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Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black

Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black
Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black
Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black
Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black
Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black
Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black
Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black
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Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black

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MRP: ₹ 4,000/-
OFFER PRICE: ₹ 1,499/-
You Save 62% (₹ 2,501)  (inclusive of all taxes)
  • Versatile 4-piece Set: Kadhai with Lid, Fry Pan, Dosa Tawa let you cook various dishes like cutlets, curries, dosas, omelets, and more with just one cookware set.
  • Healthy Cooking Made Easy: MetaTuff 5-layer non-stick coating ensures minimal oil use, excellent abrasion resistance and is 100% free from PFOA, lead, cadmium, nickel, and arsenic and approved by USFDA and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
  • Versatile: Cook delicious cutlets, stir-fry veggies, curries, dosas, uttapams, sandwiches, omelets, and parathas with the fry pan, kadhai, and tawa. Complete your cookware needs with Valencia set!
  • Energy-efficient: Pure grade virgin aluminium offers 9-times better heat conduction, cooking your meals faster while saving energy and time.
  • Compatible With All Cooking Surfaces: Use on gas cooktops, hot plates, infrared cooktops, and ceramic cooktops for maximum flexibility in your kitchen.
  • Comfortable & Stylish: Cool touch Bakelite handles provide a firm grip and utmost convenience. Enjoy cooking with comfort and ease.
  • Convenient: Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Lightweight for daily use.
  • Ideal For Gifting: Loaded with features and beautiful looks, the Valencia cookware set is an ideal choice for gifting. Surprise your loved ones with a perfect addition to their kitchen.
  • 2 Year Warranty: Peace-of-mind with reliable Wonderchef warranty with the best after-sales service in over 20,000 pin codes across India.
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Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black
  • Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black

    Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black

    Valencia Set – Black

    Valencia cookware set brings convenience to your everyday cooking. It has heavy metal and PFOA-free non-stick coating that makes cooking food easy. The bold black colour adds extra style quotient to your kitchen so you can cook with style! Loaded with features and beautiful looks, Valencia cookware set is an ideal choice for gifting too. This set comprises of a 24cm Kadhai with a lid, a 24cm Fry Pan, and a 28cm Dosa Tawa.

    • Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black

      Pure Grade Virgin Aluminium

      Virgin Aluminium is 9 times better conductor of heat, cooks faster, and saves energy and time. We do not use recycled aluminium which is generally found in cheaper products.

    • Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black

      Cook Multiple Dishes

      The fry pan can be used to cook delicious cutlets, stir fry veggies and more. Use the kadhai for deep or shallow frying or to make delicious curries. Make dosas, uttapams, sandwiches, omelets, parathas using the tawa. Complete your cookware needs with Valencia set!

    • Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black

      Toughened Glass Lid

      The tempered glass lid has a steam vent. This ensures the food retains all the tenderness and moisture while cooking and tastes delicious. Also it helps to avoid spillage of food on the cooktop.

    • Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black

      Compatible with Cooking Surfaces

      It can be used on all cooking surfaces - stove top, gas cooktop, hot plate, infrared cooktop and ceramic cooktops.

    • Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black

      Easy Care & Cleaning

      To clean, hand wash the cookware in warm, soapy water, and then rinse and thoroughly hand dry.
      Safety Instructions
      1. For added longevity, pre-heat on low flame for 1 minute only. Cook on low to medium flame for best performance.
      2. Use silicone or nylon spatula to avoid any damage to the non-stick coating.
      3. When on a gas cooktop, use a burner nearest in size to the diameter of the cookware bottom to avoid hot spots, over-heating of sidewalls and handles.
      4. Wash when cooled, do not place heated pan directly on any wet surface to avoid thermo-shock and to keep the coating safe.
      5. When using it on ceramic- or glass-topped cooking surface, avoid dragging the cookware to protect the cooking surface.
      6. Avoid placing cookware

    • Valencia Non-stick Cookware Set - Black

      Reliable Wonderchef Service

      Say WhatsApp 'Hi' on +91 070595959 for after sales service. We are confident of our quality. In case of any manufacturing defect found within the service period, we shall get it resolved immediately.

  • Wonderchef Logo

    What makes Wonderchef Non-Stick Cookware so good?

    The answer lies in the quality of materials used and the advanced technology deployed in manufacturing our cookware.

    This is because of the quality of materials we use and the processes we follow with diligence and precision.

    World-class manufacturing machines help us put all this together. Let us share with you some of our secret recipes.

    1. Virgin aluminium

    It all begins with the right quality of base metal i.e. aluminium. Cold-rolled sheets, made from new, virgin aluminium are used to cut the disc that would go on to become a world-class pan. We never use re-processed metal since it is invariably mixed with certain impurities that cannot be completely extracted. This leads to chemical reactions when the pan is heated over fire. The gases produced as a result rise up and puncture the non-stick surface creating micro-holes. The coating begins to tear precisely from these holes.

    2. Shaping on precision moulds


    Heavy machines up to 10,000 tons are used to give precise shape to your pans over highly designed moulds. The right shape is critical not only to give a great look but also provide stability & performance to the pans.


    Pans made form this technology acquire unique strength and heat retention properties. They never get deformed. The process entails pouring pure molten aluminium in finely cut steel moulds to give world-class cookware.


    Pans made form this technology acquire unique strength and heat retention properties. They never get deformed. The process entails pouring pure molten aluminium in finely cut steel moulds to give world-class cookware.

    3. Sand-blasting

    This is a very special process that Wonderchef uses to ensure that the non-stick coating stays on the pan for the longest time. Every pan is bombarded by millions of particles of a specialised compound creating the same effect that is achieved by using the sand paper on a wall before painting it. The surface not only is rid of unwanted oils but also becomes amenable to absorbing the layers of coating and ensuring it sticks properly. Only a few leading brands of the world invest in this process.

    4. Multi-stage Cleaning

    Every pan is subjected to a 5-step cleaning process with repeated high pressure blasts of hot water, acids and hot air. The pan comes out of this process bathed and cleaned, very ready for the next step of applying coatings. This is extremely important since any oil or impurity or dust particle remaining on the pan will lead to the coating tearing off from there.

    5. Non-stick Coating

    This is the most sensitive step of the entire process. Smooth, even coating is critical for good performance. This is controlled precisely via automated machines to ensure that every part of the pan is evenly coated. The first layer of coating is the Primer. The primer holds the surface of the pan and forms the base of the final non-stick coating. 2-3 layers of non-stick coating are now applied over it. The beautiful colours that you find in our pans are applied at this stage. At times, further sprays are done to give the beautiful marble and stone finish to the pans.

    6. Baking

    This is perhaps the most essential step in the making of the pan which lesser brands often tend to ignore. Wonderchef uses a 120 foot long oven, precision-maintained at precisely 350 degree centigrade. This gives the coating enough time to get baked and stick to the surface. No wonder, Wonderchef pans perform better, have better release properties and their coating lasts longer.

    7. Finishing

    The pans are now given the final touch with beautiful outer coating, second round of baking, fixing of handles and safety packaging in designer gift boxes.

    Quality Control: Pans from every batch are subjected to rigorous testing for quality. Our abrasion tests ensure that the coating should last through at least 5000 cycles. Handles are tested to carry load over 5 years of use.

    Certifications and Standards of Wonderchef pans

    - LFGB Certified

    - Abrasion resistant up to 5000 cycles for META TUFF & 10000 cycles for META TUFF PRO

    - PFOA, PFOS, PAH free

    - Better food release properties

    - Specific Migration of chromium and heavy metals well within limits

    - Specific Migration of primary aromatic amines well within limits

    - Passed analytical tolerance of aqueous & fatty food stimulants

    - Sensorial examination - odor & taste well within limits

    All parameters In accordance with German Food, Articles of Daily Use and Feed Code of September 1, 2005(LFGB), Section 30 and 31 with amendments, European Commission Regulation(EU)No. 10/2011 with amendments and BFR recommendations.

  • Brand: Wonderchef

    Warranty: 2 Years

    Package Contents:

    • Wok: 1 Pc
    • Lid: 1 Pc
    • Fry Pan: 1 Pc
    • Dosa Tawa: 1 Pc

    Material: Aluminium

    Coating: Non-Stick


    • Wok:24cm
    • Fry Pan: 24cm
    • Dosa Tawa:28cm

    Thickness: 3mm


    • Wok: 2.7L

    Induction Compatibility: Yes


    Manufacturer Name: Aequs Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd.

      Manufacturer Address: HUBBALLI DURABLE GOODS CLUSTER(HDC),Survey No 11 , Hissa No 12 , Ittigatti Village, Dharwad -580114, KARNATAKA,INDIA
      GST Product State : Maharashtra
      Old_Discount Percentage Max Val : No
      Discount Percentage Max Val No

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Excellent Non-Stick Cookware Set

      I love the Valencia Non-Stick Cookware Set. The non-stick coating works like a charm, making cooking and cleaning a breeze.

      Stylish and Durable Cookware Set

      The black color and sleek design of the Valencia Cookware Set adds a touch of elegance to my kitchen. It's not just good-looking but also durable, making it a great investment.

      Versatile Set for All My Cooking Needs

      This cookware set is a complete package with a variety of pans and pots. From frying to sauting, this set has everything I need to prepare delicious meals with ease.

      The product is really nice

      good buy

      Hassle-Free Cooking and Cleaning

      With the Valencia Non-Stick Cookware Set, I can cook with minimal oil, reducing the mess and making my meals healthier. The effortless cleaning makes my kitchen routine a joy.

      Heat Distribution at Its Best

      The Valencia Cookware Set ensures even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked dishes every time. I appreciate how it saves both time and energy.

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