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Hand Blender Crimson Edge, Thin Body, Low Noise Operation, Sharp Stainless Steel Blades, Detachable Shaft, 2 Years Warranty, 400W, Red Hand Blender Crimson Edge, Thin Body, Low Noise Operation, Sharp Stainless Steel Blades, Detachable Shaft, 2 Years Warranty, 400W, Red Quick View

Hand Blender Crimson Edge, Thin Body, Low Noise Operation, Sharp Stainless Steel Blades, Detachable Shaft, 2 Years Warranty, 400W, Red

₹ 2,700 ₹ 1,899

Appliances Baking Essentials Christmas Crimson Edge Premium Collection DTH Gift Hand Mixer Hand Mixers & Blenders Independence day No Homeware No Spare Parts ROTI-MAGIC Valentine Collection
Powerful 400W motor with low noise. Stylish design and colour add beauty to your kitchen. Thin body fits snugly in a woman’s hands for...
Prima Hand Blender, 180W, Thin Body, Sharp Stainless Steel Blade, Detachable Stainless Steel Shaft, 2 Years Warranty Prima Hand Blender, 180W, Thin Body, Sharp Stainless Steel Blade, Detachable Stainless Steel Shaft, 2 Years Warranty Quick View

Prima Hand Blender, 180W, Thin Body, Sharp Stainless Steel Blade, Detachable Stainless Steel Shaft, 2 Years Warranty

₹ 2,100 ₹ 1,799
Save 14% (₹ 301)

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   Mix and blend a variety of dishes with Prima Hand Blender Powerful 180W motor with low noise. Stylish design and colour adds beauty...
Ultima Plus Hand Blender-300W Ultima Plus Hand Blender-300W Quick View

Ultima Plus Hand Blender-300W

₹ 2,200 ₹ 1,799
Save 18% (₹ 401)

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Stylish design and colour add beauty to your kitchen. Thin body fits snugly in a woman’s hands for easy operation. Powerful and silent DC...
Prima Plus Hand Blender 230V~50Hz, 250W, 2 Years Warranty Prima Plus Hand Blender 230V~50Hz, 250W, 2 Years Warranty Quick View

Prima Plus Hand Blender 230V~50Hz, 250W, 2 Years Warranty

₹ 2,000 ₹ 1,999
Save 0% (₹ 1)

Appliances Baking Essentials Blenders Hand Mixers DTH Gift Hand Mixers & Blenders New Arrivals No Homeware No Spare Parts ROTI-MAGIC
Wonderchef Prima Plus Hand Blender has a 250W motor and sharp food grade stainless-steel blades, giving wonderfully smooth result in seconds. Ergonomic handle for...

Kitchen equipment can make cooking simple, quick, and delicious with less effort. In accordance with your requirements, you can enhance your kitchen with appliances such as a wall-mounted chimney, electric kettle, induction cooktop, mixer grinder, grill sandwich maker, electric egg boiler, juicer, and many more. 

Cooking is now simple and quick thanks to this equipment. For example, a chimney sucks all the oil particles and smoke generated while cooking to keep your kitchen space clean and requires no manual effort. You can warm beverages and keep them hot for a long period using an electric kettle. With induction cooktops, you can cook safely and without using any flames. You can quickly and thoroughly grind, blend, and crush your food with a mixer grinder. All of these tools can be used to cook quickly and efficiently while saving time and effort. These appliances can be purchased from companies with names like Prestige, Butterfly, Pigeon, LG, Preethi, and others. Investigate the newest appliances, and you may choose, evaluate, and purchase according to your culinary requirements. Additionally, you can give your loved ones these products on various occasions. Online shopping will send your preferred kitchen equipment right to your door.

Appliances in the Kitchen: The Best Way To Enhance Your Cooking

Wonderchef offers a wide range of kitchen appliances to make your daily tasks simple and efficient. Below are some of the appliances offered by Wonderchef.

  • 1. Baking Essentials - Use a variety of bakeware to create delicious cakes, biscuits, cookies, pastries, and other baked products. Moulds, brushes, roasters, baking cutters, measuring cups, icing sets, icing nozzles, kitchen thermometers, weighing hooks, and many other items might be included. Grills, which are used for cooking smoked or roasted food, can also be considered bakeware. Even digital scales can be used to weigh the ingredients while you prepare the recipe. There are numerous moulds available for baking various dishes. Brushes prevent the dough from sticking to the mould or apply egg wash to the dough. Cakes and pastries' icing or cream can be shaped into patterns and forms using icing nozzles.
  • 2. Microwave and OTGs - When it comes to appliances in the kitchen, the microwave is one of the most important. It can be used for various tasks, from preparing food to cooking meals. If you want to enhance your cooking, a microwave is a great addition to your kitchen. If you're short on time, the microwave is a great way to reheat leftovers or frozen meals quickly. You can steam, cook, bake, gill and do much more with a microwave. Wonderchef has a wide range of microwaves to choose from. 
  • 3. Hand Mixers And Blenders - When it comes to appliances in the kitchen, there are a few that are essential in order to enhance your cooking. One of those appliances is a hand mixer or blender. With a hand mixer, you can easily mix ingredients together without having to put any effort into it. A blender is also a great appliance to have in the kitchen, as it can help you create smooth and creamy textures for sauces, soups, and more.
  • 4. Toaster And Sandwich Makers - As you might know, breakfast is an important part of the day, but people either skip it or grab it from nearby cafes due to busy schedules. With sandwich makers, you can make sandwiches, wraps, grill veggies and much more easily and conveniently. Now make your mornings healthy. A good sandwich maker can help you make both delicious and healthy sandwiches. You can quickly toast bread using a toaster or sandwich maker. This would make a fantastic breakfast option if you included eggs. Have you ever questioned why cafes and restaurants charge such exorbitant prices for extra toppings? You might make yourself a sandwich at home and save money. You can add a variety of delicious toppings, like cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, olives, pickles, and more, as per your liking. Explore the range of sandwich makers from Wonderchef. 
  • 5. Kettle - Kettles can help you keep your beverage hot or warm, depending on your demands. You can heat any beverage to your preference in these kettles, including water, milk, soup, coffee, tea, and milk. They come in a variety of construction materials, including steel and glass. They come in many sizes, including 1.5 L, 1.7 L, 1.8 L, 2.0 L, and more. The electrical versions have an LED indicator that can be used to determine if they are on or off. They use less electricity and offer an automatic shut-off feature to reduce electricity use further. They have an even temperature sensor to show the temperature while in use. The cost of an electric kettle varies depending on its characteristics.
  • 6. Coffee Machines - Nothing like a cup of freshly brewed coffee wakes you up in the morning. You may easily make your own coffee at home by selecting a coffee maker. Find a variety of coffee makers that might simplify your life by searching online. With the use of a coffee maker, take pleasure in producing café-quality coffee at the convenience of your own home. Start your day off right with a fragrant cup of freshly brewed coffee. Let these machines make the entire process of preparing coffee incredibly simple. 
  • 7. Tandoor - Electric tandoors are useful kitchen tools enabling you to serve exquisite tandoori cuisine right at home. With the use of the electric tandoor, you can effortlessly prepare a variety of Indian cuisine in your kitchen, including tandoori chicken, grilled veggies and paneer, naan, tandoori roti, grilled fish, kebabs, and much more. You don't need a traditional clay tandoor or charcoal to prepare and consume all these delicacies at home using these electrical substitutes. You may experiment with various tandoori recipes at home and make them taste just as wonderful as the ones you would find at restaurants by bringing an electric tandoor.
  • 8. Egg Boiler - Most of us have hectic mornings due to our busy lifestyles. Making breakfast foods like dosas, idlis, grinding chutney, and cooking eggs could be challenging for us. Because of this, various appliances have been launched on the market to make cooking quick and easy. An egg boiler is one of the kitchen tools that will make cooking eggs in the morning easy. They not only help conserve time and energy, but they also quickly boil eggs while maintaining their nutritional content. Thanks to the variety of egg cookers by Wonderchef available today, cooking eggs has never been so easy and quick.
  • 9. Air Fryer - An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that offers a healthy alternative to popular foods like french fries, deep-fried chicken wings, etc. While maintaining the original flavour, it provides a wonderful, crispy, and crunchy texture. Air-fried foods often have less fat than food that is deep-fried. This makes an air fryer a popular deep-frying substitute because of its advantages for your health. It produces the same crispiness and other qualities of fried food by circulating hot air around the food product. You can reduce your intake of unhealthy unsaturated fats by switching to air-fried foods. It is also a versatile cooking tool that can quickly prepare your preferred munchies.
  • 10. Waffles Maker - A waffle is a dish prepared in a waffle maker using a combination of flour and other ingredients. The sweet toppings most frequently used with it are fruits, chocolate, jam, jelly, honey, and flavour-infused butter. Dessert lovers around the world love waffles. There are various variations available in stores that can be heated before eating. However, nothing compares to the delicious and healthful homemade fresh waffles. It is simple to make at home using a waffle machine, and it tastes best when it is hot and fresh. You can easily buy a waffle maker from Wonderchef.  
  • 11. Electric Dosa Tawa - Make a range of delicacies with the utmost comfort, including delicious crispy dosas, healthy sunny side up, omelettes and crepes, and your healthy Indian bread. Your go-to kitchen tool for all of your cooking needs is this multi-cook tawa. With the healthful non-stick coating, you can prepare meals guilt-free by using "little to no oil." To serve dosas that are always hot and fresh, simply place this tawa on your dining table. With the Wonderchef Electric Multi-cook Tawa, convenience can be brought into your house.
  • 12. Cold Press Juicer - Cold-pressed juices are here to stay because they are wholesome, tasty, and undeniably stylish. Using a cold press juicer, you can prepare your own glass of juice at home. Cold press juices have a lot of benefits for health. You can purchase cold press juicers online from Wonderchef.  
  • 13. Soup Maker - Do you love soups? If yes, you might be interested in soup makers. After all, nothing is more relaxing than unwinding with a bowl of your favourite hot soup. The Wonderchef soup maker will not let you down if you're seeking for one. With the push of a button, you can use it to make soup. With the Wonderchef soup maker, you can make delicious, nutritious soup that automatically warms, boils, blends, and mixes. You can choose between the Smooth, Chunky, Juice, and Blend operation modes. Just add water and chopped vegetables to make the perfect soup. There is no need to drain the boiled vegetables separately when using this Wonderchef soup maker. As a result, preparing soup is made easier because there is no need to constantly stir and watch a pot of soup.
  • 14. Mixer Grinder - Invest in a mixer grinder to grind spices quickly, create tasty smoothies, and prepare healthier dishes. This kitchen tool becomes a dependable cooking partner by assisting you in extracting juices from fruits and vegetables easily. The mixer is simple and has non-slip feet, multipurpose jars, and sharp stainless steel blades. To get the right kitchen equipment, be careful to consider the speed, power, and capacity while choosing mixies online. Wonderchef mixer grinders come in various wattages, including 420 W, 810 W, and 1000 W, among others. You can grind tougher substances more quickly with high power.
  • 15. Nutri Pot - The Wonderchef Nutri-pot Electric Pressure Cooker will make cooking convenient for you and your family. You just need to put the ingredients inside, set a cooking function, and this cooker cooks without hassle. With its 18 preset modes, this electric pressure cooker makes it simple to prepare various Indian dishes. Additionally, a locking system ensures that the nutrition in your meal is locked in for health benefits and does not leak out of the pot.
  • 16. Electric Chopper - Now that technology has advanced, cooking is not tedious. Cutting vegetables, fruits, and herbs takes the most in the cooking process. Moreover, you should be extremely cautious when using a knife to cut up vegetables, fruits, nuts, and herbs because the likelihood of self-injury is high. Investing in a set of choppers is the best and simplest way to cut veggies. Choppers are known for their adaptability; you may use them to mince, purée, and chop food. 
  • 17. Induction Cooktop - Your dependence on gas stoves can be decreased with a one-time investment in an induction cooktop. Choose the ideal induction oven from a variety available at Wonderchef. Metal coils within a radiant oven are heated by electricity. At the same time, the components of the induction cooktop use electricity and turn them into electromagnetic waves to heat the oven. Most inductions are secure since they quickly cool down after turning off. The kitchen is much cooler because the induction cooktop doesn't use a flame to heat the utensils. 
  • 18. Bread Maker - Investing in a home bread maker is the best option if you require freshly made bread free of additives or preservatives. These instruments have a lot of automated settings and features, which makes them simple and secure to operate. It helps knead the dough for various foods, including pizza, bread, cakes, and chapati. These come with a selection of preset options and a simple non-stick baking pan to remove and clean. You control the bake machine's timing, loaves' sizes and sorts, and crust selection. These machines can hygienically complete the kneading process without requiring user assistance in about 15 minutes.


Que. Does the toaster consume a lot of electricity?
Ans. Most of 2-slice toasters have an 850W power rating, but toasters with wide slots and "high-power" settings can use up to 300W more electricity. However, 4-slice toasters use significantly more electricity, typically ranging from 1400W to 2300W.

Que. Which method of boiling eggs is best?
Ans. If you want to cook eggs quickly during the busy morning hour, you can get an egg boiler. 

Que. Is a mixer grinder capable of making perfect idli batter?
Ans. A mixer grinder is one of the basic kitchen gadgets you need. You can prepare an airy, light idli batter. Additionally, you can quickly create aromatic homemade masala powder, purees, chutneys and much more using it.

Que. Is the food cooked in an air fryer delicious?
Ans. Kitchen appliances like air fryers use the latest technology to cook food with minimum oil without compromising on the taste. It is a must for your kitchen to prepare healthy, low-fat food.

Que. Can I use a roti maker to make parathas?
Ans. A roti maker is a versatile kitchen tool that uses very little oil to make healthy khakhras or parathas in addition to rotis.



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