Nutri-blend Personal Blender, 300W, Portable, One-touch Operation, SS Blade, 2 Years Warranty, Black

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Nutri-blend Personal Blender, 300W, Portable, One-touch Operation, SS Blade, 2 Years Warranty, Black

2 sold in last 8 hours
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Nutri-blend Personal Blender, 300W, Portable, One-touch Operation, SS Blade, 2 Years Warranty, Black
  • Nutri-blend Personal Blender, 300W, Portable, One-touch Operation, SS Blade, 2 Years Warranty, Black

    Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Personal

    Powerful. Super-fast. Blends and grinds within a minute. Extracts every drop of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals from your food, delivering it in the most digestible form.Drink your immunity dose every day. Stay fit by getting the most out of the food you consume. Nutri-blend gives you nutrient-rich and easily absorbable food which is essential for your body. Nutri-blend extracts even the last drop of immunity enhancing antioxidants, pain relieving omega 4s, proteins, vitamins & minerals from the foods you eat and drink every day and delivers them to you in their most digestible form. Drink your immunity dose and prevent lifestyle diseases that cause discomfort to your body!

    • Nutri-blend Personal Blender, 300W, Portable, One-touch Operation, SS Blade, 2 Years Warranty, Black

      Superfast Motor

      The powerful 300 watts motor generates enough power to effortlessly grind and blend ingredients within seconds. It delivers a smooth and speedy operation to grind even tough ingredients.

    • Nutri-blend Personal Blender, 300W, Portable, One-touch Operation, SS Blade, 2 Years Warranty, Black

      One Touch Operation

      This powerful blender only requires one touch and can function completely hands free. It is dishwasher safe too for easy cleanup.

    • Nutri-blend Personal Blender, 300W, Portable, One-touch Operation, SS Blade, 2 Years Warranty, Black

      Compact Design

      The appliance has a compact design that does not take up much space and can be accommodated in kitchens of all sizes. All the parts are detachable. This allows them to be stored conveniently when not in use.

    • Nutri-blend Personal Blender, 300W, Portable, One-touch Operation, SS Blade, 2 Years Warranty, Black


      Take your shake or smoothie to go. The sports lid makes it easy to take on the road to the office, gym or class, in the car or in your bag.

    • Nutri-blend Personal Blender, 300W, Portable, One-touch Operation, SS Blade, 2 Years Warranty, Black

      Durable Components

      The jar is made of unbreakable plastic to provide enhanced durability to withstand long term usage. They can be easily cleaned. The motor is of a robust and solid build.

    • Nutri-blend Personal Blender, 300W, Portable, One-touch Operation, SS Blade, 2 Years Warranty, Black

      Sharp Blades

      The blades are made from high quality anti-rust stainless steel. They feature sharp edges to grind ingredients smoothly and effectively. With a robust construction, they are resilient and resistant against dulling from heavy usage.

    • Nutri-blend Personal Blender, 300W, Portable, One-touch Operation, SS Blade, 2 Years Warranty, Black

      Steady Base

      The unit stands on four anti-skid rubber feet to provide optimum stability and even balance. The stable base ensures that you can operate the device safely.

Brand: Wonderchef
    Warranty: 2 Years

      Package Content:

      • Main Body: 1 Pc
      • Lid: 1 Pc
      • Blend Bottle: 1 Pc
      • Blade: 1 Pc


        • Motor - ABS Plastic
        • Bottle - Tritan
          Capacity: Blend Bottle-600ml.
            Power Consumption:220V~50Hz 300W

              GST Product State : Maharashtra
              Old_Discount Percentage Max Val : No
              Discount Percentage Max Val No

              Frequently Asked Questions

              Which mixer grinder is good for home?
              Wattage, rotational speed (RPM), and quality of blades are the three important aspects you should focus on while choosing a mixer. Higher wattage is useful for grinding tougher ingredients and at a faster speed. The RPM of a mixer grinder will tell you how fast its blades rotate. Blades in the mixer do all the work so their quality matters. Wonderchef Nutri-blend personal is a powerful 300 watt motor that can grind the toughest ingredients with ease. Its blades are made from surgical grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel which means they'll retain their sharpness for a longer period of time.
              Can a mixer grinder run on an inverter?
              Mixer-grinders can run on true sine wave inverters. However, it is not advisable to run high-wattage mixers-grinders on the inverters as they'll drain the battery faster. Wonderchef Nutri-blend personal, with its efficient 300-watt motor, can be safely used even with regular inverters.
              Can a mixer grinder be used as a juicer?
              You can prepare juices with a mixer grinder using the juice filter attachment. Nutri-blend CKM comes with a big jar of 1.2 Ltr capacity with a juice filter to help extract healthy juices from almost all fruits and vegetables
              What is the ideal wattage for a mixer grinder?
              Domestic mixer-grinders that come in various capacities from 250 Watts to 1000 Watts and you should choose it based on usage. Higher wattage is ideal for grinding tougher ingredients and at a faster speed. However, the performance also depends on the size of the jars - the smaller the jars the better and faster the output. Nutri-blend with its industry-leading engineering and design has an optimal combination of jar sizes and power and hence it's superior to many high-powered mixer-grinders with its 400 Watt motor and much more energy-efficient too. What gives Nutri-blend the edge is its speed of 22,000 RPM which creates enough power to break down all types of ingredients. A normal mixer, on the other hand, operates at only 10,000 RPM.
              Why are mixer jars made of steel, making it impossible to see the ingredients inside?
              Mixers run at a high speed putting a lot of pressure on the jars. Hence, most mixers have steel jars. Our consumer research shows that people would like to see the status of the ingredients inside while in operation. This is why Nutri-blend was specially designed with transparent but unbreakable polycarbonate jars that last you for years while enabling you to see inside.
              Are jars of Nutri-blend strong enough?
              Nutri-blend jars are made of unbreakable polycarbonate which is food safe. They last for years without cracking or breaking. Moreover, the special lid that comes with the product converts them into a storage jar.
              How does the mixer grinder work?
              When you start the mixer grinder, the motor begins to turn the blades. This spinning of the blades sets the ingredients in a circular motion which creates a vacuum at the center. This displaces the contents towards the axis (and rotating blades) while the whirling motion forces them up on the sides. This turns the ingredients into a smooth, consistent paste.
              Where to buy Nutri-blend?
              Apart from, Nutri-blend is available across all the leading online platforms and retail outlets throughout the country.
              Can I buy a Wonderchef Nutri-blend mixer-grinder in the USA?
              Yes. You can purchase the USA compatible 110V variant of Nutri-blend from
              How to operate Wonderchef Nutri-Blend?
              Unlike conventional mixer-grinders with switches for speed control that need frequent maintenance, Wonderchef Nutri-blend operates on the principle of plug and play for ease of use. Since the jars are transparent, you can control the end result by deciding when to stop.
              Can Wonderchef Nutri-Blend be used for dry grinding?
              Yes. With the powerful 400 Watt motor and specially designed jar with 300ml capacity and 2-wing surgical grade stainless steel flat blade Nutri-blend gives you one of the best grinding performances be it Indian dry masalas with tougher ingredients or chutneys that require wet grinding. In fact, this machine can grind even a single peppercorn within 3 seconds whereas, in a normal mixer, it just keeps rotating round and round.
              Why do mixers leak?
              When the ingredients rotate at a fast speed, they're thrown up due to centrifugal force. This is why, in normal mixers you need to hold the lid in place to avoid the splatter. Wonderchef Nutri-blend has been designed keeping your convenience in mind. Its unique inverted design screws the lid safely to the base with zero chance of the food spilling out. This hands-free design ensures that you do not need to keep your hand on the lid or the base.
              Why does Nutri-Blend not have a handle?
              The jars of Nutri-blend are ergonomically designed to easily fit the user's hand. Hence the small jars do not have a handle. It also makes it convenient to screw the base into the jar. However for additional convenience, the mixing jar does come with handle.
              Do I need to have a full jar for it to operate?
              Wonderchef Nutri-blend is designed keeping the Indian kitchens in mind. It gives perfect output irrespective of the load and you can operate it even for smaller quantities.
              Can it be used for dosa batter and also for chutneys?
              Wonderchef Nutri-blend is the perfect companion for making healthy chutneys in no time. It can also prepare batter for Idli and dosa.
              How to clean Nutri-Blend?
              Cleaning Nutri-blend is a hassle-free process. Post usage, power off and unplug the base and then unscrew the base from the jar. Rinse the blades and cup with either warm or normal soap water. It can be done either by sponge or hands. For best, long-term performance, ensure you clean your Nutri-blend as soon as possible post usage.
              Can I use more jars with Nutriblend?
              Wonderchef Nutri-blend has been designed with you in mind. It’s an all-in-one system that allows you to easily add a chopper, food processor, juicer, bigger jar for your different needs that you can buy any of these accessories from The base of the machine stays the same.
              Can Nutri-blend do everything that a regular mixer does?
              Yes. Wonderchef Nutri-blend is designed keeping the Indian kitchen and its varied needs in mind. You can use it for smoothies, finely ground masalas, chutneys, chopped veggies, etc. in no time. As this is an all-in-one device, you can keep adding the chopper, juicer & food processor attachments separately as per your needs.
              How does Nutri-blend compare with a regular mixer?
              Nutri-blend is the perfect combination of superior performance and superb styling and is the best-selling mixer-grinder-blender in India. Hence, it has become the most popular mixer-grinder in India.
              What accessories come with Nutri-blend?
              This model of Wonderchef Nutri-blend comes with a motor base, three jars (long, short and mixing), a set of 2 blades for grinding (2-wing flatbed) and blending (4-wing), and two useful lids for storing and sprinkling. Every customer also gets access to an exclusive recipe book that has been specially curated by the renowned Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.
              Do you give additional spare blades?
              The additional set of blades can be purchased as and when needed from
              How do I get spares for Nutri-blend?
              You can buy the accessories and spares from at an attractive price.
              How do I avail of the warranty?
              Nutri-blend comes with a reliable Wonderchef warranty that can be availed by calling our customer care helpline at 1860 266 0788 or by simply sending us ‘Hi’ via WhatsApp on +91 7070595959

              Customer Reviews

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              Awesome product

              Stylish, light weight and portable design.
              So easy to use that I can make my healthy juices anytime and bring it with me on the go.

              Excellent product

              Compact & portable Nutri blend personal is very easy to clean and use , it works only in one touch . Now I can carry my fresh juices wherevet I go.

              Value many

              Very good Health fruit juser No wastige juser .

              sidharth kumar

              GOOD PRODUCT

              Stylish Personal Blender

              Sleek and one touch operation,nutrition intact,easy to carry and clean.Very helpful for quick blender and juice

              Eric Dmello
              Good quality

              Excellent product

              Debanshu Nath


              TIRATH KASHYAP
              Easy to use

              Worth of money I paid for this

              Shraddha parab
              Best product

              Best product for healthy & fresh fruit juices.

              Compact Blender-Amazing Quality

              My personal health partner, it helps me make healthy smoothies and protein shakes. Handy and easy to use, fits into my gym bag. Amazing performance, super fast blending.

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