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Regalia Compact Air Fryer, 1.8 L, Black, 1000W

Appliances Wonderchef 8904214710699
Appliances Wonderchef 8904214710699
Appliances Wonderchef 8904214710699
Appliances Wonderchef 8904214710699
Appliances Wonderchef 8904214710699
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Regalia Compact Air Fryer, 1.8 L, Black, 1000W

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OFFER PRICE: ₹ 4,699/-
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  • Fry with almost zero oil - French Fries, Samosas, Smileys, Fried Veggies, Kachori, Fish and more. Innovative rapid air heat circulation technology fries a wide variety of food with almost no oil.
  • Also, roast, make grilled dishes and cupcakes with ease.
  • A must in every kitchen focused on healthy living. Essential for that first apartment, compact kitchen, college dorm life, or weight-conscious holiday
  • Sleek & compact design saves space in your kitchen
  • Automatic shut down function lets you know when your food is ready
  • 1.8 Litres non-stick food basket, easy to clean and maintain
  • Reliable Wonderchef Warranty. T&C apply.
  • Get inspired by healthy recipes. Download the Recipe Book here.
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Regalia Compact Air Fryer, 1.8 L, Black, 1000W
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Brand: Wonderchef

Tech Specs :

  • Warranty: 2 Years.

Package Contents:

  • Air Fryer: 1 Pc

Power Consumption:

  • Voltage: 230V~50Hz
  • Wattage: 1000W

GST Product State : Maharashtra
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Air Fryer works by circulating hot air around the food to produce a crunchy, crispy exterior.

Air Fryer is always a healthier option compared to Microwave Ovens. Microwave Oven requires adding oil for cooking, but in Air Fryer doesn’t require oil for cooking, if needed only a few drops of oil can be brushed on the food.

Air fryers enables healthy cooking with minimal amount of oil. Air fryers also reduce the risk of toxic acrylamide formation in food. Air fryers are safer than frying in kadhai or other cookware because Air fryers avoids the risk of oil spattering while cooking as well.

You can cook almost everything in Wonderchef Air Fryers, such as Chicken Tenders, potato chips, Fish Sticks, Donuts, Extra-crisp cookies, samosas, patties and more.

Yes, it is healthier since Air Fryer uses almost no oil or very little oil as compared to normal frying. And the food cooked in Air Fryer doesn’t have oil greases as well.

Yes, you can make samosas in Wonderchef Air Fryers.

Yes, the air-fried French Fries are tasty and healthy.

No oil needed to cook chicken nuggets in Wonderchef Air Fryers.

Wonderchef Air Fryers don’t need almost any oil, except brushing the uncooked food with only a few drops of oil.

Air Fryers are a convenient and healthier option to indulge in your favourite snacks which otherwise would be deep-fried.

Yes, you can re-heat food in an Air Fryer.

The auto shut-off feature in Wonderchef Air Fryers lets you know when your food is ready.

You can set the time and temperature of the food by following the recipe guides to ensure that food is neither under or over-cooked.

Yes, Wonderchef Air Fryers are completely safe. However children should always be supervised near kitchen appliances.

It would take an average of 12 to 15 minutes to make French Fries in a Wonderchef Air Fryer.

The amount of electricity that an Air Fryer consumes is relatively low.

One can put variety of frozen food in Air fryers i.e. Fish Sticks, Chicken Wings, Potato Skins, Pizza Bagels, French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, hot Pockets and more

Aluminium foil can be used in an Air Fryer, but it should go only in the basket.

Approximately 800grams to 1200grams of food can be cooked in Wonderchef Air Fryers, depending on their capacity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Easy Clean-Up, No-Fuss Cooking

The detachable basket makes cleanup a breeze. Enjoy delicious, mess-free cooking with the Regalia Air Fryer.

Time-Saver in the Kitchen

With its rapid air technology, cooking time is slashed. Regalia makes busy days in the kitchen a breeze.

Precision Cooking, Every Time

The 100-200°C temperature range guarantees precision. Say hello to perfectly cooked, flavorful dishes.

Perfectly Crispy, Guilt-Free Delights

The Regalia Air Fryer's 1000W power ensures golden fries. Healthier meals, no compromise on taste!

Prahlad Panwar
Easy to use

I won it from Hippo Store in a competition, it is very compact design, sleek and easy to use, i avoid deep fried items due to heart problem, this product solved my all cooking needs.

Swarna Rao
Easy to use with less Oil

My friend was using Wonderchef air fryer from last 1 year & was very much satisfied with its performance. She convinced me & today I am one of the happiest customer too. Excellent way for cooking veg and Non-veg food. What a perfect result of chicken tikka, anytime better than eating outside during these testing times. Fish fry, French fries, veg cheese balls, all cooked so
well & perfect. Cooked food also remains hot from inside for much longer time than normal frying.

Jolly Kaur

Compaq and nice

puja kumari
worth of money

awsum product value of money

Sunil thota

Nutriblend is usefull product,service given by on time by Mr Shivananda,thank you wonderchef

Archna Deepak


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