask Mugs

How long does the Wonderchef flask mug keep drinks hot and cold?

Wonderchef Flask Mugs are designed to be your beverage temperature time machine. They can keep your steaming hot coffee piping for up to eight hours, ensuring you enjoy that perfect warmth from your first sip to your last. Your cold drink stays chilled for fourteen hours on hot days.

How does a flask mug keep drinks warm or cold?

The magic behind the thermos lies in its use of a vacuum. Imagine a tiny empty space between the flask's two walls. This vacuum acts like a roadblock, completely stopping heat transfer by convection. Hot beverages stay steaming because there are no air molecules to whisk away their warmth. Conversely, icy drinks stay refreshingly cold for the same reason – no heat transfer means no sneaky temperature creep.

What not to put in a flask mug?

You should avoid placing corrosive or perishable liquors in your flask. Refrain from filling your flask with anything acidic, carbonated, or citrus-flavoured.

How to clean the inside of a stainless steel flask mug?

Keeping your Wonderchef Flask Mug squeaky clean is a cinch! Empty it out, then give it a swift rinse with warm water. Need a deeper clean? Add baking soda inside and fill it with hot water. Let it be there for 30 minutes to an hour. For any lingering stains, use a soft sponge for a gentle scrub. Rinse it all out thoroughly with clean water, then let it air dry with the lid off. For stubborn odours, toss some lemon or orange slices into the hot water soak for a refreshing boost.

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