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Graphite Grill Pan 24 cm, 3 Years Warranty

Graphite Grill Pan 24 cm, 3 Years Warranty
Graphite Grill Pan 24 cm, 3 Years Warranty
Graphite Grill Pan 24 cm, 3 Years Warranty
Graphite Grill Pan 24 cm, 3 Years Warranty
Graphite Grill Pan 24 cm, 3 Years Warranty
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Graphite Grill Pan 24 cm, 3 Years Warranty

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Enjoy the pleasant cooking experience with the all new Graphite non-stick cookware range. Featuring a beautiful stone finish with German non-stick coating from Greblon; the fry pan, grill pan, wok, dosa tawa and casserole will add beauty to your kitchen. Graphite range is made from pure grade virgin aluminium which is 9 times beer conductor of heat than steel. Now you can freely use a metal spoon without the fear of scratches on the coating. The so-touch handles provide a comfortable grip. Time to cook healthy, stay fit and get stellar performance everytime you cook with Graphite range of non-stick cookware by Wonderchef.

  • The 5-layer non-stick coating is abrasion resistant and has excellent durability and food release properties for a smooth cooking experience
  • The coating is completely free from heavy metals and PFOA, making it a healthy non-stick cookware
  • The entire cookware range is made from virgin Aluminium, which helps in faster and even heat distribution to avoid overcooked or undercooked food each me
  • The Graphite wok and casserole comes with a glass lid to retain the moisture and flavour of the food while cooking
  • It is thoughtfully designed with beautiful black-coloured so-touch handles for a comfortable grip, thickness between 3 to 3.5mm to make it durable. It is compatible with gas, induction, and hot plates
  • Wonderchef products are inspired by Italian Design, adhere to German Quality Standards, and are covered by Reliable Wonderchef Warranty. T&C apply
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Graphite Grill Pan 24 cm, 3 Years Warranty

Wonderchef brings to you an everyday essential Graphite Grill Pan - a must-have! The beautiful stone finish in the grey shade will surely add beauty to your kitchen. Make your favourite dishes healthy and tasty with almost no oil, thanks to the superior non-stick coating with food-release quality. Get stellar performance every time you cook with Graphite Grill Pan by Wonderchef.

Cookware as Fashion

Make a fashion statement with this stunning grill pan in black stone finish. Time to make cook- ing a stylish affair.

Pure Grade Virgin Aluminum

Aluminum Virgin Aluminium is 9 times better conductor of heat, cooks faster, and saves energy and time. We do not use recycled aluminium which is generally found in cheaper products. The pan has heavy and strong build quality with 3.5mm thickness. Virgin aluminium helps to cook food evenly without burning or under-cooking.


Ergonomic Soft-touch Handles

An ergonomically designed handle facilitates easy usage. The soft-touch black handle does not heat up during cooking and lends a comfortable grip.

Healthy German Non-Stick Coating

Professional grade Greblon C3+ non-stick coating from Germany is free from PFOA and heavy metals. The coating has been tested for 10000+ cycles for abrasion resistance. This ensures years of usage without any harm that may come from cheap coat- ings that peel off easily.

Make a Variety of Dishes pan

Indulge in an exotic grill experience the grill pan can be used for grilling sandwiches, pizzas, paninis, veg burgers, grilled kebabs and much more. Your kitchen is incomplete with- out this grill pan!

Compatible with all Cooking Surfaces

It can be used on all cooking surfaces - stove top, gas cooktop, induction cooktop, hot plate and infrared cooktop.

Metal Spoon Friendly

Now feel free to use a metal spoon while cooking & stirring food being cooked in Graphite cookware. This range is totally metal spoon friendly and doesn’t scratch the non-stick surface.

Wash & Care

To clean, hand wash the cookware in warm, soapy water, and then rinse and thoroughly hand dry. Safety Instructions

  1. For added longevity, pre-heat on low flame for 1 minute only. Cook on Low to Medium flame for best performance.
  2. Use a silicone or nylon spatula to avoid any damage to the non-stick coating
  3. When on a gas cooktop, use a burner nearest in size to the diameter of the pan bottom to avoid hot spots, and over-heating of sidewalls and handles.
  4. Wash when cooled, do not place the heated pan directly on any wet surface to avoid thermoshock and to keep the coating safe.
  5. When using it on ceramic- or glass-topped cooking surfaces, avoid dragging the cookware to protect the cooking.
  6. Avoid placing pans one inside another to avoid scratches on the inner side of cookware.

Reliable Wonderchef Service

We are confident of our quality. Reach out to us for order related queries.

Brand: Wonderchef

Country of Origin: India

Material: Aluminium

Capacity: 1.8 Litres

Thickness: 3 to 3.5 mm

Manufacturer Name: Prime Industries

Manufacturer Address: Plot No. 10, Gut No. 256, Chahade Village, Sajjanpada, Manor-Palghar Road, Palghar-East -401404, MAHARASHTRA INDIA

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kalpana Srinivasan
Fantastic Non-Stick Grill Pan!

This grill pan is a game-changer! The non-stick surface allows me to cook with minimal oil, making my meals healthier and cleaning up a breeze.

Sarthak Gulati
Versatile and Convenient Cooking Companion!

The 24cm size of this grill pan is just right for my everyday cooking needs. From searing steaks to grilling vegetables, it delivers delicious results every time. And the sturdy handle provides a comfortable grip for easy maneuvering.

Rayman Dhillon
Perfect Grill Marks Every Time!

I love how this pan creates beautiful grill marks on my food, giving it that authentic grilled taste. Plus, the even heat distribution ensures my dishes are cooked to perfection.

Kalpana Srinivasan
Effortless Cleaning, Happy Cook!

Cleaning this grill pan is a breeze! The non-stick surface prevents food from sticking, allowing me to wipe it clean with minimal effort. It saves me time in the kitchen and keeps me motivated to cook more often.

Nanyam Sonya
Healthy Cooking Made Easy!

I appreciate that this grill pan is PFOA-free, ensuring healthier meals for me and my family. The durable graphite coating ensures excellent heat retention and even cooking, resulting in delicious and nutritious dishes.

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